Semen Retention- My Most Powerful Way to Manifest Masculine Energy (The 1% Mind)


uncle c back in the office. Today I want to bust through this video and
teach you exactly how semen retention saved my life and helped me manifest better charisma,
better masculinity, better tone, better direction and better vision with my life in every single
way, shape and form. What you must know is this. They don’t want you to know this. They don’t want you to be the 1% they don’t
want you to be the men that are not addicted to the compulsive behavior. They do not want you to be a man who can navigate
the life and the world through his own eyes. They don’t want you to be strong unable. They want you weak. And since they want you weak, they can keep
you hypnotized if they can keep you hypnotized. They got You
Does that make sense? This hyper sexual culture
where men are followers instead of leaders this hyper sexual, this hyper sexual culture
where men have no direction or no path. Today I’m going to be sharing to you how exactly
retention can help transform your masculinity how this can make you a better man how this
can make you a more driven, dominant direct forward, man. And I’m not the only one saying this. It’s time that this masculinity has risen
among people. It’s time where people do things differently. It’s time where people realize the old ways
are broken. When it comes to dating and culture. It’s time that people realize that we need
to get back to traditional roots and growing ourselves first. You see this is a channel that is not about
women, and problems that you men are having in your
dating. This is a channel about self development and
self improvement. And if you can master that in your mind masculinity
Will you can now be a man who can navigate the dating field add his own path. There is no pill colors in this channel, there
is no alpha versus beta. There is no movements of their own way these
are. This is a channel about men who are adapting
in culture and bringing back what true masculinity is. So, why is retention, a very great key and
stepping stone in order to beat the 99% to beat the mass majority of people will I’m
going to be giving you two situations I’m going to be giving you what the masses do
on this side. And I’m going to be telling you exactly what
I do on this side and what my students and mentees are doing every single day. Number one on this side, we have compulsion. This is compulsive behavior,
that America and that many European countries and all of these people are going through
is compulsive behavior. You are hypnotized. You’re hypnotized your sex, you’re hypnotized
through drugs, your hip tesser alcohol, you’re hypnotized through the bad food. You’re hypnotized by waking up in the morning
and not having direction. Because you are constantly spilling your seed
everything you do is for instant gratification of how fast you can hook up how fast you can
spill that seed how fast you can compulsively work the behavior to feel a quick spike of
pleasure you see on this side, what the true men are doing is the true men are understanding
that all of life is about delayed gratification. Everything in life is delayed gratification,
you guys, when you eat the healthy food, it does not taste as good. But you get the delayed gratification when
you can wake up in the morning and see six pack abs. building the business does not feel
good in the short term. It’s painful, it hurts it’s long hours. It’s you against the marketplace. It’s you waking up every day looking in the
mirror and going Am I good enough Am I cut out for this is the Me, am I a fraud? Or do I actually have a product and a service
people want? It’s putting in the investment and delaying
the gratification until you get your first sale your first client. Do you get that? It’s taking that risk in love that risk in
life, that risk and putting in the hours that risk and advertising your product and potentially
losing the money, but it’s going to be very gratifying when it all pays off if you can
stick with it. Over here we have compulsive behavior. We have alcohol induced hookup culture, we
have music that’s all about sex. We have men that are lost and just relying
on the bar scene to develop themselves and try to get women doesn’t work. It’s a broken compulsive pattern over on this
side, we have men that are delaying their gratification I advise you to start working
on this side of the playing field that is number one, number two. On this side, we have pleasure from compulsion. Now see these people have false sense of reality,
these people actually get pleasure from doing these things. They get pleasure from taking the extra shot
of whiskey, they get pleasure from smoking the pot, they get pleasure from doing the
drugs, they get pleasure from trying to pull two girls at once. They get pleasure from doing all of these
things, they get pleasure from chasing tail, because it keeps them distracted. It keeps them distracted of their true masculinity
to be a man. Now,
do you know what will actually fulfill you as a man being a really good man? Not learning dating lines, not learning pickup
lines, not learning any of that shit. Being a really good man is actually going
to make you a good man. Having options in the dating pool is going
to come when you’re a good man, when you’re a man who has value. I’m getting angry. Pleasure from compulsion is over on this side. This is what the masses do over here. What we do is we focus on pleasure from sacrifice. You see, you have to retrain your brain how
to have fun Because life isn’t supposed to be fun, we no longer have father figures looking
their kid in the mirror looking their kid dead in the face and saying, son, life’s hard. You have to work to make anything of yourself. You do not deserve to be confident until you’ve
put in the sacrifice and the steps to make yourself a viable option. Do you get that? Over here you see we get pleasure from sacrifice,
we get pleasure from putting in the five workouts a week,
52 weeks a year for the next three years straight. We get pleasure from building our business
seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. For three years straight we get pleasure from
going on dates with multiple women but never sleeping with them and choosing the one or
choosing the women that suit our lives better and have the best sexual chemistry for us
as a man Why can we do that because we’re high value. You see the men on this side don’t come from
a standpoint where asked scares. The men on this side don’t come from a standpoint
where the whole hyper sexual culture world is just going to lock and control their mind
all day. No, no, no. Because we’re tougher than that. I advise you to start playing on this side
of the field. If you can learn how to sacrifice your time,
you will realize that all of the quote unquote fun that you’re having is wasting away your
masculine energy. It’s wasting away your masculine seduction,
it’s wasting away your masculine drive, can you be tougher than the rest? Can you outwork the rest? It’s not about who works smarter. It’s not about who works more efficiently,
it’s about who works longer. Because while the most people give up after
six months to a year, you will stick it out for two years, three years, four years, five
years day in and day out, you will not give up which is exactly why you will succeed. You see the man over here we get pleasure
from the sacrifice. That’s number two. Number three. The people on this side look for a quick high. They look for a quick dopamine release. Hook up Boston and not quick release. Do the line of whatever you want to do a line
of quick release, take six shots of alcohol quick release, blow all of your money on pointless
stuff on a bunch of dates with women with women who don’t care about you. Quick release. You see the men on this side, we look for
the higher pleasures in life. The higher pleasures in life is going to be
your spiritual world. Your masculinity as a man as to how you can
provide value to the world you see, you see fellas, people are selfish. People only reward you as a man if you’re
a man who can be respected because if you can be respected that means you have value. Why does anybody wants to buy anything from
you? If you have a business it’s because you have
value. Why does any women Why do you Why do women
want to be with a celebrity because that celebrity has value they have skill they have talent. You see women can just be famous on Instagram
for the shape of their body. Men on the other hand, I’ve never I’ve never
really came across a man who’s famous for not doing a whole hell of a lot. You see, men have to actually make themselves
a man. And by making yourself a man, you now have
value, you have skills, you have trades, you have a skill set that other people want to
learn. You have a skill set that other people desire. And if you can do that, and fit yourself into
that category, you are now seeking the higher pleasures in life, the higher pleasures in
life Do not come from sitting down and playing the video games, the higher pleasures are
going to come from you actually chasing excellence chasing your path chasing your vision. And if you don’t have a path, I advise you
to get one. Take the next three to six months day in and
day out and think what do I want? Ask yourself every day What do I want as a
man because most can’t even articulate that they can’t articulate what they want in a
woman. They can’t articulate what they want in a
career. They can’t articulate what type of characteristics
and personality they want. You see back when I used to YouTube before
I started to get any sort of subscribers or a following I would compare my personal Everybody,
I’ll go I’m not like I’m not charismatic like him. I don’t talk like him. Well guess what? It’s because I’m not like them. I’m my own man. You need to develop yourself to be your own
men. We do this by chasing the higher pleasures
in life by realizing we’re unique by developing our own skill set. That’s number three. Number four. Over here we have the 99% of men. These are the men that play Xbox. These are the men that play World of Warcraft. These are the men that eat pizza and drink
beer. These are the men that smoke pot. These are the men that chase a bunch of women
and sacrifice every single night before bed for hours and hours of Tinder. Do you get what a waste of time most people
do? Put value on your time. Make yourself the 1% make yourself the man
that is different. Make yourself the man that is talked about
make yourself the man that is recognized this is going to come from doing the sacrifice. I said this in other videos, listen to me
closely. If you do what the mass majority of people
do, you will only get the mass majority of results,
which is basically zero. Most
men have no success in their career. They have no success with women, they have
no success with their status. They have no success in their sex life. They have no seduction because they’re a broken
man to be the 1% means that you’re doing everything completely opposite from how you interact,
how you do business to how you carry yourself to how you seduce women to how you want to
be, you realize that you are becoming a better individual. Nice men. Do not make strong men. weakness is never respected. start to understand this. Over here,
the mass majority of people on this side we have emotional men. These are men still trapped in the fairy tale. These are men that are so caught up in their
heads so caught up in their ego They need the emotional spike to tell themselves or
enough by either sleeping with another woman getting drunk another time, pulling two girls
at once. These are the men that get fulfillment from
just wasting time, their emotional and they should be because they haven’t made any rock
solid foundation in their life to think rationally. You see the men over here were the rational
males that are in control. We dictate our own future. We do things differently. We’re in control of our emotions, our emotions,
our emotions do not control us. These are shifts and mannerism. These are shifts in masculine energy. No longer is it weak to be a man. were men that are doing things differently. The men over here my last point, these men
get a false strength in sex. They think that the number of women they sleep
with or the number of women they can fantasize about, that they hope to get one day is going
to dictate their strength and value in this world. And this is So backwards. Nobody in the world respects you or cares
about how many women you sleep with nobody in this world cares or respects you for how
you feel. They care and respect you for the successes
that you’ve had. You see the people over here we realize that
the true strength is in doing the opposite. The true strength is having the abundance
of women are having the options and saying no to the mass majority of them because they
do not align with your life outside of their looks. You see, when you start to qualify women on
other things as to how they actually fit with you, and not just their beauty, they have
to actually step their game up to I’m so sick of men coming to me at the lower value saying
how do I get this woman I do not care how you get that woman, that woman should be focusing
on how to care to get you because until you’ve made into if you would actually put in the
work, you would not have these issues with women. But you have issues because you’re not a good
man yet. You’re not a strong man yet you’re not a viable
option, yet, you’re still stuck in the emotional trap. Which is why you are failing. And this brings me to my last quote my last
bullet point. You are not weak. Listen to me closely, you are not weak. If you say no to sex, you’re not weak. There’s many men where if they turn a blind
eye and they don’t chase the ass for a while, they start to think that they’re weaker man,
they’re less viable option that their ego starts to become shattered because before
all they viewed themselves as is how many women they could sleep within a month. You’re not weak by doing things opposite. you’re chasing something higher, you’re chasing
a better vision. People want to know how I do this, what I
do day to day how I actually build my business, how I’ve coached clients, I will show you
over time, I will show you over time. Right now I’m trying to get this movement
going, which is why I need you to like this video, I need you to share this URL. I need you to comment a couple other friends
that need to see this and I need you to actually give a damn and start helping yourself. If you want To work one on one with me, registration
and free consults for the masculinity mastery program is now open. You can grab an application and register below
I will call you at that scheduled time. Here’s the thing. If you’re not going to get on the call with
me, don’t fill out the application. If you’re not ready to work with a coach,
don’t fill out the application. Okay, I take this stuff very seriously. I work one on one very closely with my clients
and I care about the success which is why I do not just want anybody to buy it. You’re either part of this movement or you’re
not. We will see you soon.

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