Renewable energy helping Victorian townships breathe new life into community buildings

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Across Victoria, in towns big and small, we’re acting to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Down on the Bass Coast, we’ve started by mapping council’s biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions. The Wonthaggi Town Hall has been around since 1910 and has retained all its charm and character. But with a few modern additions, the Town Hall, the old post office and the Civic Centre now will run off solar. It’s provided a huge cost saving that’s now forwarded on to our ratepayers. It’s also sparked other towns in the area into action and Phillip Island has recently committed to a net zero target by 2030. It’s leading by example and the Totally Renewable Phillip Island Group are leading the charge. In the Grampians, our approach has been to start by reducing the energy that we’re using. In Beaufort, we’re placing solar panels on the library and the Community House and Learning Centre. From switching to energy-efficient lights to improving the operational efficiency of our air conditioning. So, we’ll be able to carry on learning without the carbon. Over here in the Mallee our little kindergarten in Charlton now runs off the Sun. We see the effects of climate change firsthand. Taking action on emissions now in any way we can means we’re much better off in the future, and the generations that come after us are much better off in the future. in Benalla, there are quite a few buildings around town that have been upgraded with solar panels. Here at the Senior Citizens we’re saving a lot of money which means there’ll be more money to be spent on facilities for us. I’ve lived in Benalla for forty-five years and it’s nice to see the community making changes for the better. Down on the southwest coast we’re also doing our bit for climate change. For example at Corangamite Shire we’re playing to upgrade to energy-efficient lighting across six sites in the Shire including this stadium at Timboon with the assistance of the Local Government Energy Saver Program. That’s 55 tons of carbon this stadium will be saving every year as well as over $7,000 on energy bills. There’s so much we can do to act against climate change. So, how are you going to take action?

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