Solar Panels – Netzero Solar Home


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11 thoughts on “Solar Panels – Netzero Solar Home”

  1. usksonic says:

    Do you have any type of energy storage devices in that system?

  2. Richard Forester says:

    Very impressive!  That solar array is absolutely huge!  Of course, I bet all these toys cost way more than I would be able to plunk down.  🙂

  3. Chris Hellstern says:

    Great video. Would like to see more like this or more in-depth look.

  4. Andrej Potokar says:

    Great video, however kW != kWh.
    When charging a Volt at 240V, it draws 3300W or 3.3kW. The amount of energy it takes to fully recharge the Volt from empty is about 12kWh. See the difference?

  5. belews says:

    kWh is measurement of energy, kW is unit if power.

  6. richard frascone says:

    Where in Connecticut are you?  And did you participate in a Solarize program?  I'm a solar ambassador for solarize Brookfield.  Got any advice????

  7. dahur says:

    My 3.6KW system supplies all my electricity plus a surplus, (5 years). However I live in sunny southern New Mexico, and we're rated at 6.2 sun hours per day here. When I get an EV, I'll have to expand my system, or start paying.

  8. Gary L says:

    Very nice install and GREAT collection of videos. I'm also in Connecticut. Wondering if you or any of your viewers have any experience with a DIY solar installation and obtaining net metering for it. It seems as though the state favors commercial contractors. Is it possible for a homeowner to self-install a system, get it inspected and approved for net metering?

  9. Hamdan Alharbi says:

    why kind of solar panel is those? they don't look like the usual ones with white spacing between the cells.

  10. Freedom Noey says:

    how much did that system cost you

  11. Rommel De Guzman says:

    My Lg panels (19 panels ) are producing 10,300 kWh yearly. Are u sure u are only producing 5k kWh per year?

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