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Replace or upgrade the video card or cards in your HP OMEN desktop computer. In Windows, close all open applications, and then shut down the computer. Disconnect all cables connected to the computer, including the power cord. Access the video card or cards by opening the computer case. Static electricity can damage the electronic components inside the computer. Discharge static electricity by touching the metal cage of the computer before touching any internal parts or electronic components. On the rear of the case, slide the latch to the left to unlock the
side panel. On the top of the case, push the side panel release button with one hand, and use your other hand to pull the top of
the side panel away from the case. Lift the side panel up and away from the computer to remove it. For better working conditions, lay the computer on its side on a hard, flat working area with the exposed side facing up. Carpet and other surfaces that hold a static charge are not recommended. Inside the case, locate the video card or
cards. If multiple video cards are installed and
use a bridge, remove it by lifting it straight up and out
of the computer. Remove the graphics card brackets. For each installed video card, remove the three screws that secure its bracket to the case. Disconnect the power cable from each video card. Squeeze each connector, and then remove it from the card. Remove the bracket bridging the cards. Remove the graphics card brackets. Remove all screws securing the cards to the case. At the base of the card, push down the PCIe socket latch to disengage the card from the motherboard. Lift the graphics card straight up and out
of the computer, using two hands if possible. Disengage the latch for each card before removing it. Remove static electricity from the bag of
the replacement card or cards by touching them to the metal case, and then remove from the bag. Slide each replacement card into its PCIe
socket on the motherboard, making sure it latches. Secure each card to the case with the previously removed screws. Reposition the bracket on the back of each card, and secure the three screws. If originally installed, reattach the bracket bridging the cards with three screws. Reconnect the power cable for each card. For configurations using a bridge, position the tabs of the cards under the slots on the bridge, and then slide into position. Reinstall the side panel by sliding the bottom onto the lip on the case, and then push the top until it snaps into
place. On the rear of the computer, slide the release latch to the right to lock
the side panel in position. Reconnect the power cord and any other previously removed cables to the computer. Power on the computer and update the video card drivers in Windows, if necessary.

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6 thoughts on “Replacing the Video Cards in HP Omen 880 Desktop Computers | HP OMEN | HP”

  1. Tech J says:

    Can it be upgraded to an rtx 2080ti later on?

  2. Mind Against says:

    can it be ubgradet to 1080 ti?

  3. LokinXY says:

    I have one graphics card installed on my omen 880, and I want to install another one on it but what graphics card should i put? A graphics card that good for streaming is all I want, Any suggestion?

  4. WEBUX says:

    Can a 1060 oc 6gb be installed on a 880-138no? Even though it only has 300w powersupply?

  5. Bogox says:

    Is that an atx case?

  6. Imposs Gaming says:

    This makes it look really easy than what other youtubers show you.

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