Power Saver Scam EXPOSED!


Hi, and happy new year! Hehe *Reps god-tier merch* A lot of people ask me to check these “power saver” devices that are supposed to save you tons of money by reducing power usage at home. What these things claim to do is a power factor correction when plugged in, and if you search about them, you’ll see tons of videos talking about what a piece of garbage these are! But WAIT until you hear my opinion about it! That is, if YouTube is not blocked in your country. That’s why this video is sponsored by ExpressVPN! Not only it greatly secures your internet experience against all sorts of threats [they’re in the air it seems] It allows you to access websites and contents that are blocked in your country. Actually, I traveled to China back in March, 2018, and I was cut off from my YouTube and social media. Coincidentally, I installed ExpressVPN on my phone and laptop, turned it on, and BAM! I LOOPED around the filters imposed by the government of people! *Russian national anthem plays* *Russian anthem stops* BUT WAIT! Follow this link; get three months free on a one-year package for less than seven dollars a month, and afterwards, if you still feel like letting your identity get stolen. Anyway, I bought my own “power saver” from Amazon. This one says, “INTELLIGENT ENERGY SAVER; THE RESULT IS THE BEST.” So there must be some smarts in it. Let’s cut it open! *Slow, intense, appropriate, piano music plays* *Music stops* Well, there is an LED and some resistors in here to indicate that you have plugged it in, in case you’re deaf and can’t see that you have plugged this GIANT brick into the wall. [I CAN’T HEAR IT’S TOO DARK IN HERE] And then, there is this potted, black box that…I suppose the brains are in here. Let’s cut it open! *Cue same montage piano music from before* *Music stops* THE F*CK?! This black box is a single component, a high voltage capacitor, with a value of around 2.1 Microfarad There is no “brain” in this sh*t! They lied! All of them lied! Those f*cking son of a… *Cutting himself off, sighing* Okay, wait. So, this is the same garbage as all of them. Just a capacitor placed directly on the power lines. But, capacitors are, in fact, used to improve power factor. See, as I explained before, there are two types of AC power. One of them is ‘real’ or ‘active’ power, where the load comsumes the power and does the work, and the voltage and current are in phase. It is like walking: the force you apply that moves you forward does the work for you. The other type is reactive power that is due to capacitive or inductive loads and doesn’t do any work at home because the net ‘active’ power draw by these components is zero. And depending on if the load is more inductive or capacitive The current lags or leads the voltage by 90 degrees Like when you walk, you have to lift your leg and body up and down. That force doesn’t move you forward but results in inefficiency and waste of power at the source. And the combination of active and reactive power is called “apparent power”. And the power factor is just the active power divided by apparent power. We want the power factor to be 1, so that all the power transmitted is used. The downside of the reactive power is that although it doesn’t do any work, it results in current flow through the power line, increasing the power losses. It is significantly higher in factories and industries that use tons of AC motors and transformers That’s why most reactive loads are inductive with current lagging behind the voltage. And we know that in capacitors the current is leading the voltage So if we add a capacitor parallel to the inductive load With the peak current equal to the inductor current 180 degree out of phase They add up and cancel each other Power factor fixed! For example, most fans with AC motors don’t have a capacitor in them to correct the power factor It is drawing 0.7 Amps and i have a 10 microfarad capacitor Watch the current carefully as i connect the capac- *OOF* F*CK! *Oh Mehdi* The capacitors used on powerline are rated for high voltage and are not polarized Anyway at home the reactive power is not doing anything for me I shouldn’t have to pay for it In fact, lemme check with BC Hydro or local power supplier *CALL WAITING MUSIC* *trying to be sexy voice* Uh i have a question about my Power factor *Female voice over the phone*: Cutting out i can’t hear you hello? Depending on the power factor you charge differently Is that for business customers only?

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  2. Flynn Jones says:

    Half a percent you say? So if I get 201 power savers and live somewhere that I pay for apparent then they pay me?

  3. Cesar Moreno Montoya says:

    I love your ads!! But I’m paying for no ads lol jk jk love your show

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  5. Cheatcode Gaming says:

    3:34 nice

  6. Jani Pestana says:

    I have only a slight idea of what half of the stuff you talk about really is, but I like to hear and see you talk about it.

  7. Bino Roy says:

    Thank you for discovering & examine this product. Keep rocking 👍

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    His sense of humour is better than most comedians

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    hit like & be safe from hackers and hookers 😛

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    How the fuck you stay alive???

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    Best laugh of my day!

  14. connectingwings says:

    If you use a VPN in China, you're possible risking your freedom (could be send to labor camps)

  15. Metehan Akinci says:

    İ love your videos i living in Turkey please sah hello to me

  16. pino de vogel says:

    Here we by law shouldnt pay for it but since the arival of smart meters for power companys get away with chanrging for it anyway. I luckaly have a old ferarris meter that will stay till its broken!

  17. Republika Dugave says:

    So how would i know about express vpn if your video is blocked in my country 🤔

  18. Koral Mae says:

    This video is EVERYTHING. It's nice to see someone on YouTube who has a basic understanding of electricity! Scammers beware.

  19. Jopu 700 says:

    I Love this guy!

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    flag of turkey

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    electroboo. is something hehehehe this guy us pretty smart on electronics


    That fuse cabinet doesn't look very safe

  24. Napoleon Sjö says:

    Only 120 volts in sweden we have 230 volts and 10 amps in our wallsockrts

  25. The Insomniac Scientist says:

    Talks about Communist Chinese….
    Has Gif of Turkish Flag…
    With Soviet Anthem playing..

    Edit 1: Shoot, I scrolled down and saw just how many people have commented this already…

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    BChydro for the win LOL

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    Dude i want him to be my teacher

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    Me: Damn, that's some next level protection.

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    The most genuine in youtube….. Electroboom..

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    That thing scared the hell outta me when I saw the capacitor getting burst…I used to play with electricity in my childhood & got shocks unlimited times but I still used to enjoy…You reminded me of my childhood… 😀

    But now when I'm 40, I get worried seeing these stuffs… 😛

    I got an email today from a site regarding this device that came into my Gmail spam (gmail too knows that these are craps lol) so i tried to search about these on Google & your video came out at the top…These suckers claim that these devices will reduce your power bill to almost 50% every month LMAO…

  32. Chip Douglas says:

    She said spell apparent . I’m dead

  33. Bob Stevenson says:

    The only scam I see here is the american power monopoly

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    I like how you have two eyebrows now. Also please keep zapping yourself from mains power outlets. You must be bullet proof man!

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    How is this guy still alive

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    Deaf? Do you mean blind?

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  41. Bob1934 says:

    Great video. Was doing some research on Power Savers after a friend claimed his girlfriends uncle saved 50% on power. Yours was by far the best video and information on the subject.

  42. Biggerrr Egg says:

    Why a Turkish Flag to represent communism. Turkey or the land it sits on was never socialist or communist.

  43. f3L1X says:

    NordVPN is better. And cheaper.

  44. civicturbo2009 says:

    I researched years ago the KVAR power unit that supposedly saved a person money and after a lot of digging found this same data
    1. it's a scam
    2. we don't pay for low PF as residential customers
    3. caps used to correct power factor need to be sized to the load and placed between the load and it's controller NOT on an always on circuit as he demonstrated here, they steal power when the inductive load is off.

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    This guy belongs to the Adam's family.

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    Illusion 100%

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    He speaks English, looks Indian, sounds Russian, but always makes me laugh at 3am and my mom wakes up and I get grounded

  52. beans beans says:

    If only school videos were like this.. educational but funny

    Edit: I changed the by to but

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    Beware of hackers and hookers. Use vpn now

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    Caution: dont toch-hight voltage, especially with bare hand.

    ElectroBoom: hold my plier

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    Oh no my parents bought a load of these at 50 euros each and gave them out to all of the family for them to use in their homes.

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    How to protect yourself if you're about to probe high voltage = Stick out your tongue

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    0:42 He was cut off from his youtube and social mehdi-a

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    Well this is embarrassing, I'm an engineer and I've never heard of apparent power…

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    Also Mahdi : Microwave is a piece of junk

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    Very Iranian 👍 very Iranian

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    i am an electrical engineer. and i agree with everything you said.

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    Even I don’t understand a thing, it’s very entertaining

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    Me- maybe it's tired of you ripping it apart and putting back together over and over again. Machines have feelings! xD

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    Love this guy, good for you, exposing the fakes who rid off everyone

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    Suicide Caught on Camera 6:49

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    you should learn what a short circuit is. really. no hate, i actually really like your videos

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    Make sure to check this video while YouTube is banned in your country

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    This guy is one of the smartest people on the internet. I love this guy! He's also a bit crazy…LOL

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    0:51 You just lost an follower. Im not unsubscribed but :/

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    Living in China in the early 2000's, I had to VPN to get to the USB association web site (presumably because USB is one letter off USA !!)

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    Really you are in china, with Turkey flag And Russian anthem…..

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    Hello I love your videos! What do you do exactly? You are obviously have electrical genius but, what education do you have,

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