Space News | Electricity Hiding Behind ‘Dark Matter’?

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welcome to space news from the electric universe brought to you by the thunderbolts project at Thunderbolts dot info according to a new report scientists are now on the verge of deciphering the mystery of dark matter researchers working with the data from the Planck satellite have detected an intense form of radiation called synchrotron radiation from the center of the Milky Way galaxy scientists at the Niels Bohr Institute have interpreted these radiation emissions as evidence of dark matter professor pavel new Celski says of the discovery we know from theoretical predictions that the concentration of dark matter particles around the center of galaxies is very high and we have a strong argument they can collide there and in the collision electrons and positrons are formed these electrons and positrons start to rotate around the magnetic field at the center of the galaxy and in doing so produced this very unusual synchrotron radiation but is this really a plausible explanation for synchrotron radiation in space astrophysicists are fun from observation that various results that they that they come up with demand that would be more matter in galaxies for example than they actually observe and so they postulate Dark Matter to allow their results to all be explained by gravitation alone in a sense you could say that before it was observed Uranus was dark matter because its position was postulated purely by gravitational theory and then they find it so before it was find it was in a sense dark matter but that they’re taking this to ridiculous extremes now but it’s the same sort of argument that they’re using here we’ve got some results we need more actual matter to explain them so it it must be there it’s just that we can’t see it you can’t see dark matter dark matter is invisible and it’s invented to save theory so wherever they see something that doesn’t fit the theory they can always put some dark matter there and then they’ll make the theory fit what they see so dark matter is kind of a blank check that they can write for it whenever the theory fails they can write a check for dark matter and then they’ll say oh this this proves that there is there’s a circularity to it that we prove the existence of dark matter because we assumed it was where it’d be emissions of synchrotron radiation have long posed an unsolved mystery for mainstream astrophysicists the mystery resides in the spectacular acceleration of charged particles beyond anything astronomers had anticipated in space synchrotron radiation is basically radiation that’s given off by charged particles that are spiraling in a magnetic field and technically it refers to x-rays from products that are moving near the speed of light but if you have particles that are moving much less than the speed of light they still give off radiation it’s just a de loarre energy level so it’s radio instead of sree the problem astrophysicists have is that they have this to do against electricity and space and so in order to get the charged particles to spiral in the magnetic fields they have to do it with some mechanical means which is usually collisions so they metaphorically they bang rocks together to get electricity if if it were up to them I guess they would light streetlights with by falling rocks astrophysicists mostly just ignore the synchrotron radiation once in a while they’ll admit it like this time when oh there’s synchrotron radiation at the core of the Milky Way wonder how many rocks reacted banging together the discovery of synchrotron radiation fulfilled the prediction of plasma physicist Hannes Alfven as early as 1950 Alphen claimed that electric currents moving inward along the arms of the Milky Way would generate stupendous electric discharge and synchrotron radiation would be its defining signature alvin’s first insight back and I guess in the 20s was that plasma responds to magnetic fields and he had this idea that if you have a perfect conductor the magnetic field will become frozen into it and so astronomers assumed that any plasma in space will be a perfect conductor and the magnetic field is frozen in and any charge separation will be immediately canceled when the charges come back together so you can’t have sustained electric fields in space well al faying repudiated that is further experiments showed that plasma isn’t a perfect conductor and it has a small resistance and it does sustain electric fields the experiments since then and in space have shown that plasma is extensively electrically active if especially if you have two clouds of plasma moving relative to each other they will induce electric fields and the electric currents in each other so then you get all the Effects of electrified plasma berkland currents and filament ation magnetic fields double layers and especially acceleration of charged particles and synchrotron radiation the electromagnetic effects hip knee universe have got to be brought to the forefront in the researches of all astrophysicists they’ve got to be alongside gravitation if you like they’ve got to realized that yes gravitation that counts for a lot and tells us a lot but what about these electromagnetic forces these ideas have been around we’ve got the work of berkland followed up by our plane and then again in more modern times by Antony perhaps where they’ve got all this theory they’ve got all these experiments to back it up not mathematical theory just they’ve got experience to back it up this stuff has to come through I’m not saying gravitation doesn’t have a role to play but they’re not going to explain things if they don’t bring in the electromagnetic force for continuous updates on space news from the electric universe stay tuned to Thunderbolts dot info

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