Quantum Theory – Full Documentary HD


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100 thoughts on “Quantum Theory – Full Documentary HD”

  1. Black James says:

    When my mom walked in I immediately switched to porn cause it was easier to explain

  2. Laura De Maradona says:

    God is omnipresent… so it’s clear that The quantum realm is pretty much God.

  3. Laura De Maradona says:

    Is not Deja vu I’m pretty sure is quantum energy … the only difference is that us believers in Jesus put our trust in God and we tend to make less mistakes… either way this is fascinating

  4. Roberto c says:

    ant man brought me here

  5. KAKAROT says:

    As he left the quantum realm It all became clear. #Wow!

  6. shohan shihab says:

    Ahh, it made me sleep

  7. Derek Wright says:

    This is all b.s. …sorry

  8. joe bro says:

    8:22 Minecraft water sound?😂

  9. joe bro says:

    Meanwhile now we have teleported particles up to space whithout lasers and decided that this form of teleportation would most likely kill you and only create a clone, anyone know a more recent video?

  10. Manuel Cedillo.JRZ. says:

    Wart Card

  11. Donna Cummins says:

    If I threw a bowling ball it would still curl after going through the slit and hit anywhere. So maybe it isn't a wave maybe it just curls because its a ball 😂

  12. Larideer says:

    No. None of this is true. Just somehow ok. As of now We do not have the right technology to detect or even see the smaller trails that an electron leaves when in motion. And Ofcause the empty space it travels is not empty. These trails left behind are what changes the course of the next traveling electron. Light n colors do not appear in thin air, but are born as a result of charged super micro electrons according to their levels of sensitivity in receiving and responding to the
    charge. Every empty Space is not empty, everything exists within these super micro levels that also exist in their very own micro levels n have their very own super micro levels. At some point we will develop the tech that will allow us to clear these micro levels from an area of existence, thats when we will master the ‘art of teleportation’ which is basically being able to exist in a completely empty space, and even then we will never be in a completely empty space and would still need to develop tech at that point n time to be able to exist in an even emptier space hence universal traveling. And the cycle goes on cause this existence itself is not empty, nothing is ever empty. Space is not empty, space between electrons is not empty. The space between Micro electrons is not empty. Everything thats exists regardless its level has its very own unique characteristic which identifies it from the infinity others. Im not a physicist, I have 0 degrees of academical qualifications. But it does not take a physicist to know this. Its about the channels of imagination. Tuned into yours and you will see what I see. What made Einstein different was his ability to ‘imagine first’ which opened doors to infinite possibilities, hence making discoveries n predictions. His knowledge of the currently known laws of physics was just a guiding foundation to put his imagination in focus and in documents. Unfortunately not many of us are using our imagination anymore. Too much inherited(studied) knowledge limits our imagination. Need to find balance between the two. The key is to stop searching for answers, the right approach is to always look for possibilities first. Hope someday schools will not put people up n test them for Answers, but Test them for possibilities. We are all made unique n each and everyone of us is characterized to see things different we all should not have the same answers. But are made to come together n share the knowledge in our findings. ‘With God nothing is impossible’ keyword here is possibility.

  13. Sangita Kumari says:

    I've never ever heard of something this confusing ever

  14. grigori perelman says:

    ANON: I was high when i watched this.

  15. pramod sinha says:

    I am alive when I am commenting
    I will be dead when this comment will conplete
    I will be alive again to blue it by own.Then I can die peacefully but not completely 😥

  16. LT MN says:

    There once was a student called Fred, who, when questioned on Descartes, had said, 'It's perfectly clear, that I'm not really here, cos I haven't a thought in my head. '

    Mind blowing stuff!

  17. Fixer Probblems says:

    Fine, let us say you can teleport Obama using that machine, since it is required that the teleported thing is destroyed in the quantum measurement process such process would kill Obama and the teleported Obama, standing in that machine only God knows where, would be a spiritless Obama, therefore this new Obama would be dead; this "new" Obama would look the same but it would be like a dead body, if capable of keep himself stand. Only Jehovah God can give life and of course a machine like this one could not do that. I do not think this machine or any future-invented machine is going to be able to teleport anybody's spirit as well as matter.

  18. rowshan sharjil says:

    All the brilliant human in the world have gathered in a place to make understand us the quantum physics.

  19. Massing August says:

    At this rate, soon teleportation would be a thing.

  20. Darik Kristofer says:

    Ok, but does the consciousness get duplicated in the theoretical teleportation process?

  21. Андрей Полевиков says:

    Explanation of the Universe.
    For less fog in your head, read the quantum theory of spacetime.

  22. Gabriela says:

    Quantum physics is simply frequency or rather frequencies.

  23. The Comics Club says:

    OMG! This stuff is insanely hard on the brain! Are you a student of this stuff? We feel for you. You need a serious break from your studies by spending a few minutes on something a LOT less serious! Let me suggest something, just to give your brain a rest. Have a look at something completely different from this. What can it hurt? Clear you head for just a few minutes. It'll be like mental dental floss.

  24. Satyam Dey says:

    Brian Greene, Leonard Susskind and Walter Lewin in a single video.
    I fapped throughout the length of the video.

  25. Douglas Aprile says:

    im telling you new students math is math but if you could see through my eyes you would bend Math … i again looked through my horrible eye and seen everything!? how can that Be? hello dont listen go beyond your own recollection and really see

  26. Mehran Azad says:

    Time does not exist.

  27. Goatman Nitefort says:

    My mind at 3am

  28. BooksofDeath BooksofLife says:

    Here's one!
    Do two objects of the same size and weight tend to attract or repel each other? How about two objects of extremely different sizes and weights? How about two different speeds or temperatures of these objects? How would this affect planets and stars? How would this change the big bang theory? Or, Newton's Laws of Gravitation? How would this relate to different shapes? So, say there is only size, mass, speed, and temperature but remember that we are right next to the Earth and moving around the Sun. This would mean that every physics equation requires a measurement of gravity, a measurement of the speed of the earth and also its direction and place according to the sun and, if true, two like objects of the same mass and size would slightly repel each other while two extremely different sizes and masses would slightly attract each other. So, if two objects the same size and mass are placed slightly apart and a lesser mass and size is passed through the middle will it speed up or slow down after passing through? How about a heavier mass or the same mass? If they are rammed together or colliding on the same path? What if you heat them up? (Notice the two different sizes of copper spheres used in the early photo-electric effect. Why are the two spheres different sizes? If they are the same size does a repelling force inhibit the electric flow?)

  29. Benji H says:

    I've been reading about atoms and I'm a bit confused. According to the internet "electromagnetic force" holds the protons of the nucleus and electrons together while kinetic force of the electrons pulls them apart. But isnt this just general relativity?

    As in; at first sight electrons and protons dont appear to be perfect opposites because an electron behaves differently (whizzing around outside the nucleus) and is also 1832 times less massive. But its energy is also comparably more massive than the proton per unit mass (MEv)

    This is in line with the Energy – mass equivalence (E=mc2) suggesting that an electron is the antithesis of a proton but one has converted the majority of its mass to energy (electron), the other remains mainly mass and less energy.

    So what is electromagnetic force? And assuming the the electron uncertainty cloud could be "cooled" to a state of equal mass/ energy as the proton (reducing its ability to stay away from the proton – kinetic energy) would they come together and annihilate eachother? Or leave just neutrons (0).
    Wouldnt this mean that at absolute zero kelvin (heat death) atoms would vanish or at least leave neutrons?

  30. Omkar Shelar says:

    Plz send in. Hindi

  31. michael wade says:

    Ok big government turns off the sound right when they are going to tell us the answers!!

  32. Mike says:

    It is very simple as to why there is a difference in the small world as opposed to the large world. It is like a feather as compared to a rock. A feather is light and able to blow around with the slightest gust of wind. Take those same particles and arrange them in a denser mass and you have an object that is not able to blow around with the same amount of wind. Or look at water; in liquid form water can wrap around an obstruction and continue to flow. When water is in a frozen state it is no longer able to flow around an obstruction. Small particles can shift when they are not attached, when they attach to something the particles loose the ability to shift. Same particles but one is anchored by mass and the other is free flowing.

  33. tar mus says:

    How are these scientist so smart and yet so stupid. Quantum mechanics just means that there are rules and Principles that we don't understand and that's why we had to make formulas to get around that. It is like if you throw a foot ball and you don't know the force, air humidity, density, pressure, angle and more, you can't be sure where it's going to end up, but you know it's not going to end up behind you and you can predict where it might end up. That's quantum mechanics. Einstein was right, everything in the universe is related thought the fabric of the universe, thorough the forces of gravity and magnetism and maybe other forces. The key lies with understanding different types of energy and their relationship. Like the relationship between matter and Energy. Same concepts could apply to the fabric of the universe. I'm no physicist but the universe being random and not being able to predict what's going to happen is foolish in my opinion.

  34. Kevin Benitez says:

    Quantum leap could be explained with E=mc^2 and with this hypothesis i predict that if you add enough energy to mars then it could theoretically leap the same way atoms do its just more difficult since the scales are different

  35. Kevin Benitez says:

    I have stuff to say about almost all of the stuff here but no one wants to hear what i have to say too bad

  36. Chongtham Phalguni says:

    It is good to see Morgan Freeman explaining Quantum Mechanics.

  37. Alex says:

    If we are made of particles can u answer this question… how did the particles came to be to form the very first human and can that explain both man and woman this is insanity… we as humans cant explain these questions 1. Where did I come from
    2. Why em i here and 3.where em i going my kjv bible tells me all these questions. When people stop believing in god… they don't just stop believing in nothing, they believe in anything…

  38. OGraphicsHD says:

    To teleport a Human wouldn't they need to keep all of our particals In the exact same place as before?

  39. Power House says:

    44:12 I wouldn’t step in that Machine either

  40. Maxi Schmidt says:


  41. sri says:

    Exaggerated too much in this , that is the problem

  42. Maxi Schmidt says:

    Ok… So, when teleportation is mentioned, I just have the hardest time of my life fully believing it. I mean, possibly this might be actually executable some day, but today – unthinkable. Humans and scientists have to overcome many, many more barrieres to do this. There is probably a struggle of logistics/physical power or even morals that needs to be faced and solved, that we can not even come up with right at this point of time.

    Please help my mind.

  43. Parveen Kaur says:

    i am science(facts)+ leader(will, vision doer and geter)+ spirituality(wisdom)+ bussiness person( money mind)+gangster(spiritual) +speaker( lit communication)= me👰👶👑 (this types of videos give me peace😭😢😢😙) ….. i like art tooo ………science and spiritual are both the same but in different shape🎈…. and i am gonna mix them all together for world🌍🌏 😌☝

  44. Nghi Nguyen says:

    Does Sheldon Cooper makes fun of this guy on BBT?

  45. Damian Playz says:

    I came here because of the simulation hypothesis

  46. caldwell family says:

    If you focus and have control of your body and of the admins you can do unspoken thing try understanding your self before you understand the admins in the universe and you will understand how it works but humans will never understand into they understand them self but in some cases you can understand but you will never understand all of it only a fuw people can that have control but you people will never understand people like us good bye it will just get darker for you guys that will never understand how the universe works

  47. mathieu hamers says:

    My mother in law has a signulareti as a dochter.very strange behaviour to

  48. 1vitabrevis says:

    Fucking KOCH brothers have to have there fingers in everything

  49. TXL_ kevin says:

    Okay… but what if washing machines are somehow quantum particle teleportation machines??? Like where do my socks go?????

  50. Rahul Sharma says:

    Everything is and not is everything and nothing

  51. Noah Kale says:

    13:48 Double Slit Experiment

  52. general comments says:

    But if entanglement makes a copy of you (the Paris example) physically what about your mind? Is that recreated? Is brain activity and memory included in the transfer? They say the original is destroyed.

  53. Alex Perales says:


  54. Idris Babatunde says:

    I agree that lifeless materials can be teleported but not humans. If you dematerialize a human being or break a person apart into atoms by atoms, you have killed the person. The quantum replica that materialized at the recipient station would be an ordinary human body without life. More like killing and resurrecting a person.

  55. Yrpat says:

    This world is not real… We re just program software… Real hardware is God.. May jesus save us

  56. Jw- piano says:

    ok yeah cool and all but is maths related to science

  57. Jw- piano says:

    Ok yeah cool but is maths related to science?

  58. red cat says:

    Why can't they make a simple documentary without weird effects. That just makes the documentaries unprofessional and unreliable.

  59. Rafat Thabbat says:

    Unbelievably amazing.

  60. roshen reji says:

    It not including all the aspects, but gave a good abstract easy for commons to understand. It's very great and brilliant video

  61. Chris Lecky says:

    If you study the brain you won't find the source of consciousness, study the inner workings of a brain cell and you'll find consciousness doesnt exist there either. Thats because consciousness is "quantum dynamics. It is the some of all the Neurons firing together within the quantum field, this also means your consciousness doesnt belong to you. Consciousness is something we experience but not own. This is where the idea of oneness comes from, its ancient knowledge that points to the fact that if you believe you are the consciousness, then you are that which looks out of every eye. Consciousness has no location it exist within the quantum field and connects us all. So hurt another hurt yourself. You heard it here first ,,, One love, xxx

  62. Frank Lite says:

    like hapa tafadhali

  63. Tony Droid says:

    More reason to believe in God

  64. Tony Droid says:

    God of the Bible is quantum. Humans are not. Very simple

  65. Tony Droid says:

    All this points to is a creator God

  66. Zhi Huang says:


  67. Zhi Huang says:


  68. S Mata says:

    Oo my goodness… there s nothing real..l m just guessing a life..once i die i might find myself not dead…and alive somewhere else…if all is a probability..

  69. S Mata says:

    Why then.. do they say.. that th observer influences th results..on wave or particle..?

  70. jt says:

    So i mean couldn't you clone a human then? Just off copying our Atoms

  71. Somenath Chakraborty says:

    Great, but the mystery remained unsolved.

  72. Phoebe Nero says:

    There is no time as we define it just like time/space. Past, present, future is all one and neither. Just depends on the context and the realm. Ok, I'll stop now 😂

  73. My Cat's Breath Smells Like Cat Food says:

    Time only exist because of an individual's consciousness

  74. Jordan Mack says:

    There is no such thing as the higgs boson, quarks or elementary particles. By physics of the universe, spherical waves of temperature, hot or cold, expansion or contraction, we have the universe we know and see, galaxies, spherical, solar systems, spherical, planets, spherical, sun's, spherical, atoms, spherical, electrons, protons, neutrons, gravitationally fused centers to a spherical circumference to outline their perimeters. Neutrinos are spherical, and what atoms are comprised, of different mass and temperature settling into place under its specific gravity. And so it goes without saying that it is impossible for quarks to exist as particles that make up subatomic and quantum matter. All a quark is is a neutrino moving at specific velocities, mass and temperature, smashing through subatomic and quantum sound barriers and other neutrinos specific temperature and Mass. The "higgs boson" is most likely the hottest and fastest of the neutrinos that are exploding outward from particle collision, and there for are the straightest and most easily trackable neutrinos of a collision. Like when a car crash happens at 99.99999999999 miles an hour for each car( which, comparable to cern, would be like hitting a brick wall at almost 200 miles an hour), woops there goes the hood, then the windshield, then it's the up tires and there goes the down tires.

  75. Easy English says:

    I lost my hair while trying to understand this

  76. Dylan Rubio says:

    Quantum mechanics is something not to be explained or discovered by accident. Drunk or high doesn't just lead you to the discovery of quantum mechanics, your own mind had the idea to learn quantum mechanics.

  77. Minhaz Rajib says:

    Let’s appreciate the amount of editing that went to this video

  78. Xiwu Han says:

    I think the particle may not be wave. It just travels in a wave like path, i.e. it zigzags forward extremely fast.

  79. Pilot says:

    To be or not to be.

  80. Devin Johnson says:

    Man they put a little to much coo coo in this weed

  81. Ryan Peters says:

    Can it not be that 2 in tangeld particals cant be in the same magnetic feelt like the nort and the South on a magnet and because they haf pre fikst sfeers or waves to folow that effects one a nother

  82. Saugat Bhandari says:

    Me after watching this video : 17:56

  83. ThaYoutubeBigWig says:

    I was going to decide what was going on in the universe

    But time passed,during a period of time,

    I forgot

  84. ThaYoutubeBigWig says:

    This video got so many views

    Because folks wondered if Brian Greene

    Really knows anything

  85. SMART AMOL smart amol says:

    Who is after factez

  86. prahlad Giri says:

    Wtf is this?
    Is this fuckin real😱😱

  87. bstlybengali says:

    I love physics

  88. Emmanuel Gonzalez says:

    I’m soo average even my entangled self the same😞

  89. Amit kumar says:

    The ancient Vedic rishis in all their wisdom said as early as 8000 BC , that our universe is not woven from  matter but consciousness .
    There are connections between quantum mechanics and consciousness . Consciousness is the intelligence, the organising principle behind the arising of form. The quantum field or pure consciousness is influenced by intention and desire.
    As per quantum physics things do not exist in its physical form, unless they are observed by a conscious observer.

    In every experiment when an observer expected energy to behave as a particle, it did so. When he thought it would probably be wave-like, it was. And when observers believed it might start out as one form and end up as another, it did so. 

    This means ,nothing actually exists in its physical form until observed by someone, was adopted by the group as one of the concepts.  You created them by your expectations and your thoughts of what should be. In every situation in your life, including the wealth or lack of it you choose to attract to you. 

    Thanks to the theory of ERP Quantum Entanglement, originally asserted by Albert Einstein and two fellow scientists , Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen, we now have proof that what Vedanta had been saying for 9000 years is true.We are all connected. We are all One, sharing a consciousness with the entire universe, perhaps even many universes. 
    Don't compare Vedas to other religion book .Vedas are only for human and have scientific facts , cosmology , advance math , quantum physics , astro physics all top scientist including einstein, shrodinger , heisenberg, Oppenheimer etc read vedanta as scientific book and get knowledge form it for there scientific research
    Veda never tell about any sects , cast and religion …only told about Dharma .

  90. Tyler Washington says:

    So de ja vu is what the other particles are doing or have done in a parallel universe. Doppelganger or doppelgangers? It seems that the plural is correct. Maybe earths extraterrestrial visitors are our further advanced doppelgangers that understands it better than we do but is also searching for a further understanding.

  91. Nikola Tesla says:

    I wish I watched this when I was in HS would have found what I truly wanted to do.

  92. Larry Quagon says:

    Quantom computers are going to solve the human anatomy problems to what was so long ago mans dna at once lasrted a very long time but i think now we have a time to even go further.we are starting to find out every thing yousee and breath is right in front of you inside and out .we are going down in to very sub levels then let nano bots do the work on building .thats the way in to these first to worlds that we learn to compute on .next will be at 3 level. Quad computing at once for it to meet its image ansewer problem we might see it back words in all aspects of reality .we

  93. Andrew Westbrook says:

    For all the people in the comments!!! You guys should check out Quantum Field Theory if you think this was interesting.

  94. Dr. Fruit says:

    Literally most of us just got tired and watched this near 2-3 am

  95. Bibin Thomas says:

    In double slit experiment, at every plank time, if we observe the position of the electron in the space of plank distance, where would it be? As a 33-year-old with only school education, my excuse is that if this is a stupid question, then forgive me.

  96. Haddach Morad says:

    Casino make me homeless

  97. Jesus Christ says:

    This is amazing

  98. Simon T. says:

    I believe Quantum theory is an overestimation of how the Universe 'works', I also believe the Big Bang theory and other theories that attempt to define the Universe are futile and capture the over-confidence and stubbornness of human nature. I also don't believe in superposition, nor do I understand how Bell's theorem proves superposition or how Schrödinger's cat is more than just a perception of reality. Assuming the laws of Quantum physics are true, it also shows teleportation could be possible. Additionally, I predict aspects of Quantum physics or important principles of Quantum physics will be found false (although not hugely off the mark) and thus Quantum physics might be disproved altogether in the future. Although if it isn't disproved humans will continue chasing something theoretical as they always have done. I often observe flaws and loopholes which are often plainly disregarded in the pursuit for an predetermined answer in the physicist's mind or person who feels certain of their knowledge of anything. Like those who try to push the boundaries of human knowledge and continue to search for the smallest particles of matter, without realisation that matter itself is layered infinitely smaller and in a sense doesn't exist. Quantum theories more often than not use a certain argument, usually probability to come to definite conclusions, without realising the strengths of arguments are subjective and the human mind is limited. Now for me this beckons the problem of people's view on Math, almost in every case people view Math as the law of the Universe, something to be uncovered overtime, when in reality it is a human attempt at describing our surroundings. In the end I believe that we must acknowledge all the possibilities and follow the ones that our soul (our consciousness in this sense) feels surest with. Whether that be religion or science, your guess is only as good as mine until time tells, whether it ever does. I think humans should realise ('unrealise') like other animals have done; somethings are beyond our comprehension and to me this is the single most display of complete understanding of our world. In the end this pursuit will never be won.

  99. Canadian Man says:

    This is so old, I fell off my dinosaur last time I saw it.

  100. Osmanika says:

    Using entanglement to teleport each other is cool and all but could we use it to scan every single object in our world and have them appear alchemy style anywhere we want whenever we want? Nobody has to die in the process

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