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Renewable Energy, a la Shmoop. Hey there, boys and girls,
ladies and gentlemen, mee-maws and pee-paws… and welcome back to “Renew it or Lose It!” Today we have our two contestants… Ashley from Portland, whom we caught running her
thermostat at 61 degrees on a 67 degree day! Let’s have a warm welcome for Ashley! And Contestant Number 2… Fletcher from Omaha! We picked up Fletcher after we found him sitting in his living room with every single light
switch in his home left in the “on” position! Hello, Fletcher! One of these two energy-villains is going to walk out of here with the grand prize…
of not being hung entirely upside down while strapped to the blade of a wind turbine! Good luck to them both! Okay, now down to business… when you know
the answer, just shout it out… When was the very first electricity-generating
wind turbine built? Ooh, sorry, neither of you are
correct. We were looking for 1891… and you could have gotten an extra point if you had
known it was built in Scotland. As it is, you both move one notch
on the Turbines of Nausea! Okay, next question… why was the first solar
cell built? No, sorry… it was to increase
the distance that phone signals could travel. Ashley — you should have gotten that one.
We’ve seen your cell phone bill… we had you pegged for an expert… Give ’em another notch!
Okay, redemption time, you two… How long did the first large-scale wind turbine
last before it broke? You guys do not know your renewable
energy! It lasted 45 days. We’ve come a long way, baby. Next question… when was the first diesel engine successfully run on vegetable oil? Aw, those are some nice, totally random
guesses… but they are unfortunately totally off the mark. It was in 1900, a little before
petroleum oils became readily available. Speaking of oil… Fletcher, you look like
you’re about to slip out of your bonds there… hold on, buddy! You don’t want to fall from
that height! Okay, let’s keep the steam train chugging along… How much of the world’s power is made by solar
panels? You know what — I’m not even going to give you guys a chance to answer that one…
it’s half a percentage point. You wouldn’t have gotten it. Crank the lever,
Jimmy. One last question, and we’re still looking
for a winner… How big is the biggest wind turbine in the
world? Oh, so sorry… a single blade of the
biggest wind turbine is 250 feet long. So…just be grateful we only strapped you
to this itty bitty one… Final notch, Jimmy! Well, Ashley and Fletcher, it looks like we have ourselves a tie today! We’re going to
leave you hanging for a few minutes so you can reconsider your energy consumption habits… …and we’ll see the rest of you next week
on… Renew It or Lose It!

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