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Welcome to Space News from
the Electric Universe, brought to you by The
Thunderbolts Project™ at That the planet Earth has been subject
to catastrophic events is beyond dispute, but the nature and timing
of these events is not. One of the clearest testimonies to
ancient upheaval is our planet’s craters, which consensus scientific theory proposes
are the result of meteoritic impacts. But we have never directly observed
a kinetic impact from space producing such a crater. The Electric Universe has
proposed for many decades that laboratory experiments with
high-energy electrical discharge provide the clearest analog for craters seen
on rocky bodies throughout the solar system. In this episode, Thunderbolts Picture of
the Day managing editor Stephen Smith discusses some of the clearest evidence
for the electrical scarring of our planet, including some of the most famous
so-called impact sites on Earth. One of the principal tenets
of Electric Universe theory is that sometime in the recent
past, there were catastrophic events involving the planets of our
solar system, including the Earth. Exactly when those events
took place is uncertain, because we’re so far
removed from them in time. However, forensic
evidence is available, including ancient
archaeological sites, land-based geological formations, ocean basins, and other structures
that often reveal anomalous data. Information from those sources indicates that
there were multiple catastrophic occurrences. Indeed, it seems as if pre-catastrophic
and post-catastrophic conditions are what 99% of the human race
has experienced over its existence. Times of peace and plenty are
rare in the historical record. Many articles on The Thunderbolts Project website
describe various regions around the world where manifestations of those
catastrophic events are visible. The list of articles
is extensive, describing places on Earth that are difficult
to explain using conventional theories. Places like the Norwegian fjords, the Brandberg Massif in Africa, the Great Trango Tower, the Grand Canyon, Lake Victoria, the Himalayan mountains, along with the principal
topic of today’s discussion, the Sudbury impact structure and its
attendant anomalous elemental deposits. Most, if not all, large
craters in North America are thought to have been
caused by asteroid impacts. In fact, it was an asteroid that’s
thought by consensus geologists to be the event that
wiped out the dinosaurs, although that idea is no longer
as hard and true as it once was, proving the asteroid
theory is not easy, because rocks where the evidence
is found can’t be accurately dated. The fossil record is also indeterminate
when it comes to causal issues. Was it a catastrophic event or a gradual decline in species? It appears that some marine
species died out millions of years before the so-called
impact event. According to an article in
the science journal Nature, platinum group element anomalies are found in
sedimentary deposits all over North America. No one is sure where the
additional heavy elements came from, but there are several
ideas proposed. 1) a comet or meteorite storms 2) debris from
collisions in space 3) volcanoes 4) mantle plumes The time of the mostly platinum enrichment
is thought to be the Younger Dryas period between 12,900 and
11,700 years ago. Some of the elements include platinum,
osmium, gold, ruthenium and copper. It’s also called the
Younger Dryas cooling event when the Northern
Hemisphere monsoon declined. How that period, called an ice
age, began and ended is a mystery although it’s often trucked out as an
example of massive and rapid climate change. One of the reasons for the warming
at the end of the Younger Dryas is thought to be the impact from a
massive comet or a huge number of meteors. There are many large
craters in North America and most of them look like they
come from a similar time period. The Weaubleau-Osceola structure, the Decaturville and Crooked
Creek Missouri formations, the Flynn Creek and the
Wells Creek Tennessee craters, might belong to an anomalous chain of
craters stretching across the United States, called the 38th parallel anomaly. Most of them exhibit unusual features
such as flat floors, steep walls and lightning-like patterns of trenches
and gullies that extend from their centers. Geologists speculate that tremendous
shock waves from the collisions caused earthquakes and dense pulverized
rock fallout all over the world. Modern theories about a
post-war nuclear winter are relevant to the
dimming of sunlight and significant cooling
trends from atmospheric dust. The question no one’s asking however
is, what if there was no rock? As mentioned, Sudbury Basin in Canada is a
large crater, more than 63 kilometers long, 31 kilometers wide,
and 15 kilometers deep, the second largest
crater on Earth. Ejecta from Sudbury was found more than
800 kilometers away near Lake Superior. The area around Sudbury is
shattered into multi-megaton blocks that were pushed away and
piled up along the crater rim. Some of the largest fragments were thrown
over a hundred kilometers in all directions. Gneiss deposits were fused
into a glass-like compound that covered the floor of the crater
and splashed up and over the crater rim. The molten glass inundated several hundred
square kilometers of the surrounding terrain with a thick layer
capping chaotic breccias. Platinum family minerals are
found throughout the region including sperrylite, froodite,
michenerite and sudburyite. Some records indicate that 1,600 million
tons of nickel, copper, platinum and lead, have been extracted from Sudbury
over the last hundred years. There are so many anomalous
formations in North America that it’s impossible
to count them all. Even the Great Lakes possess characteristics
that could point to an electrical foundation. The gigantic bowl of hardened limestone
in which they rest, for instance. In a gradual curve north of the
Great Lakes are Lake Winnipeg, Lake of the Woods,
Lake Athabasca, Great Slave Lake, Great Bear Lake and
many other smaller bodies of water. Near the largest of them are gold mines,
led mines, radium and uranium mines, along with mines producing
platinum, silver and palladium. Unusual concentrations
of heavy metals could mean that transmutation of
local elements might have occurred because of the intensity of
the electrical discharges. That idea has been
suggested in the past as the cause for hematite
blueberries on Mars. Electric arcs transmuted
silicon into iron. That same phenomenon
could have created some of the strange conglomerations
of minerals seen on Earth. In an Electric Universe, asteroids
are not a primary cause for anomalies. Instead, electric arc discharges are
suggested as the sculptor of earth terrain. As I said earlier, where those arcs came
from, can’t be determined at this late date. Were they from charged
celestial bodies encroaching into the electric fields of
Earth and other planets like Mars and Venus? Was it a plasma cloud from
outside the solar system? Was it a solar flare that
charged up Earth’s ionosphere? Those questions whose answers
can only be guessed at today, await further investigation. The Electric Universe hypothesis offers
another perspective on observations. Several factors come into play that are not available to the
consensus theories of geophysics, because the lexicon of
descriptions available to them doesn’t include electric arcs or
travelling subterranean electric discharges. There are of course many possible
explanations for craters, canyons, escarpments,
mountains and ocean basins, but once the electric force is included
in the search for those explanations, an entirely new way of seeing
the world becomes possible. In this realm, that of deep background in the
origination of basic theoretical foundations, those viewpoints must be
considered diametrically opposed to the gradualism that
dominates science today. Rather than basing opinions on the slow
steady familiar processes of erosion, temperature changes, rain,
windblown sand, ice and snow, the proponents of
Electric Universe theory are attempting to reclassify
geophysical processes as rapid, catastrophic
and world-changing. In many cases, the almost
unimaginable must be acknowledged. Gigantic formations like the Grand
Canyon or Manicouagan crater were created in a time period that encompasses
the historical memory of humanity. This new paradigm means
words like ‘crater’ for example must be stripped of all previous
assumptions that are stimulated by it. One almost immediately thinks volcano
or meteor when the word is used. Catastrophism should be part
of a new way to see the world and volcanoes or meteor
strikes are indeed catastrophic, but geological theory consigns them
to the rare or infrequent category. When was the last time a volcano blew out
a 100 kilometer-wide crater, for instance? Considering the presumption
of an electric discharge, a better description might be
circular formation, rather than crater. Lake of the Woods for example, one of the long arc of lakes
stretching northwest of the Great Lakes, certainly displays those features that
have been described elsewhere as electrical. Concentric rings and radial force
patterns are immediately evident, as well as the scalloped edges
of the southwestern shoreline. A primordial characteristic of
electric arcs is that they spin. They are composed of multiple
independent plasma current filaments in a collimated beam. The independent filaments are attracted
to one another in a linear relationship but are prevented from coalescing
because of electrostatic repulsion, which also causes the filaments to
form twisted pairs or Birkeland currents. Electrical engineers use
twisted pairs of wires because it’s the most efficient means
of transferring electrical energy with the least loss. A spinning electric arc will machine down
through the strata like an auger of fire. In the case of Lake of the
Woods, the three lobed bays that twist in a northerly
direction are intriguing, as are the many islands
that follow multiple chords like outwardly expanding
waves across a wide area. Lake of the Woods is a 110 kilometers
long and up to 95 kilometers wide. It has an area of approximately
4,400 square kilometers and more than 14,000 islands. So it’s by no means small. Due to its location, it could be considered among one of
the lesser cousins to the Great Lakes and could have been formed alongside
them in a single cataclysmic event. The Great Lakes, Sudbury, along with
but not detailed in this presentation, Manicouagan and Hudson’s Bay, reflect just a few of the ways
that an Electric Universe paradigm can completely
change a worldview.

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100 thoughts on “Stephen Smith: Electrical Craters on Earth | Space News”

  1. Terry Danks says:

    Just a few minutes spent at convinced me that this video was not worth watching!
    I'm in a hurry to see if we faked the moon landings and whether the earth is flat. Can't waste time on this stuff.

  2. a. Marie says:

  3. Don Kress says:

    Great to see you all on my favourite topic… electric geology.

    I live on the rim of the Sudbury Irruptive Complex (SIC) which hosts one of the largest Cu Ni and platinum group elements deposits on the planet. The geologists have argued for over a century on its origin, one camp being volcanic and the other being meteorite impact. Each camp had observations that falsified the other’s argument. I think they are both right in that both hypotheses are incorrect. I agree that it’s electric.

    In the 1960s they found shatter cones which are presumed by mainstream geology to be only caused by meteorite strikes. The meteorite camp has won over the volcano camp for now.

    Recently a paper was published addressing some of the weakness of the meteorite impact theory by proposing it was a comet. Well, that assumes comets are dirty snowballs which we know they are not. So toss that paper onto the bonfire.

    I have had experienced mining engineers tell me that the ore bodies are being found where they should not be. This theme is also known in the literature. Their standard models have to be stretched to explain what they see, yet still, it does not make sense according to their paradigm. Also, Cu-rich and Ni-rich ore bodies are not randomly distributed as one would think would be the case if << upwelling magma from below after the supposed meteorite strike >> was responsible for the ore bodies. There is a pattern to the placement where Cu and Ni elements arrange in deposits according to depth and the radial distance from the centre of the SIC.

    In one paper I found, the authors state:

    << The trend within individual offset dykes with increasing distance from the SIC is towards increasing PGE, Cu and Au” >>

    I believe this is as opposed to less PGE and more Ni closer to the center of the SIC.

    The authors also say that they are not sure how these mineral deposits formed:

    << The origin of the Cu-Ni-PGE systems is controversial with both magmatic and hydrothermal processes having been supported in the literature >>
    Translated: they have no idea.

    I believe there was some electrochemical sorting that occurred that the mainstream would never consider as a model. This may be associated with magma from great depth which would have been drawn up by the electric current and the elements sorted and included electrochemically into the country rock of the footwalls.

    The SIC is a magnetic anomaly and there is another one right next door called the Temagami Magnetic Anomaly. I think this looks like a coronal loop signature. Two ovoid shaped structures next to each other like the San Rafael Swell that Andy Hall describes. Without the magnetic anomaly imaging, the TMA is not obvious from the air.

    Have a look at this video where a coronal loop just aside from the big CME of 2012 is very reminiscent of the SIC TMA formation.

    There is some mining exploration around the TMA but so far it seems not as rich in minerals as the SIC, or they may be at some depth and not fully discovered yet. Ore deposits that are diffuse and deep are obviously not as lucrative to mine as concentrated and nearer to the surface.

    Another observation is that the SIC and TMA are exactly on the boundary between the (geological provinces) Superior Province and the Southern Province. The Grenville Province is only a few miles south. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.
    Electrical phenomena are more likely at low impedance regions such as faults and geological formations.

    The other geological feature of interest is Lake Wanapitae which is between the SIC and TMA. Again right on the boundary between geological provinces. I believe it may have been the origin of energetic discharge we see in the above-linked video.

    The mainstream, of course, says that Lake Wanapitae is another meteor strike only much younger than the Sudbury feature and that proximity is coincidental.

    There are signs of other electrical activity in the region. Search Lawson Quarry on Google Earth. It’s an orthoquartzite deposit. The only one in the region to my knowledge. Zoom out. Do you see a familiar barred spiral galaxy form on the land?

    Regarding shatter cones, I spotted an interesting reference in an Ontario Geological Survey Report:

    << Shatter cones similar to those of the Sudbury area (Bray et al. 1966) occur in northern Foster Township in micaceous sandstones of the Mississagi Formation. They are spatially related to the Espanola Fault and all the shatter cones found in the area have their apices pointing downward at angles of 45 degrees to 65 degrees. Dietz (1964) attributes the formation of shatter cones in the Sudbury area to shock-induced overpressures caused by meteorite impact. Because of the close association of the Foster Township shatter cones with a fault, and their orientation, shock-induced overpressures generated by fault movements seem a possible alternative mode of origin. >>

    Shatter cone apices generally point to the center of ground zero of a supposed meteorite impact and above the level plane. Also, shatter cones are supposedly only made by the powerful shock waves produced upon meteorite impact, but here since the apices point downward at steep angles in the direction of the fault, the report suggests that some mysterious overpressure occurred at the fault. That must have been one hell of an earthquake.

    I posit that this has more to do with the electrical activity that created the aforementioned Lawson Quarry and associated landform since the Espanola Fault is nearby just about 4 or 5 miles east of the town of Espanola.

    In another OGS Report generally regarding shatter cones of the SIC it states:

    “the geometric relationship between bedding, cleavages, and shatter cone axes indicate that the country rocks had already been folded before imposition of the shatter cones, and were further deformed afterwards (Church, W.R., personal communication, 1973). These structural complexities will have to be taken into account before the true original orientations of the shatter cones can be deduced.”

    This observation would seem to falsify the meteorite impact hypothesis.

    Check out the so-called pockmarks of Hudson Bay in this paper..

    While in Hudson Bay, have a look at Belcher Islands. Evidence of counter-rotating Birkeland current impact?

    Look at Lake Abitibi in northern Ontario. Just west of it. The river system sure looks like a Lichtenberg figure to me.

    There surely was some wicked electrical activity up in this neck of the woods at some time in the past. Hudson Bay may have been the epicentre.

  4. marklmansfield says:

    Could it have been a CERN/Tokamak; type experiment gone terribly wrong ? Electric Universe/Electric Planet also.

  5. Raven Keefer says:

    I look at volcanic activity as result of electromagnetic influence for the dust. The last two-three years activity in eruptions, continued and increased as EM increases pressure and heating could switch on an ice age rapidly. Only, heating would occur prior to the cooling.
    Seems to be very similar to our current experiences.

  6. PureDWhiteCloud says:

    I think I have found another huge crater.

  7. Tor Vidar Lian says:

    Just a comment to this brilliant talk by Stephen Smith; the use of Twisted pairs in fx data communication is to reduce "crosstalk" and electromagnetic induction, hence less loss.

  8. Sew Me says:

    I just bumped into the editor of The American Journal of Physics, Richard H Price. We were in line at the store, he was looking at the Scientific American cover headline about gravitational waves. I said to him "you know, they don't exist, same with black holes, dark matter, etc." He acted like boomers do when they are 'challenged'. We chatted and I mentioned Wal Thornhill and Thunderbolts Project. He wrote it down in his phone, and I said I would check out his journal. Always start the conversation, push the plasma, enlighten the dogmatists and myopic mathematicians

  9. corvuslight says:

    The argument should not be
    It should be and/or
    Or, if you like
    All of the above.

  10. Marchin LootinKoon says:

    The younger dry ass

  11. Jean Vaillancourt says:

    Refreshing to see Jno Cook's cosmology being supported. I'm from Canada and the devastation around Sudbury is very real..or should I say surreal. The southern edge of Hudson Bay was ground zero for the traveling Younger Dryas massive electric repulsive force with Saturn. The continent was incinerated except for some stone tools that managed to survive. The continent wide forest fires launched nanometer soot into the stratasphere and for a thousand years it fell back down…long winter is coming Jon Snow! There were no Great Lakes before the end of the last ice age. These were formed at this event too.

  12. me ! says:


  13. Kolja Günther says:

    what is the structure at 1:33 min?
    is that cgi or real?

  14. Danny THE Dog says:

    Why are you mak(ebeliev)ing this up? With these arguments this 'project' is on a par with Ancient aliens. I'll not be the judge, though, the time will.

  15. transientdreams says:

    Bullshit! Now you're starting to make shit up and add things that don't belong. That's just sad.

  16. Electric Universe Eyes says:

    Beautiful presentation!

  17. Mike Lentsch says:

    I'll be fishing on Lake of the Woods in June – can't wait to "enlighten" my companions with this info. Thanks-

  18. Electric Universe Eyes says:

    Skip to 15:55 and watch me make an electric crater in seconds on a clay ball

  19. Brian Lee says:

    Fascinating….thank you

  20. K Gifford says:

    Steve, as always, you’re totally the bomb. Wish you’d do more of these videos.

  21. Ka D says:

    LMAO. I can throw a pebble into sand and see it leaves and impression.

  22. Fran Tabor says:

    The old "4 elements", earth, air, fire & water were perhaps a simplification of plasma, gases, liquids & solids, the primary states of matter. "thunderbolts", plasma, fire from the sky a memory bite of the past?
    Perhaps we should not be so smug our ancestors "got it wrong"; perhaps we learned the wrong lesson from people who got it right?

  23. C Johnson says:

    New TBP video procedure:
    1) Click play.
    2) Immediately click thumbs up.

  24. Pierre Villemaire-Brooks says:

    Great exposé ! … now try to explain the Everlasting Lightning Storm called Catatumbo in Venzuela 🙂

  25. Per Hammarström says:

    So stupid

  26. Hagen Lehmann says:

    It should be easy to calculate the voltage and current that is needed to produce these formations. What we observe is that even the greatest thunders do not produce any of these – not even at a tiny scale. Once you calculated it you may then assume what type of electrical source is able to produce these conditions and – more important – what the distance this source must have had.

    As far as we know you may only transport electrical energy through empty space by ions. But ions are ‚material‘, so the remaining non-ionized material should be found in a vast amount.

  27. Zero Control says:

    No one ever takes into consideration that everything that has to do with most waterways and lakes in North America show signs of being manmade ? because I can prove most are … as well as around the world

  28. Marcin says:

    As always interesting but the EU needs to start moving away from high-level/generalizing clips into in depth analysis of specific cases or features or phenomena (eg the rotating plasma pillars theory) and start producing overwhelming evidence that it’s electric based… move away from theorizing to hard scientific proof or we’re not going to budge the mainstream.

  29. PGTMR2 says:

    Except that lightning isn't going to leave the same evidence in sediment layers globally. How do you explain the extra electrical charge storage in the atmosphere, back whenever, yet, not now? You do realize the moon protects us by catching a good percentage rocks that would otherwise hit us. It seems like you don't understand a lot, by the simple fact that you don't explain any of this. Like why this is more plausible than meteors which do leave evidence, and electrical burns which leave different evidence. I just see either someone who wants to feel smarter than conventional scientists, someone that wants their own theory cult, or both. You think we can't see lightning strikes with satellites, and connect them up with holes blown into the earth?

  30. Lach Anonim says:

    Check this out

  31. Ted Smith says:

    I'm confused by the page shown at 2:26 which refers to the water filled Lake Victoria but the photo is captioned as the dry bed of Lake Mungo, which is 100 miles away. Someone hasn't done their homework!

  32. And Ye Shall be Entertained Regularly says:

    Lol the Dry Ass period..

  33. 48tomw says:

    The Rocky mountains are also anomalous,its basically a long rubble pile that was scoured and pushed by an immense plasma vortex across the high plains. Nearly in my back yard are the Sutter Buttes which are situated between the coast range and the Sierra Nevada range,give that geological anomaly a hard look and you'll be scratching your head. The list is endless just like you said Stephen.Lol

  34. gowd sake says:

    Fuck me what a stupid premise ! if you directly observed a meteor impact you would be dead retard !

  35. dotan wolf says:

    micro-spheres bombarded alaska in the plisctocene. check out this article

  36. Bruno Darkhorse says:

    This is total bull shit that feeds the weak minds of flat earthers. Walter Alvarez's connection between the Chicxulub crater and mass extinction of the dinosaurs through world wide iridium deposit and the characteristic tikalite deposits is gaining more credibility not less. We know how the Grand Canyon and the Himalayas were made. We have observed kinetic impact craters being made. Ever here of the moon or is that not real? Our atmosphere only allows for a maximum of 10 billion watts. What you describe would take weather conditions more deadly than the lighting it self. There is far more evidence of plate tectonic and meteor impacts than lightning strikes causing major geological features. If you said magic fairies keep the moon in place I'm sure the people who believe this BS would believe that too. Don't ever darken my youtube feed again with your bull shit psuedo science again. Go away, bull shit spreader.

  37. Manuel Antonio says:

    Electric discharges are used to create a crater on materials. There are plenty of scientific articles on how to do it. Nevertheless, may you refer to any scientific result (peer reviewed) that shows evidence that a cosmic scale electric discharges have created craters we see on earth?
    The model of the impact of an asteroid is simple and explain crater formation very well. It is not clear from the video why an electrical crater explains better the shape of a crater. The impact of an asteroid model explains better a crater formation.

  38. Jason McBeavis says:

    Silicon does not transmute into Iron with electricity dummy.

  39. Rick 1776-1970 says:

    Call the GLOBEBUSTERS!

  40. ronald broersma says:

    dous somebody know the name of the Painting dispayed at 1:48?

  41. Eldridge clever says:

    What would have been the magnitude of sound, the thunder, from such an event?

  42. Unchosen Zombie says:

    Yea, this seems to be true, what are the chances all asteroids impacts were at 90 degrees perfectly every time? but as usual I'll just wait to see what you are shilling.

    "Dinosaurs, fossil records, cant' be dated" yea that's all bullshit. I'm sure you will slip evolution in there somewhere too good job 👌😉

  43. Steven Brown says:

    Yes it would appear these holes were blasted with extreme wattage.The sun could whip a flair dead into the earth at the prime moment and impact really hard.Also a rouge planet or perhaps our moon if it were to touch the earth major electrical interferences between the two body's would occur.

  44. JR Wilcox says:

    Do you think there might be a correlation between the advancement of the magnetic north pole towards Siberia and the large permafrost craters being formed there. Also is there any possible causality to their formation due to electrical discharge (i.e.) electrical discharges triggering explosions of gas pockets within the permafrost.

  45. Donald Grant says:

    Oh great now I got to worry about lighting shooting up my ass. Before this all I had to worry about was rocks falling my head.

  46. *** STAR-MAN *** says:

    I thought they were able to prove the asteroid theory? Isn’t there a world wide layer of ash and silt in one of planets geological layers? I thought they proved it back in the 80’s. Then they really sealed the case when they found the impact site in the Gulf of Mexico. Am I wrong? I’m super confused.

  47. I S says:

    Reminds me we are electrical beings and our DNA is a twisted pair set… following all those laws…

  48. Dave Farr says:

    They twist the wires to eliminate crosstalk. Cat 3 has three twist per inch,cat 5 has five twist per inch,cat 6 has six twist per inch. You are welcome.

  49. Bruce Boyden says:

    You should join the flat earth muppetts, this si about as credible.

  50. Shaggyduder says:

    I believe it's called an anode blister.

  51. Every Knee Should Bow says:

    Physicist Dr Claudia Albers explains these – the Planet X system is here.

  52. Toby Hunter says:

    Hardened Limestone, here in Ireland like Flint, Jasper, Glass, some of them in Stone Circles still emitting photons (at ap. 300 nm) during the daytime sometimes causing unexplainable overexposure in photographs. A "micro nova event" with all the electric implications could have changed the micro crystallisation of Ca leaving an "piezzo"electric inprint?

  53. Toby Hunter says:

    The visible Sun (Photosphere) vanished from the Sky for three days and then all hell broke loose.

  54. Erik Lyon says:

    Yep. The Richate Structure looks just like a Burkland Cirrent. I have been saying that for years now. My theory is the Eye of the Sahara was connected to the moon by an electric current and ejected the addition matter from the creation of the Earth into space creating our moon. That's why they are made of the same matter. Out on a limb, I know.. but I also believe that the Eye of the Saharah used to be the City of Atlantis. Check out all the new research videos on that. This can also explain the consistant yet odd debth of the craters on the moon.

    It's Electric… boogie woogie woogie!

  55. Eric L Krepps Sr says:

    Mercury makes the circle with magnetics in a dirt water and sand as far as i have discovered ..

  56. John Sinclair says:

    Just a thought but let's say Mars was involved in at least some of these remodelings of the Earth while others involved the Earth remodeling itself due to charge provided to different regions slowly by the sun eventually breaking down and jumping from one area of Earth to another. For the Mars interaction events it is probable that the plasma tubes doing the damage on Mars would be opposite to the directions on the earth as seen from orbit as the whole plasma tube would surely rotate in the same direction but it is hitting oppositely facing surfaces of the two planets involved and we could match these damage scars up but possibly not in size as the areas affected on the planets would probably be different in size due to different curved geometry of the planets and the volume available to draw or sink currents to. If we could match even a few of these damage blisters on the Earth to those on Mars we could show conclusively that these events occurred in seconds ….. and that they could go so again if we have misunderstood gravity and the planets could again move closer to one another just as present theories DON'T predict.

  57. Hand Solo says:

    Funny how the haters suddenly disappeared as soon as TBP stopped trashing their unfalsifiable darky object.

  58. Mark Twain says:

    You seem to support Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision assertion that Venus blasted us.

  59. johnny sparks says:

    Earth is a Bipolar Magnet,, right,,, so The Flow is south to North,,, Hemispheric Magnetic Fields surround Earth,,, as we find Balance in Potential stability within our motion vector… We Stabilize those fields naturally,,, into Potential… vs Kinetic agitation of the fields… by charge intrusion like a Comet,,, is a Charged Particle,,, with it's balanced Kinetic into Balance as Potential…as Capacitance ,,, Those Bodies cross Field Boundary's causing motion in the fields forcing a Potential Shift… Both sides of the magnet right…
    The Dominate Proton is the Star,,, the Electron is Earth,,, connected to the Star…The Smaller Body has mass and is in motion with charge… the wave changes in all the fields and the potential shifts to the dominate charge… a Lightening Bolt Happens… connecting all bodies at once,,, Ha h ha haaaa Dominate charge absorbs most of the energy… Impact would be rare… the bolt of lightening would be normal… Splitting the Object,,, like a Plasma Generator,,, lightening bolts from all Regions within the field as potential goes Kinetic…
    The Case for The Electric Universe… Becomes totally Obvious to any Electrical Engineer Quick so…
    i Gotta Hand it to you "Thundervolts" Project Geeks… it is an Old Idea whos Time has Been Long over due in Arriving… Theory Applied matches Observable Reality in Nature… Form vs Function can become Dogma as Academic right… i mean… it's the same in the Quantum as in the macro… and the Middle Earth… right not?

  60. johnny sparks says:

    What is Funny… is Thorhbill" told Everybody they Needed to Cross Discipline with ,,,The Discipline of Astrophysics and Electrical and magnetic comprehension in Geology,,, and Plasma reactions on mineral deposits like iron and silica as conductor and dielectric in Frequency with Material Bonding in their Charge Limitations.,, as in Chemistry ,, so,,, if you don't Cross Discipline,,, you might not comprehend the form or function of such a thing.,, so,,, Universally applicable to observed Reality"… as How Thornhill Does… yet,,,
    once He Kicked that Door Open to the Publick… it's game on Baby… One day soon…
    We Might damn well be riding Lightening Bolts to the Stars… Turning matter" and "energy back and forth for Time Travel,,, with Stars as our Magnet so… well see right….

  61. johnny sparks says:

    Now i said all that,,, Before i listened to this Presentation… now i wanna Hear this one,,, if i don't Agree…. Val Holla… Ha h ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  62. johnny sparks says:

    OK,,, Rewriting The Language might not be so good… simply Add to the Definition of Crater,,, Add The Electric Discharge Crater to the Word,,, same with Gravity,,, add the Function of Attraction to the Nomenclature That Exist so Nobody Needs to Re Invent any Wheel… just use the Terminology as it is,,, and Add to the Definition.
    The Information Exchange will not be as Painful,,, as changing The Dictionary… Trust me… in Every Discipline you Seek.. The Dictionary is the Key… so… it's universal… let it Ride… add to the definition… we have enough words… Till we Need New Ones that is…

  63. johnny sparks says:

    The Spin Determines Polarity,,, so,,, the Screw aligns the spin in its wave motion… the charge likes the tip of a spear to jump gap for arch,, so… it's Arcades Screw and the Vector of motion by spin polarity for Potential by Resistance to induce charge as Kinetic… Also…Stranded gives more surface material than solid wire,,, allowing more electron flow… i mean… that's what i do…

  64. johnny sparks says:

    if you want low frequency use fatter wire.

  65. johnny sparks says:

    if you look at the Antarctic Funny like i do… it looks like that is Where,,, the meteor that Struck us and blew out the north pole…
    i hear there is a big ass magnetic object stuck up our assssssss,,, if our Egg got turned into Plasma,,, or liquified,,, The Poles must have Aligned,,, it's a big one so…
    We might have a buttox plug… supporting the Entire Process were lookin at…
    The southern Pole is Stable is it not? Well,,, The North is Drifting… so… it ain't source… the connection to our Star might not be Center of Earth…. but the south pole… i mean… Procession has cause right… we can't flip unless the sun filps right..
    so we wobble …
    i wonder if Gravity" acts the same in the south pole… on center of mass.

  66. johnny sparks says:

    The Electric Universe might Stun a few Newtonian Einstein people in the Classical Era of Psychics… Not The one's like Maxwell or Faraday or a few dozen other wizards… all the way to Thornhill… so… it ain't such a Leap for the ones who know… The Government knows already… just not the rest of the world i guess… The People at CERN have got to know,,, you can't not see it… and use Effectively Without Dying in the Process… it's a No Brainer… That Reproves itself every cycle… Ha h ah aaaaaaaa you can't play with magnets unless you find out it can Shock you Dead… or Heal you… i mean
    i think i can use the MRI to align the magnetic field of our body… at the same time… Diagnosing the Intrusion.

  67. Nanook Auclair says:

    Another incredibly convincing video.
    I can't get my friends to pay attention for more than a minute at a time.
    Make short teaser 1 minute videos

  68. OugaBoogaShockwave says:

    WOW !

  69. Izmet Limfoman says:

    I wonder, what stops you to proof your "hypothesis"? It seems to me like scientists are in some "ego-war". Also, having in mind that 1 bil people goes to sleep every night with empty stomach, why your or any other hypothesis and theories should be so important to us, ordinary people, who are not so involved in scientific research. Nor science nor "organized religion" did not help humanity to become better. You gave your knowledge to people (politicians, higher ranked social engineers and military) who don't have any ethical principles when it comes to idea of building the better world, the better humanity. Sorry for my english but I hope you got the point.

  70. barcaveful says:

    All very interesting thank you. But I do think the removal of cometary activity as a potentially significant cause of much of what has scarred our earth is a significant blind spot in the leaning towards electricity alone as the major cause of much of what you present. As we know electricity and comets are inextricably intertwined; where comets go, electricity follows so to speak. A large, compact, planet like comet swarm, (e.g. the Mesopotamian 'Planet of the crossing') made up of enormous amounts of material in a wide range of differing scales, would bring with it significant amounts of differing electrical discharge potential. Furthermore most cometary fragments, even big ones, do not make it to the surface but discharge with enormous force in the atmosphere leaving their in-print below but no sign of an actual impact event. For example, I note that Steve does not mention the Carolina Bays in his review of US scaring – over 500,000 circular or oval scars stretching for thousands of miles across the US landmass – surely signs of an incredible volume of intense air bursts whose energy output scared the planet as if impacted but without leaving behind direct geological signs of impact. This was most likely the case with the Tunguska 1908 event in Siberia – a large fragment, exploding as it did high in the sky but still dramatically changing the environment below and yet also evidencing significant electrical properties and effects as well. Many of the events claimed by the team as being 'planetary' in origin are revealed as cometary by ancient texts which first called these bodies 'wandering stars' before then calling them 'wandering planets' and finally (as the knowledge disappeared from memory and only the nature of the prevailing, constancy above was there to go on), transferred to the actual 'planets where it has stuck ever since'. Still electrical, still awesome to behold for our ancestors, still capable of discharging vast, arching Thunderbolts of cosmic electricity, but comets nonetheless, not planets.

    I think the Electric universe theory will only weaken itself if it keeps up its dogmatic view that only electricity and electrical scaring can explain most or all features observed.

  71. Noware Man says:

    Dang it ! Zeus hurling those lightning bolts again. 😝

  72. bombud1 says:

    we need to get this moving further so that the math is supporting it. you've got the neutrinos that were predicted to not exist in an electric sun that actually do exist. then there weren't enough neutrinos but then those were found, the incorrect prediction of the pioneer 10 anomaly , the missing powerful x-rays coming from galaxies that was to support electromagnetism being responsible for shaping them, and a few others that people point out when i try and speak on behalf of the EU hypothesis.
    i'm searching for the truth and have recently been hit with a few examples of how the EU has gotten it wrong. most of what EU proposes makes a LOT of sense and matches what we see in the lab amd in the sky. i'm torn. help a brother out.

  73. Surak of Vulcan says:

    A commonly cited theory is meltwater shutting down North Atlantic deep water circulation. However, this fails to explain the synchronous, worldwide change in temperature (deep water circulation takes centuries). This theory (presented in the film 'Day After Tomorrow') should be retired.
    Don Easterbrook Dept. of Geology, Western Washington University:
    "Broecker and Dention (1990) published a paper postulating that large amounts of fresh water discharged into the north Atlantic about 12,800 years ago when retreat of the Laurentide ice sheet allowed drainage of glacial Lake Agassiz to spill eastward into the Atlantic Ocean. They proposed that this large influx of fresh water might have stopped the formation of descending, higher-density water in the North Atlantic, thereby interrupting deep-water currents that distribute large amounts of heat globally and initiating a short-term return to glacial conditions. If indeed that was the case, then the Younger Dryas would have been initiated in the North Atlantic and propagated from there to the Southern Hemisphere and the rest of the world. Since that would take time, it means that the Younger Dryas should be 400-1000 years younger in the Southern Hemisphere and Pacific areas than in the Northern Hemisphere. However, numerous radiocarbon and cosmogenic dates of the Younger Dryas all over the world indicate the cooling was globally synchronous. Thus, the North Atlantic deep current theory is not consistent with the chronology of the Younger Dryas.
    Both 14C and 10Be production rates in the upper atmosphere changed during the YD. 14C and 10Be are isotopes produced by collision of incoming radiation with atoms in the upper atmosphere. The change in their production rates means that the Younger Dryas was associated with changes in the amount of radiation entering the Earth’s atmosphere, leading to the intriguing possibility that the YD was caused by solar fluctuations."

  74. Perimeter Permaculture says:

    Thunderbolts please link…

  75. Sgt. Shill says:

    Amazing.. Received the notification over 2 hours ago and yet the video uploaded still won't populate in my subscription list.. Imagine that… What's up YouTube..? I'm seeing a trend like this with other channels I am subscribed to. The one thing all the channels have in common you may ask? They are all channels that will question and challenge the mainstream… Thank you all at the Electric Universe and Thunderbolts project and a special thank you to Wal Thornhill!! Keep up the great work!

  76. George Gilmore says:

    Flat earth sounds more plausible than this.

  77. YadaYadaYada says:

    The aggregation of precious metals points to a micro-nova which would also incorporate prolonged plasma strikes as recorded by survivors around the world…no where do these survivors record planet impacts or meteors. The strikes were depicted accurately as plasma strikes (and “interpreted by archaeologists as shamanic experiences..doh!)

  78. Angkol_ Langot says:

    that plasma is change to 'and god said, let there be light. stupid theologist.

  79. Herbert Zischkau says:

    Plenty of physical/technological evidence for it as well!

  80. ondro baco says:

    check graham langdon channel, the guy went to richat structure (eye.of africa presented in this video) and has on location video, perhaps a good opportunity to explore what could be electrical crater.

  81. Frank DiMeglio says:


    It is a very great truth/fact (also in physics) that the self represents, FORMS, and experiences a COMPREHENSIVE approximation of experience in general by combining conscious and unconscious experience. MOREOVER, it is ALSO a very great truth that the ability of thought to DESCRIBE OR RECONFIGURE sensory experience is ULTIMATELY dependent upon the extent to which thought is SIMILAR to sensory experience. (Thoughts are INVISIBLE.) REALLY THINK about ALL of this in conjunction with everything that now follows. The INTEGRATED EXTENSIVENESS of thought (AND description) is improved in the truly superior mind.

    TeleVISION IS a creation of thought. Dream experience is NOT a creation of thought. (Dream experience GROWS/INCREASES.) Dreams make thought MORE LIKE sensory experience in general, thereby improving upon MEMORY AND UNDERSTANDING. Very carefully consider that dream experience is possible/potential AND actual IN BALANCE. There is no outsmarting the GENIUS of dreams. IMPORTANTLY, dreams balance being AND experience. MOST IMPORTANTLY, in dream experience, BODILY/VISUAL experience is INVISIBLE AND VISIBLE IN BALANCE. Again, dream experience GROWS/INCREASES. Dream experience is fully and always consistent WITH the following great law of physics/physical experience: Inertia/INERTIAL RESISTANCE is proportional to (or balanced with/as) GRAVITATIONAL force/energy, as this balances AND unifies ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy AND gravity; as this balances gravity AND inertia. Dream experience is/involves true/real QUANTUM GRAVITY, AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. In dreams, it is you AND other than you are IN BALANCE. THE EYE IS THE BODY. NOW, carefully consider that BALANCE AND COMPLETENESS go hand in hand. The BALANCE of being AND experience is ESSENTIAL. THINK.

    THE EYE IS THE BODY. Touch AND feeling BLEND, as gravity AND ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy are linked AND balanced; as ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. The BALANCE of being AND experience is ESSENTIAL. SO, picture the man who is standing on the FULLY VISIBLE Earth/ground. Consider the FULLY VISIBLE body. The DOME of a person's EYE is ALSO VISIBLE. Look up at what is the semi-spherical BLUE DOME OF THE SKY, AND CONSIDER THAT HALF of the Earth DOES remain constantly illuminated. Great. Look at the BLACK space of the EYE. NOW, the composition of the Earth IS invisible (INVISIBLE/visible), AND the ORANGE, FLAT, AND SETTING SUN (with the SPACE around it THEN going INVISIBLE/VISIBLE) IS a FUNDAMENTALLY BALANCED ELECTROMAGNETIC/GRAVITATIONAL form or manifestation that is THEN directly consistent WITH/AS what is LAVA. Again, the BALANCE of being AND experience is ESSENTIAL. The curvature of the MOON matches that of the Earth/ground (given a clear horizon, that is), AND the COMPOSITION of lunar rocks IS practically IDENTICAL to that of Earth rocks. GREAT. Gravity IS ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy. ELECTROMAGNETISM ENERGY IS GRAVITY. IT ALL MAKES PERFECT SENSE, AS BALANCE AND COMPLETENESS go hand in hand. THE EYE IS THE BODY, AND the balance of being AND experience is ESSENTIAL. Beautiful. Notice that the planets AND stars appear as POINTS in the night sky. Great. ALL of SPACE is NECESSARILY ELECTROMAGNETIC/GRAVITATIONAL (IN BALANCE), AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. Think about it.


    Very importantly, outer "space" involves full inertia; AND it is fully invisible AND black.

    GRAVITATIONAL force/energy is proportional to (or balanced with/as) inertia/INERTIAL RESISTANCE, AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. ACCORDINGLY, gravity/acceleration involves BALANCED inertia/INERTIAL RESISTANCE; AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. Invisible AND visible SPACE in fundamental equilibrium AND balance NECESSARILY IS the MIDDLE DISTANCE in/of SPACE consistent WITH/AS what is FUNDAMENTALLY BALANCED ELECTROMAGNETIC/GRAVITATIONAL force/energy. NOW, relate THIS to THE STARS (and planets) in the night sky (as POINTS) AND to what is then THE SUN. GREAT. GRAVITATIONAL force/energy is proportional to (or balanced with/as) inertia/INERTIAL RESISTANCE, AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. This ALSO explains the cosmological redshift AND the "black holes". A PHOTON may be placed at the center of THE SUN (as a POINT, of course), as the reduction of SPACE is offset by (or balanced with) the SPEED OF LIGHT. ALL of SPACE is NECESSARILY ELECTROMAGNETIC/GRAVITATIONAL (IN BALANCE), AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. GRAVITY IS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY. IT ALL MAKES PERFECT SENSE. I have TRULY unified physics/physical experience. "Mass"/energy involves BALANCED inertia/INERTIAL RESISTANCE consistent WITH/AS what is BALANCED ELECTROMAGNETIC/GRAVITATIONAL force/energy, as ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY.

    By Frank DiMeglio

  82. Chris Higginson says:

    If only we could show that the sands of the deserts were a by-product of electrical arcing, then we would find it easier to convince the sceptics. Surely someone can demonstrate this in a laboratory? I hope so.

  83. David Drew says:

    Mankind in Amnesia. We are in denial of our catastrophic past, hence mankind's mostly irrational behaviour.

  84. hugh hempner says:

    Apply your findings to a flat and stationary plane, throw out the planets and space and then you will be onto something

  85. Dannunaki says:


  86. glen willcox says:

    He said it not known when the electric discharges happened or what triggered them is it possible that during times of pole shift and the magnetosphere is very weak that huge static like discharges could be caused by extreme solar conditions that are normally diverted by the magnetosphere

  87. Rodrigo J. Frazão says:

    Muito bom

  88. Robert Galletta says:


  89. Bojokowski says:

    The Richat structure in the thumbnail looks to me like Atlantis. It fits all the descriptions. The universe is electric, but that particular ruin looks like Atlantis.

  90. Kyle Costella says:

    Could the same process that created the hematite blueberries on Mars and such be the one that has left all the giant stones spheres around the Earth?

  91. Erik Schiegg says:

    This is Atlantis on the west coast of the sahara.

  92. Matthew Ronson says:

    Interesting that Atlantis had been described as concentric islands.

  93. John Morrison says:

    What about the idea of the solar cycle where the sun goes micro nova or the change of the physical poles?

  94. Mgtow Values says:

    You were doing well until the "hematite blueberries on Mars". What evidence is there for this. Pretty pictures now is evidence. Let me take then pictures into a physics lab and get an A+. Ha, F is more like it. Oh, but the pretty pictures come from streams of 0's and 1's. And reductio ad absurdum.

  95. Mgtow Values says:

    At 10:09, "… must be stripped of all previous assumptions…" This is the phenomenological method of T. Husserl. "Get back to the things themselves" was the calling of this method. But do it consistently, all assumptions are first stripped and then rebuilt on the basis of actual experience first. This is a difficult method and one can see even the speaker in this video is unable to rid himself of baseless unprovable (or as yet unproveable) assumptions. How are metaphysicians and ontologists supposed to do their work when presented with fantasy by scientists. So much of this information is usable – and so much still resides in magical thinking.

  96. Navigating El says:

    So I ask you ThunderboltsProject, do you support the story of earth spinning around the Sun? Didn't Michelson Morely prove there is no drag through the Ether? So if their is no drag we have 2 options; 1 there is no Ether/Plasma or 2 there is no movement of Earth.

    I know yuu tuube shadow bans me, but If by chance you see this thanks for your response.

  97. Mac S7yles says:

    Because of the Electric Universe Thunderbolts Projects eligant simplicity of teaching, and step by step evidencing of Electrical phenomenon and forensic research into archetypes. I see a whole different earth history and universe history then the history I believed less than a year ago. And because the Electric Universe includes all people and not just the PHD,s and scientists, I have been given back my ability observe the obvious. And through these observations and EU teachings I feel I have relavent input to give our electrical universe. I truly appreciate that the EU is restoring force, fath and truth of our Electrical Universe. And the documented evidence of the Alien Sky and corresponding events, catastrophes and documented eye witnesses to the Alien Sky, is overwhelmingly amazing. How any person, and especially an educated person could argue with this evidence is unbelievable. But the EU asked me to keep an open mind, and there right as usual. Please keep educating us to the eligant simplicities of our Electric Universe. Have a truly Electrical Day.

  98. Frank DiMeglio says:


    The balance of being AND EXPERIENCE is ESSENTIAL. BALANCE AND completeness go hand in hand.

    THE SELF represents, FORMS, and experiences a COMPREHENSIVE approximation of experience in general by combining conscious and unconscious experience. MOREOVER, the ability of THOUGHT to DESCRIBE OR RECONFIGURE sensory experience is ULTIMATELY dependent upon the extent to which THOUGHT IS SIMILAR TO sensory experience. THOUGHTS ARE INVISIBLE.

    Dream experience is/involves true/real QUANTUM GRAVITY, AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. MOST IMPORTANTLY, in dreams, BODILY/VISUAL EXPERIENCE is invisible AND VISIBLE IN BALANCE. IMPORTANTLY, dream experience is possible/potential AND actual IN BALANCE. THE EYE is ALSO the body. Dreams improve upon memory AND UNDERSTANDING. Indeed, there is no outsmarting the GENIUS of dreams.

    OVERLAY what is THE EYE in BALANCED RELATION to/with what is THE EARTH. NOW, get a good LOOK at what is the translucent, SEMI-SPHERICAL, QUANTUM GRAVITATIONAL, AND BLUE sky. Excellent. The DOME of a person's EYE is ALSO VISIBLE. THE EARTH IS also BLUE (as water).

    F=ma AND E=mc2 PROVE that, why, and how ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. This NECESSARILY represents, INVOLVES, and describes what is possible/potential AND actual IN BALANCE. SO, it is NECESSARILY a matter of precisely how these equations are understood in a BALANCED, EXTENSIVE, AND INTEGRATED fashion in RELATION to/with WHAT IS THOUGHT. The INTEGRATED EXTENSIVENESS of THOUGHT (AND description) is improved in the truly superior mind. E=mc2 is DIRECTLY and fundamentally derived from F=ma.

    Very importantly, outer "space" involves full inertia; AND it is fully invisible AND black.


    The stars AND PLANETS are POINTS in the night sky. OPEN your EYES. NOW, LOOK at what is the FLAT, SETTING, AND ORANGE SUN (with the SPACE around it THEN going invisible AND VISIBLE IN BALANCE). This ORANGE SUN manifests or forms at what is EYE LEVEL/BODY HEIGHT as well. This ORANGE SUN is manifest ON BALANCE as what is NECESSARILY the BODILY/VISUAL EXPERIENCE of THE EARTH/LAVA. The viscosity of LAVA IS BETWEEN what is manifest as WATER AND THE EARTH/GROUND. ALL of SPACE is NECESSARILY electromagnetic/gravitational IN BALANCE, AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. F=ma AND E=mc2 do provide absolute, BALANCED, THEORETICAL, and CLEAR proof that ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY.

    Gravity/acceleration involves BALANCED inertia/INERTIAL RESISTANCE, AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. THEREFORE, the rotation of THE MOON MATCHES it's revolution. MOREOVER, a given PLANET (INCLUDING WHAT IS THE EARTH) sweeps out equal areas in equal times; AND this is THEN consistent with/as what is F=ma, E=mc2, AND what is PERPETUAL MOTION; AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. It ALL makes perfect sense. BALANCE AND completeness go hand in hand.

    THE PLANETS (INCLUDING WHAT IS THE EARTH) are NOT "falling" in what is "curved SPACE". In fact, this is nonsense. It is PROVEN.

    By Frank DiMeglio

  99. Avishay Lavy says:

    Thank you for sharing

    Love will win, fear will not – Love fear 💖 than it will never win 🙏

  100. Avishay Lavy says:

    Thank you for sharing

    Love will win, fear will not – Love fear 💖 than it will never win 🙏

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