Renewable Energy and Energy Sustainability – College Research Projects

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[MUSIC] Through our Renewable Energy and Energy
Sustainability research in the school MIME, we seek to address the challenges
of creating technologies that generate, distribute, store, and consume energy in a
clean and efficient manner here in Oregon and around the world.
Our research encompasses four thematic areas; energy systems, energy transport,
phenomenon conversion, energy devices, and sustainability. Our home within the
College of Engineering at Oregon State University allows for close
collaboration with a variety of centers and institutes including the O.H.
Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory, the Advanced Technology and Manufacturing
Institute, and the Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center. Much of our work is funded by the National Science Foundation, the US department of Energy, including advanced research products agency, as well as state and
national collaboratives, and a wide variety of industry partners. All of this
is possible due to our faculty’s unique set of expertise as well as our combined
understanding of the societal, economic, and environmental impacts of energy
systems. Together, we’re working to solve some of the most pressing issues facing our
world, in hopes of delivering a prosperous and sustainable future.

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