SIMPLE CONDUCTION – TAMIL – Simple experiment, Great Fun!


some of the classic experiments in heat can
be done with simple materials. this shows the conduction of heat. you require a hack
saw blade, a candle, a few shoe tack nails. first you mount the hack-saw blade on a piece
of wood and then drop a few drops of candle wax and affix shoe tack nails which have big
heads. now upturn the hack-saw blade and you can see the nails hanging down. now bring
the lighted candle and place it below one end of the blade. this end will gradually
heat and transmit the heat, wax will melt and first nail will drop. as the heat will
travel, the wax of second nail will melt and it will also drop. it takes a bit of time.
the heat will travel from one end to the other, because the heat is also being dissipated.
now the third nail falls, and now the fourth. for the fifth one it might take 15 minutes.
you can repeat this experiment by using whatever metallic object you have, eg a steel rod.
here you can see a young chap doing the experiment and enjoying it thoroughly.

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  1. rajeswari krishnan says:

    So simple

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