The International Hunt for Dark Energy Is On, Here’s What’s Coming


We’re living in this time where most of the
matter is dark. We’re not actually seeing it. And most of what we call the energy density
of the universe appears to be dark as well. So, we’re in what I like to call this period
of maximum ignorance right now, where we’ve learned a ton about all of the normal matter
of the universe everything that makes you and the Earth and the Sun. But, what we know
today is that’s only less than 5% of the universe. And then, the other 95%, we don’t know. The
majority of that 95% is dark energy, a mysterious force that’s expanding the universe faster
and faster. Cosmologists from around the world are unsure why this acceleration is
happening. That’s why in the absence of data, an international team of scientists
and engineers are building a dark energy hunting machine to probe the far reaches of the universe
to a point in spacetime few have ever seen. So we call it dark energy because we don’t know
what it is. We can detect it through other measurements, but we can’t observe it directly.
Scientists first became aware of dark energy in the late 1990’s after two independent
teams of astrophysicists were racing to determine the rate at which the universe was expanding. Both
teams expected to see the expansion slowing down, due to the long established theory that
the attractive force of gravity was pulling the universe together. However, they observed
something completely unexpected. The expansion of the cosmos was speeding up, not slowing
down, meaning that there must be something like the appearance of an anti-gravitational
force at play. We looked at that as like, Oh, yeah. That’s weird. That can’t possibly
be right. They must have done something wrong. So, it seemed pretty easy to dismiss it at
the time. But with further experiments and observations, the initial findings continued
to hold up. In fact, those original papers from 1998 and 1999, they knew what they were
doing. They got it exactly right. This repulsive force which we now call ‘dark energy’,
is something that still perplexes us. It’s easier to say what we do know about dark energy
than what we don’t know. So, what we do know is that in the early universe, it was not
very important. But, at some point between six or seven and eight billion years after
the Big Bang until today dark energy became the dominant force affecting what’s happening
to the universe as a whole. We know it’s not a particle because if it were caused by some
particle, there would be other manifestations of it. So, it appears to be something like
a force. And at the moment, it’s a very data-starved discussion. Every week it seems, there are
new theories coming out. Some of them having to do with this modification of our laws of
gravity. Some having to do with introducing new forces in the universe that would be a
dark energy force or forces. And then, there are other even grander ideas about additional
dimensions in the universe effectively leaking in on the four dimensional space that we see
and exerting this force on our space. One of the first next big experiments to really
measure this at this precision level is the DESI experiment. DESI is a fiber optic spectrograph
that will construct a 3D map of the universe, tracing close to 12 billion years of cosmic
history. This engineering marvel is being mounted onto a telescope in Arizona where
it will measure the spectra of more than 35 million galaxies to observe dark energy’s
effect on a much grander scale. We’re using new classes of optical designs to get
these large fields of view. A big part of the DESI project was making this beast that
we call the optical corrector that’s really glasses on the top of the telescope. It’s
a set of six lenses where the largest lens is 1.1 meters in diameter. And all of these
lenses are polished to a precision. Okay so check, we’ve done that, big field of view. The
next challenge was figuring out how to catch the light of multiple galaxies at the same
time. We have a lot more fibers. We have 5,000 fibers and we also have a really quickly
reconfigurable focal plane. Each robot can move individually, so we can reposition every
single fiber at the same time. So we cut down the time between observations from a
few hours down to three minutes. Which means with each fiber aimed at the sky. We can map
5,000 galaxies every 15 minutes. The main goal of the fiber system is to preserve the
quality of light that the telescope delivers. You know, these photons have spent billions
of years reaching us. We do everything possible within that fiber system
to deliver the light to the spectrograph without degrading it. The spectrograph is 10 identical
units that fill an entire room. DESI is nearing completion of its installation phase and gearing up to scan the skies. We have the focal plane installed, and then after the focal plane
is safe to operate, then we install the fiber cables to the slits. We’ll make a precision
map of the geometry of the universe from the distance of about seven billion light years
to about 10 or 11 billion light years. And so this is the phase of history of the universe
where dark energy turned on. Where it became the dominant force in the universe. So, to
construct a 3D map and understand dark energy’s role, DESI will first need to look at a unique
cosmological effect. The universe did deliver a specific feature that we can latch onto
and that’s this baryon acoustic oscillation feature. When the universe went through this
specific transition where it was a plasma of very hot ions and then cooled off it was
383,000 years after the big bang, right at that time there were sound waves propagating
in the universe that got frozen in. Mapping those soundwaves with DESI will give scientists a sense of the distribution of the galaxies and scale of the universe. But BAO’s don’t
give us the whole picture. In this age of accelerated expansion, galaxies are moving
away from us, so scientists need to measure how fast they’re traveling. Fortunately,
galaxies leave a clue behind: their light waves. These waves are stretched to redder
and redder wavelengths, which is called their redshift. By knowing a galaxy’s redshift,
scientists can tell how far away it is and turn our view of the sky into a 3D map. In
the first year of operations starting in 2020 we’ll actually have a larger map of the
universe than all of humanity before us. So we’ll be able to verify what our understanding
of dark energy is today, geometry at a few different epochs, how dark matter is pushing
around these galaxies. That’s what we’ll see after the first year. Then it’ll be the subsequent
years where we’ll have a large enough map that it’ll really be the new discovery potential for dark energy. These cosmic map makers are charting the open sky, uncertain of what they’ll eventually find. But diving into the unknown is just part of the job. What
they learn in the end will only expand our knowledge of the universe, and our small place
in it. The better we understand dark energy, the better we understand how the universe
is going to evolve and we learn what’s going to happen to the universe in the end. What
I can tell you is that these will be the best data that we have once we complete this map,
and it will certainly rule out many, many potential models for dark energy. It’ll be very interesting to see what’s left on the table after that.

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100 thoughts on “The International Hunt for Dark Energy Is On, Here’s What’s Coming”

  1. Laurie Curry says:

    Try looking for electricity in plasma, could rule out ALL models & mathematical hoopla!

  2. Neoh says:

    #fakescience #plasmacosmology #electricuniverse

  3. Jac Nolph says:

    If the universe is expanding then there has to be some blue shift observed seeing how the milky way is not the center of the universe? Why can't they map where the red shift is stronger and where there's blue shift showing then map it out?

  4. Tejbir Singh says:

    great video, that was one of the best ive seen, very exciting to see a map of the evolution of the universe – really its a 4D map right? 3D plus the evolution over time.

  5. Pipe says:

    Amazing experiment and great video. It's really exciting to think what they moght fond.

  6. dcar 430 says:

    We can’t/haven’t observed gravity directly but we know it’s a force and it’s there. Couldn’t dark energy be the same kind of thing? It may not be directly observable at all just like gravity. Dark matter is a different story since it has mass.

  7. Tom Space says:

    Search YouTube for "The Elements in Six Dimensions"

  8. Alex Bordon says:

    I have a theory that connects quantum mechanics with dark energy, gravity, time and even consciousness, that explains how we could probably obtain dark energy. What should I do with it?

  9. Smithu Auman says:

    Dark energy must be the fifth force. sd gv98reyhivueshimvseth

  10. Heavy Metal Hair Salon says:

    all fail

  11. Heavy Metal Hair Salon says:

    Does dark energy mean electricity cuz that sure sounds like what you're saying

  12. Heavy Metal Hair Salon says:

    James Web

  13. MrSamvirk says:

    Do scientists really use macbooks?

  14. scrolls says:

    love the new format

  15. Jérome Parent says:

    Stop loosing time and money,there is no such thing as dark matter and dark energy.We live in an electric/plasma medium.

  16. Red Bat Racing says:

    Those photons have not been traveling for billions of years. Relative to themselves they have only just come into existence

  17. a998 says:

    Cover more scientific projects like these. Hi

  18. Thomas Ellis says:

    Why is the turn around time on making observations important in detecting dark energy? I missed that point

  19. herpsenderpsen says:

    Oh my god guys, give these people a better mic.

  20. David Analyst says:

    I still don't know what all those little robotic doodoos are for

  21. Tom Mallard says:

    Consider the Sternglass-Einstein work on the electron-positron pair in a death spiral since being created in the first condensations of matter after a Bang.

    From that structure paired with another counter-rotating pair was found a meson matching the properties in lab results.

    The implications of this finding, late 50's, which was never disproven although disputed, are immense to theory and help explain a portion of 'dark matter' by virtue of their neutral charge as a single pair.

    Thus the Standard Model while coherent to itself isn't a theory being an empirically derived system.

    There was more than one Bang within the implosion ala multiple hypocenters in plate boundary releases, material was there before and a portion unaffected by the explosion remains mixed in with the results of a Bang.

    That is, a Bang converts mass to energy that is sent away from the center of mass outward as energy thus removing the gathered mass quickly.

    All masses being drawn by a Great Attractor are suddenly free to take altered trajectories as a way to distinguish objects released from the mass attraction.

    Consider if this didn't happen all the Universe would be only Great Attractors gobbling each other.

    Again, being charge neutral these can be everywhere, and, as they age they degrade, I suspect inflation 'can be' from these annihilating each other, their mass detectable at some minimum density.

  22. SunRoad says:

    The universe is a real-time energy system rather than a product of a one-off event such as a big-bang.

    This can be arrived at when we understand now that Energy, like time, flows from past to future.

    The Fifth Law of Thermodynamics and The Arrow of Energy, proposed 2017.

  23. Bhajan Break says:

    "…there were sound waves propagating in the universe that got frozen in". OMG I can't believe how accurate the ancient Vedic scriptures are about the creation of the universe. That sound was the all penetrating – and eternally vibrating AUM / OM sound, the sound of our inner Self and All that is around us.

  24. Tuncay D says:

    This experiment is totally crap. I could do this on my own at home. Nobody needs this.

  25. Bonafide Baby says:

    GOD is getting really upset

  26. Bonafide Baby says:

    Some things r better left alone

  27. Bhajan Break says:

    The sound that was propagated into the universe are mentioned as the AUM / OM sound in ancient Hindu scriptures.

  28. Normie Peasant says:

    Beautiful opening explanation.
    Own the ignorance, it’s what makes scientific exploration amazing!

  29. Matt Wood says:

    Student to teacher: Don't grade my paper yet – I've still got 96 of the100 questions you gave me to figure out. I know it's taken me decades to turn in my test but I know those answers are around here somewhere – maybe under my desk or in my locker or under my bed at home or on the bus or… (dark matter and dark energy are proof that scientists have no idea how our universe works – 96% of our universe is missing and the scientists who still say they're certain of everything else keep making excuses) time is up – throw out your old theories and come with brand new ones.

  30. Marquis Palmer says:

    Dark energy must be God's realm.He said let there be light which is the dimension we live in.And eerily enough we are only experiencing .001 % of what reality actually is..prepare yourselves.Love is the only way thru.

  31. Bob Parker says:

    What if dark energy was actually the force behind quantum entanglement and such things? What if "entanglement" was a general term that could describe all physical quantities of an object? For example, gravity. Say you have two bodies. Both have a unique velocity, mass, acceleration, etc… In a closed system. Those two would effect each other equally and oppositely, such as the spin on an electron pair that is entangled. What if instead if gravity pulling things together, it actually is space pushing them together. The closer together they are, the more space there is pushing them together, thus an increase in velocity. Also, you can't get much space behind a quantum particle to push them together, so it makes sense that gravity doesn't work well, if at all down at that miniscule level. Also, this is me rambling cuz i'm tired. Don't take it to heart, but at least consider it. I would hate it if I were accidentally right (which I'm 99.999% certain i'm wrong) and solved the secrets to the universe without anyone knowing.

    Space and science stuff makes the world go round. I'm tired. Goodnight.

  32. Peter Moygannon says:

    I think we are liveing in a simulated reality that's why all these mysterys. they will keep serching cause they don't want it to be true. ..keep looking. but we are liveing inside a computer.

  33. black pearl says:

    You have off world team members, an you have no idea who they are, aye.

  34. Leo Boss says:

    God I love humanity so much.

  35. tony says:

    Scientist: hmm….the data isn’t lining up with my equation. I can’t be wrong, therefore, it’s due to dark energy.

  36. Chris Summers says:

    Most of matter is dark
    68% dark energy. Expanding the universe faster and faster
    Theory – gravity pulling universe together
    Dark energy – force
    35 million galaxies
    Dominant force in the universe

    Redshift – how far away is a galaxy
    Rule out potential theories

  37. Enter the Bragn’ says:

    He said we see four dimensions😂What a moron.

  38. chris sondrita says:

    I also call my African friend dark matter

  39. gnome guy says:

    "we are in a period of maximum ignorance today"

    while u spend millions looking for dark energy that doesnt exist.. the electric universe theory clearly accounts for all the matter amd energy without the need for "dark energy"..

    fukn hilarious watching main stream science continually search for non existant realities using math that does not reflect observable reality.

    dark energy perplexes them because it does not exist. lol.

    dont listen to this other than to understand why the theory falls short.

    Safire Project just proved the sun is electric. thereby proving the universe is electric.

  40. Gytis Pranskunas says:

    I am with Force, and the Force is with me.

  41. Black Man says:

    when something explodes there is a moment of rapid expansion and then once all the energy is released gravity will bring it all crashing back in on itself. I was just thinking we are still in the explosion and that is why eneythink is racing away.

  42. Black Man says:

    when something explodes there is a moment of rapid expansion and then once all the energy is released gravity will bring it all crashing back in on itself. I was just thinking we are still in the explosion and that is why eneythink is accelerating away.

  43. Kathy Fausett says:

    The anti-gravitational force is electromagnetism. Dark energy exists in the minds of cosmologists.

  44. Kags _ says:

    I'd be interested in a video just about how that fiber bundle thing works. It wasn't explained very much in the video

  45. Ben Chasing Horizons says:

    The truth is out there

  46. Chris Herbst says:


  47. Caiman Frank Fillon says:

    And here I thought depression is a dark energy.

  48. WolfFrame says:

    6:10 So we search for a space flower in nutshell?

  49. Artur Wicha says:

    I think theory of quantised inertia is worth for consider, maybe there is no dark matter 😉

  50. Amol Bhavsar says:

    The question is "Will humanity survive until we understand Dark Energy?"

  51. Sean Casey says:

    It's not dark matter it's Gorgonzola. It's not dark energy it's leftover rechargable batteries from earlier civilizations still going. The Universe is made of 2 things. Matter and don't matter. The pathetic imaginings of some so called scientists beggars belief. There is no actual proof that dark matter/energy exists, a bit like God, but those dicks act as though it's a given. Wankers!

  52. Sovereign Red says:

    Paint a turd gold and call it a nugget.

    These satan loving whores do like to crap in your minds don't they.

    0.e is out there dozens of theories, deny it of you can.

    Your credibility demands you answer to each and every one of those existing theories before you can expect us to listen to any gobbledygook magick tricks.

    So take your "…jew physics…" and shove em where the yawning hippo that represents your arse should be.


  53. TheBooohda says:

    Can't find what isn't there. Come to the dark side of gravity, and never ask such silly questions again.

  54. Peter Strong says:

    I hope that we are still pouring money and time into other ideas just incase dark energy/matter is (dare I say it) wrong.

  55. CrackHack says:

    Oh, look! 66 young earth creationist down voted this video;)

  56. Acacius says:

    How the universe is going to end. Quran confirms Higgs Boson – There Is No Clash

  57. DMPLK says:

    Palpatine: mild sweating

  58. FiguraCinque says:

    I guess the acceleration of expansion has something to do with the expansion itself… Which we don't know what it is either.

  59. Pralhad Kadam says:

    Can we see dark energy

  60. No Brand YT User says:

    quantum within quantum stonks

  61. Ryan Bishop says:

    I really hope seeker sticks with this story. I also think a Google universe app should be a thing once this team starts collecting data. It'd be awesome to see the universe in a 3d map

  62. Shahzad Ali says:

    Dark energy is not showing itself because it's afraid of getting racially profiled and bullied

  63. Patrick Howard says:

    Ok… – First, the reason that we can't find 'dark' matter or 'dark' energy is because science has misinformed our collective conscious to imagine a kind of matter that we can't see, (we have seen that galaxies spin so fast that the matter in them should fling out, but it doesn't. We have been mis-trained to think we should look for some kind of extra matter. Baloney) or to imagine an unnamed power source accelerating the expansion of the universe. – Let me try. – First. We all know what gravity does, but none of us know what gravity IS. I propose, that there are more than one kind of gravity. For example, matter under the pressure of say a star the size of our sun, produces a gravity (let's call it a flavor.) It holds even the farthest asteroid of our solar system from escaping. But the gravity produced by the matter under pressure in 'Sagittarius A*' is of a different flavor. This type of gravity is selective in its effects. Matter and stars near to the massive black hole in the center of our galaxy are effected as if the gravity is the first type of flavor, but the outer edge of our galaxy is affected by an amplified flavor of gravity. (I do not think this is an accurate theory. I just want to point out that what we have witnessed is an anomaly of the gravity of galaxies. It's not logical to think we need a new matter when what we have seen is a different gravity.) – As to the expansion energy. Our universe is (according to science, we can observe about 90billion light-years.) trillions and trillions of times larger than anybody thinks. All circling a common center of gravity. On our side where our 90billion light-year bubble is just a tiny speck in the vast ocean that is the actual universe, is undergoing an expanding as it accelerates around the side of the universe that is closest to that common center of gravity. Somewhere on the opposite side, there is a DE-flation happening. If you can't imagine some of our scientific observations being possible with this concept, then increase the size of your imagined universe and see if some of our observations become more possible.

  64. Sylvia Rogier says:


  65. nick labian says:

    Why is the nerd wearing safety glasses?

  66. Edward Smith says:

    I'm no expert but is there any possibility that the effect being described as dark energy is a side effect of "loss" of energy and matter to black holes? I know matter and energy can't really be lost but their effects on the universe could be.

  67. Zenothys says:

    What if dark energy had as much diversity as the stuff we see? That's a big Standard Model, and an enormous Periodic Table of Elements 😛

  68. Zenothys says:

    You tell everyone you want to map the entire universe…

    70% think that sounds cool, but they don't realize how big the universe is

    25% laugh at you, since they're versed enough in cosmology to know that's a ridiculously ambitious undertaking

    And only the 5% with the same knowledge and passion you have will say that sounds awesome and wanna help.

    Thanks to that 5% though, the other percentages will eventually be added to that 5% and the % of the universe we don't understand will go down


  69. Eric Bourque says:

    What if redshift is also just light loosing a bit of energy as it travels millions of light years? What if there is no actual expansion?

  70. Lukas Penkava says:

    I realy like this format of the video compared to other ones on Seeker.

  71. Drew Phillips says:

    I thought I knew something

    Then I watch videos like this and I realize I know nothing.

  72. John Frassetto says:

    I guess now we do know the power of the dark side!

  73. Sunday White Rabbit says:

    I think atoms are made of 2 types of particles, ones that have mass and ones that don't. When atoms go down a black hole, the singularity being smaller than the atom, breaks the atoms releasing the particles with mass and the particles without mass. Mass particles are the dark matter.
    Massless particles are the dark energy.
    Stars then reassemble the particles back into atoms.
    You're welcome.

  74. Heedful Newt says:


  75. Tom Kraemer says:

    The answer is in analyzing an explosion using high framecount cameras. We are essentially in an explosion in slow motion.

  76. Sunday White Rabbit says:

    The big bang is an illusion. What they are witnessing is their own conception. Of course it looks that way. You can not see past your own birth. The expansion is the expansion of the observer. See, we all "expanded" from a single cell. It all started at a singularity, which is the actual point the sperm entered the egg. That is the big bang.
    You're welcome.

  77. ரமேஷ் குமார் says:


  78. Jan Petersson says:

    Socialists do not think at all, they believe in whatever crap anyone tells them, same with globalists, as I have noticed in these globes files where the comments are only, -thanks for making me dream me out in the universe, that maybe one day I can build me a house on Jupiter unless a big black hole doesn´t swallows the planet.
    You live in a dream life just like these totally incompetent socialists do, and it is not wise that you can live a full life in denial and only trust people who happen to say they are scientists.
    1. How can a boat disappear in the curve and you can zoom it in 35 km away?
    2. If the boat disappears in the x-axis on the horizon but not in the y-axis, do we live on a cylinder then?
    3. Horizon is the word for straight flat surface, nothing is called curvizon
    4. Why has 13,000 telemetry data disappeared from NASA from all lunar landings, and why no one has traveled back in 50 years, is it maybe because today we have cameras with zoom, so we can follow them all the way and even see where they land ?
    5. Can the moon be 384,000 km and the sun 15 million kilometers from us, can a sun so far away from us illuminate our world, while at the same time with my Nikon camera I can film both their surface and on the moon also see stars shine through the moon?
    6. What does Freemasonry stand for and why are all astronauts members of Freemasonry?
    7. Satellite launch, why is it secret and those filmed there, show that these satellites are lifted up with helium balloons and cannot pass lower orbit.
    8. 3 astronauts, one president = Obama and two NASA employees, all say the same thing, they can't get any further than lower orbit = 110 km up.
    9. Why does no astronaut dare to swear on the Bible that they were on the moon, if they had been there they could have done so.
    10. Challenger 10 exploded with 7 astronauts, how can 6 of them live today, three with the same name and date of birth and all with their families?
    11. Why do we only see they play and do somersaults in ISS, in our TV box, they never work there, and no one can get further than lower orbit, so they can not do it either.
    12. Why do we pay for satellite TV when 99% of its communication comes from cables located on our seabed that interconnect the communication?
    13. LORAN Long Range Navigation works with cell stations that connect to our earth, it only works on a flat earth, giving us the position we are in, and we call it today GPS.
    14. Moonstones were taken home from the moon and given to many museums, when checked in a French museum it turned out that these were made of old wood, so is the moon made of wood?

  79. RandomFin says:

    I think they are talking about void

  80. Leticia Lachica says:


  81. d Gtm says:

    Thank you guys for you passion and dedication towards unknown.
    Huge respect.

  82. Rashed Khoory says:

    music is different and audio quality of the scientists aren’t that good

  83. 351Mrstephens says:

    Spoiler alert. There is no such thing as dark energy or matter. It’s just hard to see regular energy and matter in the form of plasma and dust. Go over to suspicious0bservers channel. Yes spelled with a zero

  84. Tom Lyle says:

    First of all, I’m not a troll or a bot. But I just wanted to add a comment from a layperson. I have a doctorate, I’m no fool. But not formally trained in this area. But many have suggested to me that the reason the universe is increasing the speed in which it is expanding is not from some unknown force such as dark matter, but a lessening of the forces that held it together in the first place. Scientists are searching for a complex answer where a simple answer is at hand. The abating of the power of forces (gravity, etc.) are decreasing as objects get further away. This might may be no more than logarithmic growth. And those who speak to me about it can’t see why these researchers don’t see that.

  85. Phillip Probst says:

    Isn’t this 3D map you’re referring to actually a 4D map? Relativity dictates that the further “away” you look the further “ago” you are looking.

  86. Jin Bruno Petrycoski says:

    Is possible that photons accelerate (go faster than the constant speed of light) duo to the dark matter and energy and that’s why the data shows this weird pattern?

  87. Don't, Jimm says:

    Don't let flat earthers watch this! They'll watch the first 15 seconds and claim that's proof every scientist ever is lying.

  88. An Ambient Cyborg says:

    It must be all tied up with gravity and time, ie, Einstein's theory is incomplete….don't want to go down the UFO conspiracy route, but if we are being visited, then these UFO sightings, if genuine, tend to suggest that gravity and/or other forces can be controlled and manipulated.

  89. Lakario Davis says:

    I think dark energy is likely external dimensional forces acting upon our dimension. in which case, unless we become multidimensional beings we will probably never be able to fully understand it. I do not believe that space goes on forever. I don't believe anything is infinite. I believe that when the numbers are too great for us to conceive we just call it infinite.

  90. gary proffitt says:

    I have got a big clue but don't matter what it is the stuff of dreams…😉

  91. Easy There says:

    Matter, energy, plasma…done. Stars crank out energy across the spectrum and cosmology ignores it. Induction can explain many of these processes.

  92. nazart says:

    It’s sad that at some point, stars will be so far apart that no one will be able to see them, the sky will be dark as an empty void.

  93. Don't, Jimm says:

    It's really sad to look at these comments and see how horribly misinformed people are. Grown ass adults denying proven science……. Please, just do real research. Learn about the Scientific method and apply it.

  94. john thaxton says:

    Mapping the entire universe to find what dark energy is and to see how the end will come the day before it comes. Would be kinda funny. And by day I mean a millinia.

  95. Kanishk Kumar says:

    Autobiography Of A Yogi said the Universe is bucket shaped. How the hell did they know that in the 1800s?

  96. Andre Nilsson says:

    Put all that money and focus on electric/plasma universe instead. This science is completely of track.

  97. JimElford says:

    I wonder if another lower dimensional universe is pushing ours faster and faster to breaking point, like an overfilled water balloon. Ours stretches outwards so fast that all matter implodes and dissipates only to be absorbed by the new embryonic universe/singularity "beneath/within" ours.

  98. herman sohier says:

    Is dark energy the context of matter?

  99. Daniel Downs says:

    Your dark energy is a magnet. Or Birkeland currents.

  100. Francisco Blazquez says:

    This made feel completely worthless, thx to all the scientists for existing and the great work you do 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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