Solar Energy Becoming Increasingly Popular In Florida As Homeowners Save Money On Power Bill


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9 thoughts on “Solar Energy Becoming Increasingly Popular In Florida As Homeowners Save Money On Power Bill”

  1. Brian hughes says:

    I’m saving all Central Floridians with Solar! Don’t pay the power company,invest in your own & save immediately. [email protected]

  2. LUCY LOVE says:

    What a load of Crap

  3. Chris G says:

    Great freaking video,👏🏾

  4. Don Barnes says:

    First off what Trump's trade war will do is increase the QUALITY of the products

  5. tokyone says:

    hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to discover how to install small solar power system try Magonsi Solar System Expert (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my buddy got great success with it.

  6. Fight Climate Change says:

    The Sunshine State should be promoting solar on every building.

  7. paul8kangas says:

    Decentralization is the key to rebuilding Puerto Rico.

    Build 4-plex homes with 100 solar panels each.

    Hector Santiago, the Hero of Putero Rico Decentralization Solar Revolution.   

    The solution in PR is for the People to build 4-plex homes with 100 solar panels.

    Require the Utilities to pay solar homes $0.39 kWh for 20 years to build 

    a solar economy.

    Check out the work being done by Hector Santiago in PR who put 500 solar panels

    on his home & farm, where he employees 33 people & has a school for the children

    of the 33 employees on Hector's flower farm.

       His was one of the few business people who survived because he thought ahead of

    the Maria Hurricane.   

    His business was up & running the next week.

    Paul Kangas for President 2020                    

    Youtube:  paul8kangas

    Read:  "Unstoppable", by Ralph Nader to see what Unity of Left & Right looks like.

    I nominate Hector Santiago, the Hero of Putero Rico Solar Revolution,

    to be the next Governor of Puerto Rico. Decentralization gives more power 

    to the Working Class who build their own 4-plex solar homes.  

    Paul Kangas for President 2020.

  8. dopex2xdeath says:

    Our electric bill stays around 400-500$ sooooo. Help us!!!

  9. Fahad Mukhtar says:

    S K Y E L E C T R I C


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    3.Our Smart Inverter is like human brain that will predict grid availability,local tariffs and solar energy patterns .

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