Static And Current Electricity Introduction For Kids | स्थिर विद्युत | Kids Science Experiments

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Everything started with an atom, or did it? Nah, look in, there is a negative charge particle
that we today call electron and a positive charged particle, proton and they are too
small but together their dance will come to make electricity. Electricity, you instantly imagine a TV, a
radio or a mobile but that is the electric current. There is a static current too. Very often we get a shock when we touch clothes
that we wear in the cold weather. We instantly say, “I got a shock”. This current is static electricity! The electricity that runs your devices is
constantly moving. These wires you see, they have electrons flowing
in them throughout. But in case of static electricity, the flow
is temporary. One object develops a negative charge and
the other develops a positive charge, and you know that opposites attract, so the electrons
rush towards the protons making current. But the minute they meet, the current fades. Now you know the difference between static
and current. So, do one thing, rub your silk pillow to
your hair and see as your hair stands up – static at play there! And if you like this video you can get playing
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