Rust Electricity 101: Component Guide – Door Controller


Hello Everyone, it’s Thumper the Rabid Rabbit,
back with another episode of Rust Electricity 101:Component Guide! And today we’re covering the Door Controller. Now that I’ve covered Power sources, combining
power splitting power and triggering power, it’s about time we get to ways to use power. Not a lot of ways to use it yet besides the
lights and the door controllers but boy you can have a lot of fun with door controllers if
you’re building yourself a trap base. I’ve set out both a garage door and a standard
door here to demonstrate that this works the same way with both of these and for demonstration
purposes I’ve set out a couple pressure pads that I’m going to use to trigger these things. The door controllers are found among the standard
electrical components in crates and sunken chests and only cost 5 hi qual metal which
is great cause you’ll probably want to use a lot of them. They have only on handle on them and it is
an input handle I’m going to place this one next to this door, let me put it by the lock
here so it’s easier to demonstrate and you can see when I place it, it has a thing that
says Pair to Door. These things wanna get paired to the door
that they’re adjacent to but unfortunately right now that’s not gonna work for me because
this door is closed and locked. Doors must be closed and unlocked in order
to pair. There you see, green light, now it is paired
to that door. If I go over to this guy, unlock it, and boom
pair to door. Now I can lock this door again. Contrary to popular opinion, you can use door
controllers with door locks but it is very important that you recognize that the door
controller does NOT obey the door lock. If you apply power to the door controller
to open the door, it is going to open for anyone who applies power not just people who
are authorized on the door. It’s a common misunderstanding and you need
to know that. So on the power in handle I’m going to connect
to the output of this pressure pad so that when i step on the pad, the garage door opens. When i step off the pad I cut the power and
cutting power to a door controller closes the door. So add power, door opens, take away power
and the door will close right away again. Works the same on a standard door. If I connect this power to this door controller,
as soon as I step on the pad the door opens, hello friend, step off the pad, door closes. Again this will NOT obey the lock on the door. Doors will stay open as long as they have power
applied to them, the will close as soon as power cut. If a door is open already, and you apply power
to it, nothing happens, but when you cut power the door will still close. So it is possible to create trap bases where
you open doors manually without power and then just use the action of taking away power
to close the door. This is important in a variety of trap and
puzzle base combinations. So just as a review the door controller gets
placed next to the door. The door controller must be paired to the
door it’s adjacent to and the door needs to be close and unlocked in order for the pairing
task to work. Once you have paired a controller to a door,
applying power to that door controller will open it, removing power from the door will
close it, and you can trigger that with pressure pads, switches or any other variety of devices
that you can use to apply power to the door. And remember, if the door is already open,
and you take away power, the door will close. That is the basics of the Door Controller,
now get to makin’ those trap bases!

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5 thoughts on “Rust Electricity 101: Component Guide – Door Controller”

  1. 3six5 says:

    Yo…. do a "hiding wire" tutorial. =O

  2. 1977kinjite says:

    door controller on a gate . does that work ?

  3. MatthijsArts says:

    Could you make a vid on the green one with set and reset

  4. Random Schmid says:

    Does it work with ladder hatches, or window shutters?

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