Real Life Energy Independence : 5 kW Solar System | Electric Car run on the Sun


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100 thoughts on “Real Life Energy Independence : 5 kW Solar System | Electric Car run on the Sun”

  1. Lokendra mehara says:

    अच्छी जानकारी दी आपने इस फील्ड जानकारी भी आपको बेहतर है जैसे लिथियम और लैड एसिड बैटरी, ac और dc वायर में अंतर, पैनल को दिन के समय क्यों साफ नही करना चाहिए , पैनल की लाइफ, सब्सिडी आदि के बारे में जानकारी देने के लिए धन्यवाद

  2. Vengatesh P says:

    PlugInIndia Thanks for providing English captions.

  3. mohammad salim says:


  4. chanchal verma says:

    बहुत ही बढ़िया प्रजेंटेशन,,,,शानदार,,,👌👌👌

  5. umang chauhan says:

    Hemant ke paas pel ke Paisa hai..

  6. Suresh P Patil Patil says:

    Barish ke samay solar panel kaise bachate ho

  7. fayaz ali says:

    On grid 2 kWh ka kharch kiya hoga Hyderabad se hoon main

  8. Amjad Ali says:

    dear, it is very knowledgeable video, but you have not left space among the panels. If you left space b/w the panels your's panels will be safe of heavy air flow……

  9. Prashanth Acharya says:

    1dinn me 8 units use hote he tho muje kithna kw ka solar system lagana padega

  10. Gaurav Agrawal says:


  11. Barison Ghosh says:

    bhai ye admi to mere ko einstein lage

  12. Vikramjeet singh says:

    ye mic konsa hai koi bta sakta hai

  13. nilesh patel says:

    2 ac hai gaadi hai abb a gaadi kaha se ayi

  14. Rolando Favela says:

    If your video is to be instructed in indu language, why the flack do u put title in english? So stupid!!

  15. shobhit gupta says:

    How much area of roof does it take for 5 kwh plant??

  16. RANJIT BISWAS says:

    What will be the beterry life to solar system,? How may beterry required for 3kv system

  17. Mahek Tailor says:

    Solar panels are imported from China

  18. sudhi prabhu says:

    Nice explnation…🙏

  19. Guru datta says:

    best and very informative

  20. Kumar Gaurav says:

    Ye Solar panel kon si company ka h
    Kon sa best h

  21. super lakshya says:

    Woh toh achha hua k bande ko sab kuch pata tha toh Bina puche sab kuch bta dia otherwise ladk,k paas ek hi question tha k aapki requirements ho jati hai Puri.

  22. A SINGH says:

    Could you please mention your contact number….MR. HEMANT GUPTA!

  23. Abdul Majid says:

    What should be angle of inclination of solar plates.

  24. N k says:

    Madam what is the recording device u are using.its very clear

  25. Gaurav Agarwal says:

    Really informative. Thank you for uploading this video. Pretty insightful.

  26. anil kumar singh says:

    कृपया जानकारी के अभाव में आधी अधूरी जानकारी देना ठीक नहीं है ।

  27. imran farooqui says:

    Nice 👍👏

  28. Naini Trails Life Adventures says:

    Quick question, can I still have an inverter in an on grid system for times when there are power cuts?

  29. Feroz Abdul Aziz says:

    Konsa panel inverter acha hotha he grid system keliye

  30. Brain says:

    delhi govt ❤❤❤

  31. Kiran Bangawala says:

    Nice video, please humko bataiye ki 5 KV solar panels ke liye kitni jagah yane space chahye?

  32. LearningZone says:

    This is not a feasible system for an average person. This is a rich man system.

  33. Amol Sirsat says:

    If you want to install Solar panel in Maharashtra.. please contact us

  34. mohanlal banoth says:

    I would like to install 20Kw for my hotel as well as 15Kw for my house what is the procedure to fallow and whom do I cantact for solar pannels

  35. mohit modi says:

    All type of solar on/off/Hybrid solar
    Plz contact 8239391999
    ALL Rajsthan
    5kw to above
    Finence also available

  36. J.P Verma says:

    Kindly provide the number of Hemant sir

  37. SpotOn Cam says:

    This guy knows his business very well !! He must give lectures / talks in seminar 👍

  38. RAHUL PATIL says:

    What is the solar modules brand?

  39. Devendra Pratap Jaipuria says:

    I wish to install 10 Kw solar system pl intimate estimate and guide


    Wow AC cable vs DC cable . Nice to know

  41. Rt Paul says:

    Ac zayda strong hota he.

  42. VIKAS SINGH says:

    उत्तर प्रदेश मे सब्सिडी पर मिल रहे आनग्रिड सोलर पावर प्लांट लगवाने के लिए सम्पर्क करें- 9125780354

  43. pradeep morya says:

    Nice sir

  44. J M TIWARI says:

    Very informative

  45. Sengchil N Marak says:

    Does he run a solar company??? How come he knows everything

  46. खबर आप की says:

    अति उत्तम जी

  47. mash up epic says:

    Can I get this gentleman no.?


    Viresh Singh from Bilsanda Pilibhit up 9412380915

  49. Ketan Gamit says:

    5kva ka solar system 1 mahine me kitna unit generate karta hai

  50. Rd456 goku says:

    Its really gd actually…if someone has their own house…just installing such panels can reduce electricity bill significantly….

  51. TheAtulsachan says:

    Complete info about Domestic Solar System 👌. ek aisa hi perfect video commercial pe bhi banaye……

  52. Akshay Pote says:

    Good detailed info…thank u..

  53. Shyamprasad v says:

    Very detailed information is given,thanks…😀

  54. Tushar Ray says:

    Mr. Hemant Gupta, in Kolkata, we have installed a 20 KwH Solar Power on Grid system…at an Animal Hospital. You do have explained the whole procedure wonderfully. Thank you so much. Go Solar Guys

  55. sanjaykumar jain says:

    Superb ji

    🙏🌹शत शत नमन🌹🙏

    संजय बाबा ( मौनप्रिय )

  56. RAMARAO KOTTU says:

    Very well explained Mr Hemanth that too in detail..

  57. DICXON XALXO says:

    Kitna karcha hua???

  58. Manoj Dandekar says:

    Sir tell is it beneficial than

  59. Rajesh Jain says:

    Xlnt Info Hemant….thanx…for Guidance.

  60. shashi kr says:

    Bhai 5kw off grid total cost in rohtak Kya hogi

  61. Asif Siddiqui says:

    भाई आपने यह नहीं बताया कि लगवानी है कौन सी कंपनी की🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😇

  62. OZAS FARMING says:

    समस्या यह है विद्युत आवश्यकता मुख्य रूप से रात को पड़ती है जैसे AC आदि

  63. S Basu says:

    Please give some contact. I need to install a 3 kw system.

  64. Desai Manish says:

    Awesome presentation….

  65. Pardeep Singh says:

    In Australia 6kw solar system cost around $3000 which is equal to 1.5 lack thanks to government rebate. Never paid any bill for last 5 years. SMA invertors are considered best here in Australia.

  66. Abhisekh Gharai says:

    Kolkata me available Hai services?

  67. SK says:

    Mr Hemant, you explained in a simple manner. How can someone contact you? I am also planning to install Solar System on my roof top – 2000 Sq Ft
    Akhilesh Kumar (Lucknow)

  68. Reddylion says:


  69. safhad khan says:

    Batteries are very costly. Any replacement

  70. NR PRODUCTION says:

    Solar orb

  71. Mukesh Kashyap says:

    How to connect with you for purchase that setup of 5 kwh can provide any contact no

  72. Vikas Kaduskar says:

    Video is really nice and deep
    One thing I could not understand
    Once he has his own metering system then why does he need to pay the bill to government?

  73. Digvijay Singh says:

    Schneider is not considered as top brand .

  74. Partha Sarathi says:

    Highly knowledgeable content .

  75. Vinod Luthra says:

    He meant ji c me 9811382241

  76. Abdul Khaliq says:

    I think solar system created problems Day by days it increase much by more problems in life

  77. KartikK says:

    This guy knows everything about solar power. Thank you for sharing this Very useful information.

  78. Kiran Hegde says:

    DC wires are different than AC wires? What is wrong with this guy 😅? Electrons always flow on the outer surface of a conductor regardless of AC or DC. Difference between AC and DC is that in AC current the polarity keeps interchanging at a rate of about 50hz in India. In DC current the polarity is constant.

    What you need to know is higher current required thicker wires and vice versa for lower current. Also using multi stranded wires increase the surface area of the wires, allowing higher current to flow through. Insulation depends on voltage. Higher voltage requires better insulation than lower voltage. When voltage is high enough, the potential may even conduct through air.

    Multi stranded Copper wire is best for any electrical equipment. Only issue is the high cost of Copper. Also you will not get any electrical shock upto 24vdc system. With 48vdc system you may get small tingle, but nothing serious. Electrical shock is an issue only when your volatge, whether AC or DC is much higher than 48vdc systems. It doesn't depend on current amperage. There is no such thing as "strong current" that causes electrical shocks from a solar panel.

    Also regarding batteries, lead acid batteries can be completely utilized. But they will keep degrading over time as the lead plate inside is very soft and crumbles little by little due to thermal expansion and contraction. Similar case with lithium ion. But in lithium ion if you use between 30%-80% only, the battery pack life will be a lot more than lead acid. I have made a DIY solar power system to run my most essential equipment with 24vdc power and charging a lithium ion battery pack I built myself. It's not rocket science. You just need to know the concepts correctly, do your research and just go with it.

  79. Santanu Bera says:

    12:44 HE WAS WRONG .
    As we know average current in AC Is Iac =Idc/√2.
    So DC current(frequency=0) can't be lethal more than AC current(frequency 50-60Hz in most cases).
    Except this otherwise he was right all the time.

  80. prateek pathak says:

    what is the brand of solar panels that you have used in your system.

  81. max yzz says:

    Ghanta isiliye nahi laga raha koi…. Or Jo laga raha he usko bahut papad belne pad rahe hen… Matlab electric Dept wale bahut Tang karte hen ghuss khate hen

  82. Ravi munda says:

    This guy have great knowledge about solar energy

  83. bommidala says:

    May I request Video in English please.

  84. AMAN VERMA says:

    Tesla power wall is not available in India.

  85. Ashok Routray says:

    Very nice…..

  86. Gyan Karwanyun says:

    Is your system modular + by adding solar tracking system the cost of the plant increases by how much

  87. Gyan Karwanyun says:

    Can I have your address?

  88. Pramod Tiwari says:

    How much kW is needed to draw water from 200 ft depth by submersible pump of 2 inch

  89. pradeep kengeri says:

    He is saying that on an average his system produces 23 to 27 units.
    Is it per panel per month
    Or is it for 5kW per day
    Can anyone please explain

  90. kuldeep choudhary says:

    First of all subsidi is only for on grid system

  91. Pavlo Corsche says:

    Very interesting to have this in the backyard, my friend is using different type of panel a 3d design and works effectively. Plan to install myself in 2020.

  92. study sirf study says:

    Very descent 👨

  93. Sanchit Kapur says:

  94. Simon Varghese says:

    If it is on grid system, do you think you don't have to use battery?

  95. RAVI PRAKASH says:

    ये सब उत्तर प्रदेश में असंभव है

  96. RAVI PRAKASH says:

    क्या सोलर पैनल का इंश्योरेंस होता है। अगर कोई छत पर से उखाड़कर ले जाए तो?

  97. vijay puri says:

    Pl communicate at 8800096083

  98. Snr Nirmal Singh says:

    Thanks for nice information 🙏🙏🙏

  99. Snr Nirmal Singh says:

    Very useful

  100. कैवल्य दर्शन प्रकाशन says:

    we वान्ट इंस्टॉल 1 hp मोटर,मिक्सर,ग्रन्डिंग मशीन
    कितना किलो watt

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