Primitive Technology: Forge Blower


Fanning fire with piece of Eucalyptus bark Cutting bark with a stone Splitting wood with a stone Assembling fan and rotor Lashing together with strip of bark fiber Fanning fire Digging clay from creek bank Making a fan housing from clay Hole in housing should be same size as hole in spout Drying in hut next to fire Dried housing Wooden socket Air is now sucked through top of housing and is blown out towards the fire Fan always blows air regardless of which way it spins Clay pipe or “Tuyere” Now air is forced directly into fuel bed Wooden stakes Carving another socket Lashing crossbar on with lawyer cane Making cordage from bark fiber Cord is attached to stick and looped around fan rotor Rotor spins easier and faster now Making a furnace from mud Iron bacteria (orange slime) Iron bacteria is commonly found in creeks, swamps and springs Crushed charcoal is added to reduce the ore to iron and white wood ash is added to lower the melting point of the ore The ingredients are formed into a brick Charcoal from a previous video Pulling melted material from furnace This is mostly slag A few tiny specks of iron metal from the slag Parts of the blower Assembled blower

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100 thoughts on “Primitive Technology: Forge Blower”

  1. Antichrys says:

    Now make a sword with that

  2. Ricardo kilometer says:

    Omg just like minecraft survival from woods mud(stone) then iron.

    Whats next gold?

  3. Peak says:

    А ты откуда

  4. This is my profile pic now. No hate please. says:

    You didn't make the bow blower, someone else did!. WAAAY BACK

  5. CAOS x says:

    Like si vienes por Koran

  6. Moongduri says:


    this guy: i can make iron pellets from orange goo

  7. Sue Williams says:

    This is all going to amazing up to the point he makes a distillery then we all know what happened next…

  8. Sergey A says:

    That is awesome.

  9. Jerink Pande says:


  10. Gomey World says:

    Will you talk at 10 mil?

  11. crisdan padilla says:

    Man. Ive never turned gay to macho man. But this guy is so damn macho

  12. TECH NINJA says:

    3:14 what is this?

  13. TahaYasin Kaplan says:


  14. يحيى باسم says:

    بين قوسين اني احب امريكه واني عراقي

  15. loona Black says:

    А камеру он тоже из глины сделал ?

  16. Tolga Gelegen says:


  17. Нурзат Кыдырмышова says:

    Русский парень чтоли печку зделал сразу😂 на прошлом видио

  18. arnav tanvar says:


  19. Mukīl rēš lemutti says:

    This guy is another level

  20. Appro blade says:

    3:14 WTF IS THAT?

  21. Ognjen Radojevic says:

    What about making some clay molds?? Then its completely primitive

  22. لِلصَّبْرِ عَاقِبَةٌ مَحْمُودَةُ الأَثَرِ says:

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  26. Jack Armstrong says:

    I clicked here by mistake, it was the best mistake ever.

  27. green Garden says:

    Ебать 47 лямов просмотров. Ахуеть

  28. evanation says: are genious sir..

  29. Mr SiR says:

    this channel is awesome… would it be too hard to make larger quantities?

  30. Tree house Vietnamese people says:

    hope you make more clips

  31. 冷えピタくん!! says:


  32. Артём Переходченко says:

    Камера из глины, на которую он снимает, супер

  33. newbie noobie says:

    What is that in river just like apoop but can create iron ??

  34. 무리하 says:

    한국인들 모여라~~

  35. Re Mjd says:

    He made a Turbo I need it for my car

  36. Jorgearmando Gualteros Sanchez says:

    Excelente muy bien lo felicito cada que saque un video nuevo pulgar atriba muchas gracias por enseñar ala humanidad nunca habia visto la manera como li hacen para aumentar llama gracias muy inteligente

  37. Jorgearmando Gualteros Sanchez says:

    Joven deveria de patentar su invento y buscar alguien que lo patrosine para fabricar para vender a los asaderos de pollos o de carnes lo felicito

  38. OHM sthiti says:

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  39. Ise Talibov says:


  40. Siu Yiu Suen says:

    you are genius!

  41. hoo dat says:

    I can’t wait til meme comments die.

  42. ブラックロちゃん says:


  43. Dariu Toma says:

    Next level îs how to build a space ship without nasa tech…

  44. Lanzaguisantes Primitivo Gameplays says:

    When your mom don’t let you play Minecraft

  45. YOUTUBE KANALI says:


  46. dipro001 says:

    How did he invent the bro shorts though?

  47. Trevyn Campbell says:


  48. DjoleTV says:

    Can I use store bought clay for this??

  49. Lee Donald says:

    Sounded like macaws in the distance

  50. Kumu Load Hunting says:

    Whos Watching Dr. Stone and came here hahahaha

  51. vazak11 says:

    This is really cool, also great content for world building and alternate histories!

  52. В чем сила Брат? Тұран says:

    Нет слов, молодец! 👍🏻

  53. LOUIS ROBERT says:

    3:12 how found peanut butter in forest 😂

  54. George Style says:


  55. George Style says:


  56. LOLSflint says:

    You could use some wood to create a channel like in the water hammer video, but use it to power the bellows!

  57. Алексей Ткачев says:

    Когда коту делать нехуя он яйца лижет

  58. LordDante says:

    Jaw meet floor.

  59. Jerzy Radzewicz says:

    It's mind blowing xD. I knew this fluid/gas pump thekneak, but I didn't know they invented it while caveman style was trending

  60. Ronnie Foshee says:


  61. Ronnie Foshee says:

    sorry bout the caps

  62. RedRocket4000 says:

    Great. And then the fired bricks to make a furnace. Then build the piston billows used in Ancient China where a square piston moves in in square shaft with valves at each end to let in new air and send compressed air into the furnace, then water wheel or draft animals for power and you can make Titanium Alloy Weapons as discussed in mainstream Video I have seen but only referred to as might on Britiania or Wikipedia but all agree great method for making Iron being a simple blast furnace basically.

  63. Влад Яков says:

    Ещё пару недель и он сделает первый айфон и полетит в космос

  64. Hariyanto Hariyanto says:

    Klo primitif ga pake celana biasanya telanjang bulat atau pake daun2n

  65. Nanik Purwanti says:

    Siaapa yang dari seluruh dunia

  66. dynzell ryanto says:

    And where’s is your axe?

  67. dedi kurniadi says:

    seharusnya orang ini lahir 5000 tahun silam,supaya dia diangkat menjadi raja fir aun

  68. Anthony Smith says:

    When you've played too much Minecraft and get bored

  69. Survival Skills MDK says:

    Wow good idea

  70. Lou says:

    Stohn Wuhldo

  71. Complicated Noob says:

    dr stone

  72. cecylia cristaldo says:


  73. Simon Lee says:

    Real life DR. STONE

  74. Alihan Avci says:


  75. morocomole4567 says:

    Think this guy plays Rust?

  76. Gabby Battad says:

    Primitive ASMR

  77. Camouflage Outdoors says:

    Very nice 🙂👍🏻💪🏻

  78. 김현태 says:


  79. Killer Queen says:

    Am I the only one that hear every sound like it was from Minecraft

  80. Emma Yeet Yeet says:

    This dude makes it look so easy but I bet it’s super hard

  81. koray gumushan says:

    Çok güzel ve anlamlı bir şekilde video yapmışsın. Eski çağlarda insanlar demiri nasıl bulduğunu anlatmışsın. Çok teşekkür ederim.

  82. سجاد says:

    What is This shit 3:14

  83. Gvid Animals TV says:

    Great job in wildlife! 👍👍💡💙💛🧡💛💜💖💝💚💝💖💚💜💖💙💛🧡💛💙💜💖💚💝💖

  84. Kris Knowlton says:

    I missed the video where he made his own electronic equipment from river mud. Just kidding. I do like your video's, you will be able to survive when city slickers can't.

  85. Amaury Souza says:

    Esta tecnologia não é primitiva. Ele esta usando o conhecimento dele atual. Fazendo ferramentas com materiais que encontra na natureza. Mas a tecnologia é atual não primitiva.

  86. Amaury Souza says:

    Gosto de assistir estes tipos de apresentação. Mas todo processo não é primitivo é um ambiente primitivo mas a pessoa e seu conhecimento é atual conhecimento de mais de 2000 anos.

  87. Hexa Toxic says:

    Damn this redstone machine is sick

  88. Ahmad Ramadhani says:


  89. deni trianto says:

    like a coocking stuff

  90. Herr Albooo says:

    Steve: I am the Best survival Player in the world

    He: hold my Craftingtable

  91. Tomi Bo. says:

    Saludo desde la Republica Dominicana buen video

  92. PenguinJP MC says:

    When you make iron out of diarrhea

  93. shil cardozo says:

    Sos. Nu genio

  94. Kalari Lynn Kimble says:

    Is dis be or ad ?..🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  95. 생존왕 says:

    저거하면 머가 좋은건가요?

  96. Canais do Youtube says:

    Os vídeos desse cara são viciantes, eu amo videos de sobrevivencia na natureza.

  97. SEVEN Timor says:

    1.44 so smart

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