Solar Panel Install – No Drilling 🚫 | Industrial double sided VHB 3M Tape | Flexible Solar Panels


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15 thoughts on “Solar Panel Install – No Drilling 🚫 | Industrial double sided VHB 3M Tape | Flexible Solar Panels”

  1. Andrew Pattullo says:

    on a tight budget wish i could afford to stick some solar panels on my roof !

    instead of double sided tape should have used sealant Glue comes in big tubes once those panels were on roof would never come off and used it around the edges for a seal and give a pro finish instead of all that tape

  2. billisa says:

    This is awesome!

  3. Rob Vann says:

    How is it standing up?

  4. minivan traveling says:

    Nice, I would do flex pannels now. They not available when I did my setup 4 years ago.

  5. Odyssey Camper says:

    I've got my inverter and house batteries set, so this is the next step. Cool idea!

  6. tradersato says:

    Overlapping the solar panels ruins their capacity. Have you tested the individual input on the two panels? I’m sure that the top one is as rated and the bottom one is probably at less than 25% of stated input capacity.

  7. Thomas Madison says:

    Gorilla tape is good. Flex tape is even better. I'm a 12 yr nomad. Seen ya on Howie Roll channel in the comments. Sub'd. BTW..Great quality on the video !! #NomadLivesMatter

  8. Easter Stedman says:

    I did something similar with Avasva solutions.

  9. Odyssey Camper says:

    So now that you’ve had them on there for a year, how are they holding up? Is there anything you’d change? I’m thinking of adding these. My portable panel works great in the winter, because it’s easy to tilt. In the summer, I’d rather not deal with setting it up. Plus, it takes up room…

  10. Steven A. says:

    Very clean install. Thanks for the video.

  11. Shan Liu says:

    Hi, I have an odyssey too, slightly older model and have been thinking about putting a solar panel up, I was under the impression that I had to put it on top of the luggage rack since shadow hurts output, but it seems like your panels are under the rack, I just want to know how that works out. And also, does the heat hurt the panels? Thanks.

  12. Minivan Mike says:

    Nice, but I would consider getting airflow under those panels. They are known for burning out without ventilation.

  13. Vantastic Odyssey says:

    I want to mention using double side tape under flexible panels stills allows enough airflow under the panels. However, My panels are firmly attached and mostly are not touching my roof because of the double sided tape under the panels.

  14. vuaeco says:

    The crossbars and the pillars create shading and that will kill the output of the panels.

  15. John I. says:

    This is by far the cleanest setup I’ve ever seen!

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