Rust Electricity: User Request – Basic Trap Base Door


Hello everyone its Thumper the Rabid Rabbit have a request today from Chuso0 Chuso0 was asking how to Trigger a door with a laser detector and have that door close but not open again this is the Basic scenario for a trap based door you want someone to be able to enter but not leave The best way to do this is with a memory cell. It’s a fantastic example of how the memory cell works in fact. so if you’ve worked with door controllers, you know that when you power them they open the door you cannot pair to a door while it’s locked and so I need to unlock this and then pair the door and Then lock it again On the wall here. I dropped the laser detector now if I bring down some power here and Then I put the power out to the door anytime. I cross that beam the door will open now this is a problem because Then someone will come into your base the door will close and then they can open it right up again You don’t want them to leave. So this is a terrible wiring scheme for this instead This is the best use of the memory cell the memory cell is a One bit storage device it Has a state of zero by default and a state of one when you hit the set input When it’s in state zero it puts all of its power out of the inverted output When it’s in state one, it puts its power out of the output So this is very useful in this scenario Because what we can do is take the power that we’re bringing in and attach it to this door and You’ll see now the door is powered. So it’s open and It’s in state zero Indicated by one green and one red light and all the power is going out the inverted output Now what we’re gonna do is attach the output of the laser instead of to the door We’re gonna attach it to the set on the memory cell So when you break the beam of the laser it’s going to change from state zero to state one You’ll see two green lights the power will switch from inverted to the regular output which will cut the power to the door that makes the door close and Stay closed because no matter how many times you trigger this laser. It just keeps changing the Memory cell to state one which it’s already in so the person stuck in the room Can’t trigger this to open the door anymore and they are now effectively trapped in this room. I will demonstrate By being a victim who haplessly walks through the door hits the laser Door closes because we set the memory cell cut the power to the door We’re in state 1 the power is going out of the output and now no matter how many times I cross this beam This door is not going to open unless I have permission to open the door and So now I am trapped if you’re using this to make a trap base You will note that while you are in state 1 the power is here so you could take this power wire it to a door over here with a bunch of guns behind it and when they change State on the memory cell it will close this door and open the door attached to the output It should be great because that’ll blow them to smithereens Also, if you’re making a trap base you need some way to Reset this scenario by changing the memory cell back to state zero You do that by applying power to the reset handle the easiest way to do that would be to place a switch in a control room or back room where you are hiding and then run power through this switch To the reset handle and after the person has entered and Been blown up and you have collected their loot you go back to your control room You send power through the reset input and now the gun’s door would close The outside door went open and the trap is now reset for the next idiot to come in Lock the door and get blown to smithereens so Chuso0 I hope that is the question you are asking or the scenario you were looking for and If it is then have fun trapping killing and looting people for all their best swag enjoy

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6 thoughts on “Rust Electricity: User Request – Basic Trap Base Door”

  1. chusoO says:

    Thank you very much for making a video explaining how to make this circuit to this poor noob. I've tried it and it works perfectly. When I make the video of the house trap I will put you in the description so that everyone learns in this channel. Do not have Twitter or any way to talk to you to collaborate in a trap? Once again many thanks for all Rabid Rabbit.

  2. Joseph Vaccaro says:

    good video. ive been trying to figure out a way to have the same circuit trigger another door. so this helps. how much power would you need to run this consistently? batteries/solar panels ect.

  3. 1sheffer says:

    me and a friend love that setup for most of our traps. But when we r aways the trap wont reset. Where and how in this circuit can we put a self-resetting trap trigger.

  4. Mango says:

    Nice video, helped me out alot!

  5. Marc Lee says:

    Love videos mate. How would you set up a trap base where if they enter and door closes they decide to die or you kill them. But to have the door auto reset open when it detects no one is in the room where the trigger detects them? Can you do a video and explain it please buddy?

  6. Eduardo says:

    salvou meu dia amigo , obrigado

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