Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Lightning


Geoff: I was with a guy when he got stuck by lightning My friends and I were driving from Alabama to New Orleans. And it started raining. Lightning actually struck near my car. And we were like “Ah!” and we like swerved. Uh, I lost control of my car and I drove it into a ditch and all my friends and I get out. I fucking hitchhiked to a gas station And I go up and I go “Hey, I just wrecked my car. I need to get a tow” from this guy. And he goes “I don’t go out in the rain – I’ve had bad times” And I was like “I don’t know what that means, but seriously sir, it’s your job. You’ve gotta help me.” And he goes “Fuh…” And he goes and gets in his tow truck And I get in the tow truck And I go “So, why do you hate the bad weather so much?” And he goes “My sister’s kid got struck by lightning at the beach” And I go “Oh, wow… dude I’m so sorry is she okay?” And he was like “Nope.” And I go “Well, you know what they say – lightning never strikes twice in the same place.” And he goes “My brother got killed by lightning”.
[Gus and Geoff laugh] And I go “Oh, okay.” and that shut me up And then we’re driving down and my car is gone. The water took it down and now all you can see from- of my car is a little bit of the roof and the antenna. That had like a Jack In the Box ball on it or something. But eventually he’s able to pull the car out of this huge ditch. Then he goes to like move the cable and fucking lightning strikes. Right there. And all of the sudden I hear the guy scream and he’s on the ground holding his arm like his right shoulder It didn’t hit him but it hit so close I guess it charged all the elec- all the fucking metal around it. [Gus cackling]
He gets up and he just looks at me like, with the maddest eyes ever Gavin: I’m surprised he didn’t electro-punch you right in the face.
Geoff: Dude. Geoff: And the guy just starts walking away from my car And I walk up to him and I go “How much do I owe you sir? How much do I owe you?” And he just looks at me and I’m holding my wallet out. And he put his hand in my wallet and took every bit of money out of my wallet and just walked away with it.

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100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Lightning”

  1. O.I. Afjak says:

    "-Always wear a hat.
    -Ya gotta help stupid teens. (Even if it's raining.)
    -Kill Templars."

    That last one made me laugh so hard.

  2. Mr.SeeingDevice says:

    Maybe his family pisses off Zeus

  3. BluberDuck says:

    i wonder how many of these are tru

  4. Dave Nick says:

    That is absolutely not why lightning never strikes twice in the same place. Electrons (you don't have to say negative electrons), move very slowly, about a meter per hour. Even still, the reason lightning strikes twice is because there's just no reason for it not to.

  5. vincent bauman says:

    1:23 old guy used thunderpunch its super effective!

  6. אבהו דלשר says:

    Those are called positrons, though. Electrons are negatively charged particles in the lepton family.

  7. Jorge Cruz says:

    The antenna of the Empire State Building is always struck by lightning so you are correct sir.

  8. GigaStorm 2559 says:

    I don't think he can do that jackass has to count the money

  9. Thomas Chillery says:

    A positron

  10. AnotherPostcard says:

    A positron. No shit. look it up.

  11. Unstable Gaming says:

    My house is one stuccolike hit the chimney and it blew up lol

  12. Unstable Gaming says:

    Using my voice to write…not good lol my house was struck by lightening once, blew my chimney up is what it was supposed to say lol

  13. vealdin says:

    I live in Alabama

  14. Biggus Dickus says:

    Is this real life?

  15. ashton burgans says:

    I live in Alabama !!! 🙂

  16. xXLowfearSXx says:

    The kids shirt says poop

  17. jacobthelioneater says:

    Who else is excited for Towman's Creed 4: Black Ferrari?

  18. Nidotoise Gage says:

    At least you didnt spill the headlight fluid

  19. Becca Flynn says:

    lol OMG, that poor guy!!

  20. Alexandria Abigail says:

    That is some kind of luck… That poor sod. 3:

  21. isaac butterfield says:

    Kill Templars

  22. Jinx Mage says:

    Tow-mans creed… 

  23. zachary berger says:

    @Nidotoise Gage What about wiper juice?

  24. Billy Herron says:


  25. Trebuscus1 says:

    That guy was basicly batman

  26. Rooney Duncan says:


  27. NotaTraitor says:

    wear a hat
    help stupid teenagers
    kill templars

  28. Aidan Milton says:


  29. Miranda A says:

    Kill Templars… he must side with the mages. Lol

  30. HalcyonicFalcon says:

    Lol Electro-Punch

  31. Christian says:

    haha this is golden!

  32. Maswartz226 says:

    Geeze Thor hates this guy's family

  33. Ivin3690 says:

    watch out for that giant ditch

  34. McSwaggerMcMuffin69 says:

    well you can say its a SHOCKING day!

  35. Grant Lauzon says:

    Kill Templars.(0:27) 

  36. Ian Smith says:

    We have a family friend that's been hit 3 times.  People refuse to sleep in a tent with him now.

  37. screamshout says:

    if i dont see an animation from the tow guy's point of view before i die i'm gonna be really pissed

  38. Spartanplaysmc says:

    I think basque verse would crack up at the comments Gavin makes

  39. ButteryBiscuitBarsad says:


  40. Anthony Quiles says:

    didnt know tow men had a creed…or that they killed templars…SOUNDS COOL TO ME SIGN  ME UP 

  41. Quan S.B. says:

    Yaayy I'm from Alabama

  42. jeff smith says:

    no fucking way that's real

  43. Paulius Kun says:

    Lol he was gonna need the money for the emergency room.

  44. 326Converge says:

    Alabammer, Mrs.Ippi, and Leezyana LOL

  45. franco1297 says:

    Hey dipshit, watch out for this giant DITCH.

  46. BonziBUDDY says:

    Actually, lighting CAN strike more than once in the same spot.

  47. IvanPavlov says:

    This is the best one!

  48. E-Man5805 says:

    Wonder why he was heading to NOLA. Eat our awesome food, no doubt.

  49. ThatOneGuyWhoDoesTheMemes says:

    The sign said "#3: Kill Templars"!

  50. Bill Smith says:

    Poor guy…

  51. Nashki Joseph says:


  52. Nashki Joseph says:


  53. crazyinsane500 says:

    Man, Zubaz just really hates this dude.

  54. rockah12 says:

    Man, this is four years old. Dang.

  55. Bada Bing Bada Beowulf says:

    Wait…did they change this short? At 0:29, didn't Geoff say "Please sir you have to help me, it's in your creed" because that was the whole point the sign said "Tow Man's Creed" and "Kill Templars", that was the joke. Am I really just remembering this that wrong?

  56. Austin Crews says:

    The states of Alabammer, Mrs. Ippi, and Leezyana.

  57. Celestial Wing says:

    lol, that's why you always carry $100 – 50 bucks and the rest in a credit/debit card.

  58. Harold Davidson says:

    Came here right after Michael got tased. Just reminded me of it. 🙂

  59. Fireboy says:

    Why does a Tow Truck Guy need to Kill Templars?

  60. keira herrington says:

    I watched it before and then I just see the thumbnail and laugh

  61. last mars 12 says:

    man that's b s he took all the mony that he had wen he neaded it to fix his car

  62. IAmTheUnison says:

    Well, somebody must have pissed off Zeus. XD

  63. Random Vids says:

    I was playing gta in a lightning storm. I had my beats attached to the port on the tv. Lightning struck my house and it went through all the cords to my tv and out of my headphones on to my chest. Really scary and it hurt bad but guess what? The beats still work lol

  64. Vercusgames says:

    I've almost been hit by lightning I think 3 times in my life? When I lived in Florida when it hit a tree above me. I was standing in a flooded street. If it hit the water I would have drowned in 2 feet of water. God damn it was loud!

  65. ScorchtheHawk says:

    "I've had bad times"
    Somewhere in the distance, Megalovania starts to play

  66. John Holmes says:

    I just started watching the podcasts and went back in time to see the first video ones, I miss Geoff and Griffon!

  67. Isabella Avalos says:


  68. OzzyTheGiant says:

    Old man used Thunder Punch, it's super effective!

  69. Hax says:

    Son of a ditch

  70. PerryDaPlatapus says:

    i wonder how much of the story is true

  71. XXTeen_MekazaXX says:

    This is the first video I ever saw of rooster teeth

  72. Dylan Van Leuven says:

    This came out September 2011… when their very unsubtle Assassin's Creed reference was funny… when the AC games were great… WHEN MY PROFILE PICTURE WAS RELEVANT. All l'm saying is, this feels so long ago.

  73. term3092 says:

    Haha Geoff likes to exagerate

  74. Lord Jaraxxus says:

    Zeus must hate this guy and his family.

  75. King of worlds 7 says:

    I would have kicked his ass if he took all my money

  76. G_Guy001 says:

    RT Podcast #22 at 1:04:08

  77. Reiver Captain says:

    Inspiration for Nora?

  78. MEME TIME says:

    "Kill Templars"

    I knew I can trust RT

  79. Kristofer Thomas says:

    I'm gonna go with "details are highly exaggerated for $400"

  80. Rhyperior Ranger says:

    I wouldn't have even asked how much I owe him

  81. Justin Norman says:

    This guy needs to hire Kratos to go kill Thor

  82. Smol Hunter says:

    when the the tow truck go said "nooo", I was watching power rangers and they said "noooo" in sync

  83. PMemes Twitter says:

    Best one

  84. JajdeCee 1026 says:

    2017 squad

  85. What Happend says:

    kill templars

  86. G Studios says:

    0.30 assasin's creed reference.

  87. Mildly Famous says:

    I watched this before I knew what Rooster Teeth was 😮

  88. DarthMorius says:

    that is a chilling story

  89. Rhett Hathaway says:

    Dude deserved your entire bank account

  90. Butterfly Queen says:


  91. Janet Sanchez says:

    0:28 Tow-man’s creed
    Nothing is without beer, everything is towed

  92. Vr 0 says:

    Actually lightning can strike in the same place facts!

  93. Werewolves779 says:

    This was funny

  94. Qiwen Ruan says:

    The funniest thing.

  95. Grace says:

    Well then….

  96. You Can Heal says:

    I don't get these. Are these real incidents, or are these random animated shows?

  97. The Pegacorn says:

    His family is practically cursed!!

  98. V2Blast says:

    Geoff mentioned this story in the latest Off Topic around 1:05:00 (and Jeremy mentioned the Animated Adventure)!

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