Solar Electricity

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Our systems will operate for decades. Photovoltaic
Systems have no moving parts; the inverter is replaced about the 10th to 15th year, other
than that there are no moving parts. In fact there are no moving parts in the inverter
either. You can have a monitoring system. We monitor every system we produce in our
offices for our customers. So if there’s a fall off in production, we know immediately.
For our commercial customers, many of them use the dashboard for the monitoring system
and put it on their website or in a handsome kiosk that we can install in the lobby for
all of their customers to see. Customers can see the production on an hour, daily, weekly,
monthly, even annual basis. And we have found that the monitoring system particularly on
the internet is quite interactive for customers, because they can scroll through to get a picture
of the energy production, again as I said on a daily, weekly, or hourly basis, you can
actually monitor what hour the sun came up, when it hit its peak, and when the sun is
setting, all visible on the monitoring system. The monitoring system also shows for our customers
the equivalent amount of CO2 saved, gasoline saved, the equivalent air pollution of gasoline,
and also how many acres of trees would have to be planted annually to offset the electrical
usage you would have used if you didn’t have the solar system. All of this is available,
and frankly helps our customers to distinguish themselves as green and very interested in
the environment and sustainability.

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