The Fastest Bike in the World


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100 thoughts on “The Fastest Bike in the World”

  1. marios kalogeropoulos says:

    The Fastest Bike in the World IS NOT A FUCKING bike,WHO KNEW?

  2. grabir01 says:

    I love bikes. Ridden them all my life for over 50 years now. I have recumbents and more. I love bikes!! But to blame cars that burn fuel as being bad is just non sense.

  3. bradyspace says:

    Do you hate the environment? Plants love C02. Are you trying to choke out the beautiful green plants? Was gibts??

  4. Michael DeSilvio says:

    Schlagen gruben!

  5. Range Man says:

    So all we need to do is become Olympic cyclists , and we can  abandon our cars…or, the US Navy can release the free energy science they stole from Tesla, and weall pull free electricity from the ionosphere in our fully electric cars.

  6. Chris Henniker says:

    I'd love to see this pacing after a car at over 150 mph in the ultimate motor pace race.

  7. Brent Carson says:

    It's good for the environment, it's good for your health……..only if you don't get run over. Besides, only an Olympic racer can put out 350 watts for 1/2 an hour because, at 20% efficiency, your body would be using 1750 calories per hour. Thus any fuel savings would be used up in buying extra groceries. Bottom line: Great curiosity item, but basically useless for all practical purposes – unless you can take the Bonneville Salt Flats to work.

  8. Katsu Zatoichi says:

    All flat terrain, at daytime, no rain, no snow, no wind, no trucks, no picking up children at school, no shopping for food to dinner? Where are those bicycles supposed to be parked so they are not stolen? How do we take a shower at work? And how do our clothes look like if the street are wet after rain?

  9. Kleandros S says:

    thats Brilliant

  10. Kobi122 says:

    World record good luck! The world record was 186mph the bike was cycling behind a dragster so there was no wind and it was a bike without a pod it looks like a normal bike

  11. Chunxia Huo says:



    So not the fastest bike in the world. So clickbait! Right … I see

  13. DANCURT says:

    I think the fastest bike is 187 mph

  14. Kirk Spackman says:

    Where do I buy one of those

  15. Funny OnTheInside says:

    Not a bike if someone has to stand there holding it up.
    Just a BS video anyway, about 99% guff suggesting that the HUGE amount of resources put into an unproductive endeavour could be good for SAVING the precious resources. This is not the technology we need. >_>

  16. Oldinea Miller says:

    Das Bike hätte mich eigentlich interessiert, aber der Satz mit den 14% hat mich dazu bewegt nicht weiter zu schauen.Wenn Ihr es da schon nicht genau nehmt mit den Daten, dann ist der Rest vermutlich ebenso unwahr. Over and out.

  17. Jeff Mullinix says:

    Well that is a good trike. The only thing about it is that how much it will cost the public . Then there is the broblem of ventilation . Who would want to go to work sweaty in a 600 dollar suit .

  18. Nintendork says:

    E-bikes are the perfect commuters for cities.

  19. zencat999 says:

    only as fast as the cyclist. its not for everyone. and whats the price??? thats another prob. its out of the price range of the average cyclist. another strike against it. impractical.

  20. Martin R says:

    👍 sehr schöner Beitrag. Ich finde es faszinierend mit solchen Geschwindigkeiten zu fahren, als Fahrradfahrer . Es gibt ja schon einige Velomobile auf dem Markt leider sind sie relativ teuer.

  21. Sub Optimal says:

    I can only assume that the 600 dislikes are from fossil-fuel addicts and bicycle-haters. And hatred of bicycles is particularly associated with anglophone countries: Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and the UK etc.

  22. Patrick Bureau says:

    hate to disappoint all the 1M viewers but this isn't the faster bicycle… the fastest one clocked 180+ MPH on the salt flat of Bonneville. look it up.

  23. - D4rkJuce says:

    Haben die nicht im Endeffekt die Idee von dem Typen "geliehen" der das Velomobil baut, in der Nähe aus Hannover?

  24. Wilson Godoy says:

    i would buy one just to take all apart and build a trike with a roof that runs faster than motorized cars RESPONDER

  25. malik qasim says:

    H2r be like.
    Am i Joke to You?

  26. mike brink says:

    The Honda NC750X adventure motorcycle gets about 70 MPG's… All they have to do is make a fully enclosed, aerodynamic, lightweight(not much heavier than the motorcycle) 3 wheeled version and it could be used year round in 4 season weather…Just add some knobby dirt bike tires in winter for snow. It could have adjustable suspension and be made for street or to handle rough gravel & dirt country roads. Make an optional small, tow behind storage trailer for it for long road trips and it could take 2 people cross country for cheap…Sell it cheaper than a car but a bit more than a motorcycle and I'd buy one for my everyday commuter car.

  27. mike brink says:

    They keep talking about that bad CO2 that humans also emit when we exhale…So if I'm pedaling hard, getting a cardio workout,then I'm gonna breath harder and exhale more of that "bad CO2" they keep talking about..

  28. Quark mit Brot says:

    Bei 4:39 sieht man, dass man jede Kantsteinhöhe unbedingt meiden sollte, auch Bordsteinabsenkungen. Da muss nachgelegt werden.

  29. Sternchen Stinker says:

    Und wenn ich, auf dem Weg zur Arbeit, an einer Ampel halten muss, kommt mein Team mit dem Mannschaftsbus und sorgt dafür, daß die Kiste nicht umkippt? Sehr effizient ^^

  30. Bruce Wayne says:

    This is not true, the fastest bikes are those TT bikes pros use in time trials. If this is faster then the pros would have used them in their races………….. Says the average cyclist who knows nothing about physics. (literally there was a guy who was arguing with me that the road bikes are the fastest bikes possible when I was trying to tell him that this kind of bikes exists.)

  31. Kaiser Brötchen says:

    Is the narrator speaking Dutch or German?

  32. mindciller says:

    70 liters storage is literally a camel back of water lol

  33. Pepe Laugh says:

    This shit look ugly as fuck

  34. Dante Russo says:


  35. G Pow says:

    Cutting metal without eye protection. Genius!

  36. John Doe says:

    Not ergonomic.

  37. Commander Raichu says:

    Every time they're not speaking english turn on english subs

  38. Robert Xavier says:

    Absurd. Impractical. Rolling Coffin. Suicide Torpedo. Zero Emissions Commuter to Non-Responsive Corpse in 3.6 seconds.
    Why not invest all that time, effort & funding into a practical motorized personal vehicle?
    #1. Affordable to Purchase, Maintain & Repair.
    #2. Comfortable Sitting Position
    #3. Higher Visibility & Ground Clearance
    #4. 1 hp Compressed Air engine
    to keep up with traffic flow
    reduce weight, compared to electrical
    & cleanest for the environment.

  39. Andrew Hansen says:

    If we are collectively really concerned with CO2 emissions, like I am, your approach isn't the answer. The answer to our CO2 issues is the reduction of human population. Put your money into a male contraceptives and/or give people tax incentives for having no children, or at least less children.

  40. Neytiri te Tskaha Mo'at'ite says:

    You don't even have a damn name for that kind of bike, to search it all over the net !!! LOL And u want to implement it as a viable eco-trasport. Cizes !

  41. Bob Outélama says:

    I really can't understand that automobile transportation isn't using monocoque. It would be cheap, efficient and light.

  42. Forever Pink F. says:

    Schön für ein Rekordfahrzeug. Ich sehe allerdings noch nicht die Alltagstauglichkeit.

  43. 2 Stork 4 Every 1 says:

    Ich würde es definitiv kaufen wird aber bestimmt nicht ganz günstig

  44. Draconicwizard says:

    I love the whole concept, but it would've been easier to digest without having to focus so often from reading to simply listening. Either would be ok,. but for a clear narrative to be delivered, constantly switching, is just distracting…

  45. Let it Rest says:

    That whole global warming / climate change thing is total and complete BULLSHIT. The weather is being manipulated by the use of numerous HAARP stations, that heat targeted areas of the ionosphere. That causes the direction of jet streams to be altered.

  46. WE ARE ONE BRAIN says:

    Put it on an ultralight quadcoppter with solar panels and a lithium ion Akkupack electrical supported and we’ll all fly.Strike!

  47. Tom Fladi says:

    Ich will so ein Velotilt 😊 bitteeeeeeee
    Verkauft Ihr Bausätze?

  48. Forrest Zeng says:

    Now i can finally say….

  49. Jedeko says:

    het zen wer hollanders zenne… bakfietsen was voor hun ni genoeg

  50. Markus Patients says:

    Far to many pothole in America for this type of bike, because we don't know how to build roads without them.

  51. AR极乐世界 says:


  52. Jarno Saarinen says:

    Not the fastest!

  53. Fly Beep says:

    I've ridden a velomobile for two years (a Belgian design, WAW velomobile, not the fastest but pretty fast). The guy saying you could do 50 to 60kph on his velotilt is seriously exaggerating. Those kind of speeds are only possible in short bursts, on flat and very clean terrain with a well trained rider. 40 to 45 kph sustained (on flat terrain going straight) is more realistic.

  54. Fly Beep says:

    As someone who has ridden an enclosed recumbent for two years (using a model WAW 4th generation) there are some distinctive disadvantages: it's large and a bit cumbersome. It needs significant space to be stored. When it breaks down on route and you can't fix it on the road you can't just push it on so you need help to transport it. It can't be easily transported, it's a bit like a motorcycle, you pretty much need a trailer or a decent size pickup. It's very bad on uphills, it's a heavy bike and you can't put force downwards on the pedals like on a normal bike, uphills require lots of effort. You can't really fully enclose yourself and protect yourself 100% from the elements, your visor will fog so you'll always have to have air flow inside the cockpit and even than it will still fog up easily. Visibility for you and to others is an issue, you're not as visible (even with a flag on your velomobile) to others and you're also less aware of your surroundings especially when enclosed in the cockpit. A velomobile is very susceptable to bad roads, much more than a normal bike. You'll feel any bump or any imperfection on the road. It's loud and noisy inside, remember it's an enclosed shell, all vibrations and noises are amplified within the shell.
    That being said, there's nothing faster than a velomobile but you need good clean straight bicycle roads. You can ride against a strong wind and you won't really feel it. It's a comfortable ride but as soon as you ride on bad roads you'll feel as if you're in a shaker.

  55. Michael Schultz says:

    Is it just Me, or does there seem to be a Distinct LACK of "Multicultural Diversity" in this Effort??
    As with most Innovations, 3rd World Savages need NOT Apply…

  56. stiantiger says:

    Why the fuck are they talking about Co2 like this is a solution to that problem..?

  57. Bob Americana says:

    so when the driver exhales or farts, that is not considered emissions ?

  58. Bob Americana says:

    also- how is it zero emissions if the Tv screen uses electricity ? do power stations not emit carbon ?

  59. Nhat Tran says:

    This thing is never going to happen. It has been half a decade and nada.

  60. Jaroslav Záruba says:

    one day this CO2-bad b/s will fall on its head… and we all will feel stupid watching videos full of neverending CO2 fearmongering
    CO2 makes the world greener, change my mind

  61. mx treiz says:

    what the name for this type of bike ?

  62. World's Best Pedal says:
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  63. Mama Habib says:

    You need AI AR helmet

  64. cranebeg says:


  65. yee haw says:


  66. The Toerist says:

    Stom, je zweet je kapot, je ziet niks van de omgeving, en je kan niet alleen in en uitstappen, sta je aan het verkeerslicht stil dan vak je om! Als je moet afslaan hoe kijk je achter je? En dan denken dat is vooruitgang??? De toekomst??? Ik denk om sponsors en geld want dat ding word noooooit gekeurd voor de straat 🤔

  67. Liu Kang Kixx says:

    What do you do when you get tired of pedaling?!? N dude looked worked when he got out of that thing!!

  68. Lorenzo Blum says:


  69. World's Best Pedal says:

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  70. Armin Russenberger says:

    Safety glasses….

  71. universal biscuit says:

    Closed my eyes at 11:20 and I would swear he's Sharlto Copley with his voice.

  72. Triadii Official says:

    Not UCI approved tho 😞

  73. M R A Scott says:

    You'd think they'd have a fan ready to cool the poor b*****d off when he stops. And an oxygen tank.

  74. Stev Rex says:

    And yet fact is, German cars have been garbage for some two decades now! Will never buy another Merc – bmw or porch.

  75. Sebastian Rose says:

    You still think consuming, plastik and moving a lot and far, adding to the piles of old tires and toxic waste is a solution? I doubt it. Just STOP moving. Restructure. Forego. Shut down your machines.
    Well – will it ever happen? I don't see the slightest reaction on climate change here in Europe. On the contrary…

  76. Damogan g says:

    I wish I had that bike!!! If the whole world used those bikes imagine how great life would be. Less of those nasty accidentns and everyone keeping in great shape

  77. Metal Machine Shop says:

    Great project! Streamlined recumbent bikes with electric assist would be a great alternative to a car for shorter commutes. Economical, healthy and environmental benefits. (People with a long commute should probably move house/job!)

  78. Jessi Beck says:

    Hey I raced against the Nuon Solar team! Go Blue 😉

  79. Berlin Bicycle Nomad says:

    Fast but ugly as hell

  80. tibo says:

    Its not ‘good’ for the environment… it just doesnt harm it… being a car guy it really triggers me how shit like this and everything else around the environment gets exeggerated… takin the bike instead of the car is not gonna restore the harm thats been done… the world is not gonna go like aw shit theyre all ditching the cars and takin the bikes i’ll have to do some healin to do like brahhhhhhh…

    Before you get on my ass i’ll just tell you i was determined to like get my liscence instantly at 18 yrs old n this n that im 21 now and do everything by bike… well… im kinda forced… mum wont sit next to me (as legally obliged) cos i smoke weed n yeah… my temporary liscence just expired a month ago and im fucked… in belgium (a lot of ) cyclists have this little banner that says (litterally translated) : again one car less……. i would be the type guy to get that ‘again one cyclist less’ banner thoooo hahahahah

  81. Сергей Бреславец says:

    это реал полный бред абсурд просто

  82. Alvin Koh says:

    I don’t believe in the climate hoax pushed by climate alarmists! Yeah kill me, but fuck you!

  83. Godscountry says:

    Why don't we have enclosed electric gas hybrids in narrow tracked twin- tandem-seat vehicles.Safety,performance,fuel economy,battery range.Motorcycles are so dangerous but so efficient, fun . An aerodynamic 2/3/4 wheeled narrow tracked or tilting vehicle would be revolutionary. An affordable fast, safe, quiet and efficient aerodynamic vehicle.LA,, NYC, and other large cities could reduce traffic by 50 percent.

  84. Petr Houška says:

    Díky nevím komu za titulky!

  85. skyak says:

    That "velotilt" looks like a research vehicle we did at GM in the 80s. It was powered by a single cylinder motorcycle engine with fuel injection and emission control (to meet emissions reg. of 90s and 00s). The question was 'can a practical vehicle get over 100mpg?' Answer, yes, easily if you bring the mass and size down to the scale of the payload -a car to carry 2 passengers should not weigh more than the 2 passengers.

  86. Tony Miles says:

    I bet someone like Usain Bolt would exceed it.
    I'm just say'n'😆

  87. Vincent Loparo III says:

    I'm the rural U.S. I commute 50km at a cruise speed of 125KPH on an interstate highway. It's amazing to see how human power is getting close to this. Can only imagine what it will do in small towns.

  88. britt vanegas says:

    I got the fastest 2 stroke bicycle

  89. j en says:

    beautiful concept, unuseable in traffic.

  90. Hubert Rueede says:

    kleines update 2019: e-bikes und e-scooters haben längst den Lead übernommen. Ihr bike ist reine Spielerei.

  91. Lucas Liew says:

    Hahaha the Dutch's obsession with bicycles is taking a new turn. I personally don't think it's a revolutionary idea but to each their own.

  92. Corvivid Art says:

    I saw one of these on the road yesterday!

  93. mark675 says:

    This is the future apart from in america where itd have to be the width of a car 😂😂

  94. svajeren says:

    Very cool bike. But the visibility of your suroundings is way too small in copenhagen people are driving like maniacs an with that poor outlook you would die pretty fast or get mamed for life

  95. Crazy Materials says:

    Don’t humans produce CO2????

  96. nico heidenreich says:

    Humans and bike manufacturing still has a carbon footprint. It’s not zero emissions it’s far less emissions.

  97. Steve Vater says:

    Where's your eye protection in the workshop when machines in operation ?

  98. Never Gonnatell says:

    Funny how stupid so called smart people can be. Co2 was massively higher in the past. If we cultivated our forests instead of destroying them and making tree farms, Co2 would be irrelevant.

  99. Matthew Leeper says:

    Always see things like this and think I want one how much, then there like £10.000 only rich entitled hippys may apply.

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