Responses To: ‘Your Power Bill Is Not Real’


One week ago we released Your Power Bill is
Not Real And we’ve been overwhelmed by your response Including some really constructive feedback We were all set to launch our crowd funding
campaign To install those French wind turbines in Joe
Hockey’s front yard Until some of you got in touch and let us
know that only “Shysters or Fools” would invest in vertical
axis wind turbines So now we’re going to install them in Alan’s
yard [correct] But that’s the kind of dialogue we want
to have with viewers Where you can tell us what you think Pick us up on our mistakes and submit encouraging
emails Like this one, from [email protected] Who found it hard to believe our story because,
and I quote “If it were true we would already have a
movie and a TV series about them” Well Russell, it’s not for lack of trying For years I’ve been shopping around my script
for a fresh new White collar crime drama called Law and Order: HVU High voltage unit Starring Lisa McCune and special guest star
Vanilla Ice He stops crime by collaborating with his colleagues
and listening But despite the obvious strength of the pitch I haven’t been able to get the project green
lit So I’m sorry Russell you’re going to have
to put up with us Because regardless of how earth shattering
an issue may be Some of Australia’s news outlets are a little
preoccupied With leadership spills, bachelors and The top ten ways to avoid tan lines on your
sideboob We did attempt to get in touch with Russell
to open a dialogue But tragically, received a bounce back message Russell wasn’t the only one who felt we
were on the wrong track A message with the subject line ‘Simon Holes
a Dork’ Claimed that Simon should ‘be a man and
put his name behind The Undercurrent propaganda’ At first glance we thought this was gibberish But after some Googling we realised she had
left a crucial ‘M’ From her hilarious play on the man’s real
name Simon Holmes a Court – member of the billionaire
dynasty And, as it turns out, major supporter of the
Hepburn Wind Project We can assure you we are in no way associated
with Mr Holmes a Court Or any other mystery corporate backers like
the folks over at Reddit were musing over To be honest we’re kind of chuffed that
our production efforts Would lead people to that conclusion But the truth is we’re just two independent
film makers With more time than sense And more nerdy camera gear than successfully
lodged mortgage payments Despite our lack of financial backing we do
have grand plans for The Undercurrent We’d love to produce a weekly TV series
as well as release regular online content Already we’ve had people contacting us offering
to help out with Information, research, production, cameos
and even donations If you do feel like supporting us in any of
those ways You can get in touch with us via social media Hit the support button on the YouTube Channel Donate via the website And if you’ve got insider information you
can always get in touch with us confidentially Through [email protected] We will always respect the privacy and the
identity of anyone who Comes to us in confidence So honestly, thanks for all your support And if you want to dig deeper into that power
issue we discussed We’ve made a reference pack available on
the website And despite all the jokes we do like hearing
from you Even if it’s to tell us we’re wrong But don’t use a fake email address That’s a dick move

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13 thoughts on “Responses To: ‘Your Power Bill Is Not Real’”

  1. Marcus P says:

    great work guys, keep it up!

  2. Tradie Trev says:

    I'd love me some Law and order HVU! 

  3. Matt Lasky says:

    Hi, your original story and video, has inspired me to investigate going solar. Thanks and keep them accountable.  

  4. Nobby Teixeira says:

    So I work for a power company in the west (the only one) and there is a lot your not mentioning… Australia is a big big country and our wages are high due to competing with the mining sector. It's very expensive to maintain a huge network with such a small population… Unless you charge people who live remotely a whole lot more then people in the metro it's just the way it is. You've picked a couple of notes to find a conspiracy over but in the most part it's fair.

    Ohh and just so you can discredit all that shut up and pay your bills… and my wage.

  5. Monika Mackowiak says:

    Great response!

  6. Andrew Goulding says:

    Interestingly, Nobby Teixeira (see: previous comment) has no activity on his YT account.

  7. Gloria Joanne Roldan says:

    This reminds me I have a letter to write to our power company.  I took a serious look at the bill.  My usage is minimal and there is so much other stuff I am paying for.  I question why.

  8. Jonathan Davis says:

    I love you guys.  can you set up some kind of pwyw pricing? maybe just drop a bitcoin and/or paypal address so people can donate.  

    I'd 'buy you a beer' in the digital sense everytime you post something new, and when I'm a cashed up donate more from time to time.

  9. James Knox says:

    wow, 0 dislikes

  10. Karyl Debolt says:

    My works too. I used Inplix handbooks and build it without any problems.

  11. phillip jaskiw says:

    love your program……….to work you guys.:"..;)

  12. HealthActivist1 says:

    You deserve to be on TV – but I doubt the mainstream media would have a bar of you. They're a bit averse to telling the truth – especially if threatens the profits of any of their corporate buddies.

  13. MegaHAZE21 says:

    Hope you guys more more videos

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