The Lightning Thief (Original Cast Recording): 12. My Grand Plan (Audio)


You know the only gift my mom ever gave me? A hat, that makes you invisible. You put it on and no one can see you. Seemed appropriate. [Sung]
I’ve always been a smart girl Always made the grade, always got the gold
star I’ve always been a smart girl
but smart girl only gets a girl so far. You win at every single game
You want a quest, they tell you tough If you don’t go you’ll never know
If you’ll ever be good enough. My grand plan
Is that I will be remembered My grand plan
just you wait and see You better wise up, ’cause I’ll rise up
Bring on any challenge! And someday soon, someone will notice me. I’ve always been a tough girl
Always been the one to not run from a fight Always been a tough girl
‘Cause most girls never win if they’re polite. So me, I tend to stand my ground
I found I never can give in It may not be my quest, but maybe it’s mine
to win! My grand plan
Is that I will be remembered My grand plan
just you wait and see You better wise up, ’cause I’ll rise up
Bring on any challenge! And someday soon, the world will notice me. And your step-mom treats you like some freak
and your dad won’t give you the time of day and your mom won’t trust you with a quest
So the best thing you can do is run away! Run away.. But I have a plan
I will be remembered I will be great
Just wait and see! You better wise up, ’cause I’ll rise up
Bring on any challenge! And someday soon I swear! I don’t know how or when
But I promise you I’ll never be invisible again! Someone will notice, me. I’ve always been a smart girl.

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100 thoughts on “The Lightning Thief (Original Cast Recording): 12. My Grand Plan (Audio)”

  1. juan miguel lopez arroyo says:

    Well, anabeth's father study history of the war, sot that can explain a lot…

  2. sofia says:

    Maybe the reason Annabeth was never given a quest is because Athena knew she would be the one to bring back the Athena Parthenos and she couldn't risk Annabeth dying before thatt could happen…

  3. Rachel C. Patz says:

    Notice me senpai

  4. KL _144 says:

    In case you haven't seen/listened to it, do yourself a favor and look up "My Grand Plan Green Room" where this was live and listen to the alternative opening/ending

  5. Nikayla Skye says:

    I love this song so much and I relate to Annabeth so much

  6. A S H O O K S I S T E R says:

    She wants to be remembered. But she has so many fans😂

  7. diary of a dork says:

    I love Ya annabeth chase

  8. diary of a dork says:

    Percy noticed you❤️

  9. Bee jesus says:

    cough rise up cough

  10. naydyi says:

    dam annabeth sure achieved her grand plan

  11. Ruby Nights says:

    Me: Oh i love this song, let's check the comment section!
    Comment section is full of people refrencing Hamilton, being mad at the former people, or lyrics
    Me: Why do i keep checking the comment section you know how they are

  12. jackmichael285 says:

    How does it feel to have your name in books worldwide, to be known for surviving Tarturaus, following the Mark of Athena, beating both Kronos and Gaea? Now the world noticed you and the whole world knows your name

  13. Gunner 14 says:

    The fact that she said " Just you wait " and " Rise up" in the same song made my inner hamilfan flare up

  14. Cricket says:

    Here from Tawnypelt's map, but I can appreciate those Hamilton fans too ;>

  15. EnderHannah says:

    i dont know anything about this song but my friend recommended it and its purty good

  16. paranoid karma says:

    everyones like I connect with Percy or annabeth and in the first book if thats what we'er going off of, I really connect with grover. Maybe its because I'm the mom of the group, tree on the hill just gives me memorys, Still I love this song.

  17. just a random blueberry says:

    Well, ..MY grand plan is to kidnap Rick and force him to write another Percy Jackson book, I don't care if it doesn't fit with any of the others or the storyline, i'll be waiting.

  18. Yeeter Skeeter says:

    This is literally my theme song, aside from the running away part (I love my fam). This is the only percy jackson song I've ever listened to, but I relate to it on another level.

  19. Charity Sellman says:

    She's gana RISE UP??

  20. Ariana says:

    I heavily relate to this song

  21. Lillian Pilgrim says:

    any one here 2018

  22. Kaye says:

    Annabeth: Run awa-y!
    Brendan Urine: Golden day- s

  23. Frankie Nayman says:

    I love this but for some reason I keep imagining it as the the singing voice of Megan Mullally

  24. Bri_Cheese_Please says:

    You are very remembered Annabeth

  25. You know BTS? says:

    I love how in both Percy and Annabeth's songs say someone WILL notice me

  26. M V says:

    should i be scared that i find this way too relateable

  27. Peggers says:

    *wipes proud tears from eyes*

  28. Spencer Kapusta says:

    6th grade Algonquin team 2 anyone??

  29. Brycelyn Turner says:

    we need to get this musical on Apple Music ASAP

  30. Kizombo Kalumbula says:

    What is this?

  31. mai says:

    is no one gonna comment on how she said
    "ive always been a smart girl

    a smart girl only gets a girl so far"
    harold, shes a lesbian

  32. Small_ Cryptid says:

    annabeth is secretly Eliza from hamilton

  33. Rinmon says:

    I love this song so much!💛💛 I even wrote polish lyrics to it and I wanted to sing it, but I couldn't find any good instrumental/karaoke versions of this song… *sniff*😢😢

  34. Angela Davidson says:

    When she said "rise up" my brain immediately went into Hamilton mode

  35. Angela Davidson says:

    This matched up SO WELL with Annabeth's character! Reminds me of her telling Percy about her dream to be an architect…to make something that'll last a long time

  36. gubbiioo says:

    Me: ”GODS why is annabeth so amazing!”

    Also me: * sets profile picture of Katie Gardner *


  37. Emmaline Dobbs says:

    This musical is so amazing

    Also I’m struggling with the feels

    Noooo my rabbit son mustn’t know I’m crazy.

  38. misfits says:

    We all got the potential Hamilton reference
    b u t did y'all catch the In The Heights one?
    "Always made the grade, always got the gold star"
    "The one always made the grade

  39. n o e l l e says:

    this comment section is so full of negativity…

  40. LlamaIsLove LlamaIsLife says:

    This song is so relatable. I feel as though I am not noticed for what I do. For my friends, family, the grades I get, all I do is get mistreated and yelled at. I want to be noticed by someone, someone tell me it's okay and I am good enough. No one's noticed the pain I got through. So yeah, I can relate. I can relate to the fact people think I'm not good enough and they will never notice me

  41. One Bright Star says:

    "Cause most girls never win if they're polite."

    Me: silent crying because I'm polite af

  42. burningphoenix36 says:

    Easily my favourite in the soundtrack.

  43. horror repose. says:

    demigods…..RISE UP

  44. JK'S GAMES says:

    Annabeth is the best people will notes you

  45. monsters and me says:

    OKAY CAN I JIST SAY SOMETHING REAL QUICK!!! For all the people saying people should stop comparing Alexander Hamilton and Annabeth Chase, and saying how shitty of a person Alex was, JUST STOP! people are aloud to have their opinions!
    Yes I agree, it was a horrible move to have a year long affair on his wife but he was human! He made mistakes and that's okay. It's a sad thing that THATS the only thing he's remembered for. He created America's well known bank systems, he owned no slaves and wanted to make slaves illegal, he created the strategy for America to win the war against the most trained army with newer weapons when America couldn't even afford SHOES. He was traumatized as a child yet never gave up on his dreams, and the only thing you can remember him for is an affair? he made up with Elizabeth and wrote in the letter before his death that he hoped to see her in a better life. it gets my blood boiling that you all judge him for his mistakes rather than his wins. He would be so disappointed, this isn't how he wanted to be remembered. Annabeth and Hamilton were both strong individuals who wanted to be remembered. is it so hard ti believe that they're alike? I'm just stating my opinion, and I'm not trying to silence anyone. just trying to put some sense into your heads.

  46. MK Andrews says:

    I remember you Annabeth! I notice you!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Mary Studios says:

    Her Solo! I just do have words to describe it at all. Fun fact this song was almost cut from the musical. They cut some of the beginning and end to it to make it work.

  48. Kukeluus says:

    I love how this song also portrays Anna her fatal flaw (pride)

  49. DJ What if says:

    This feels like familiar, like I have heard this but I know I haven’t

  50. Stella says:

    what she is saying she wants is called υστεροφημία (hysterophymia I think it's pronounced??) and most of the heroes and even citizens wanted that. Υστεροφημία means to be remembered after you die.

  51. Rachel 3.o says:


  52. purplecatlover1825 randompizza says:

    I'm auditioning to sing this at my last chorus concert of middle school, I have gotten into 1 thing I've auditioned for, that a side part for the school play last year I auditioned for everything in chorus and I've improved so much, so wish me luck

  53. Bohemian Cheese says:

    Annabeth is my spirit animal. Along with Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street 😂

  54. Anonymous User says:

    Just came from Hamilton so I went ooo! At the "eyes up, rise up" part. Sorry this isn't good but I'm on a musical roll here.

  55. Kinky Cracker says:

    Every one is saying how they relate to Annabeth but here I am just fangirling about how great her voice sounds.

    (Also am I the one who thinks this would be a great addition song)

  56. Gb says:

    In mythology Haides had a helmet that made him invisible. Soooo thats cool :v

  57. oi_bruv720 says:

    Wise up? Rise up? Hamilton be like

  58. Christian B says:

    This amazing character finally has the adaptation she deserves. I can die in peace now.

  59. Wolfheart says:

    I relate to Annabeth so much it hurts like wow!

  60. purplecatlover1825 randompizza says:

    I'm si ging this song for 2 auditions

    One for a musical

    And one to sing this song before a chorus concert

  61. Zansi says:

    I just saw the musical in Seattle with Sarah Beth Pfeifer (Clarisse) playing the part of Annabeth, and MAN did she kill it. Her voice is incredible throughout, but during this song, she was giving me chills. I only wish there was a way to get a recording of her singing Annabeth's parts because good lord that was incredible.

  62. The Maurders says:

    This is me.

  63. Georgena Weaver says:

    H O L Y F U C –

  64. grape the flof says:

    "You better wise up because I'll ride up" I'm getting Hamilton vibes for some reason….

  65. Kevin James Machado says:

    I just saw this last night in San Jose, CA and this was by far one of my favorite songs!

  66. TF2Fan101 says:

    The Hamilton jokes… I… MUST… RESIST… MAKING… THEM!!!!!

  67. Fear Greg says:

    I never really liked Annabeth but ok

  68. Geek Artiste says:

    "You better wise up, 'cause I'll rise up."

    Lin, we need to talk!!

  69. M G says:

    Is it just me, or does Annabeth sound a little like Elsa?

  70. M G says:

    "someone will notice me"
    Percabeth shippers: shipping intensifies

  71. Gb says:

    Percy and Annabeth are related btw

  72. i smell pennies says:

    i love hamilton and percy jackson but ya’ll need to chill out

  73. Amelya Bedilia says:


  74. Unicornia 8188 says:

    Annabeth is like, the easiest person to relate to. ever

  75. Shafiqul Islam says:

    I love her voice

  76. Maggie Burge says:

    @annapantsu please cover this you'd do such an amazing job

  77. noelani the fangirl says:

    there's a million things i haven't done, but just you wait

  78. BigWeeb says:

    This song was beautiful!
    This is actually Annabeth tho XD

  79. mar mar says:

    annabeth kind of resembles hamilton
    – "you better wise up cause I'll rise up"
    – "my grand plan is that I will be remembered"

  80. Chocolate ELFIE says:

    The original senpai notice me.

  81. Fishahey ; says:


  82. Zuza Olszówka says:

    I'm getting some hamilton vibes

    Just u wait

  83. Holly Ingram says:

    I swear Annabeth has more lines in this than she has in both of those garbage movies

  84. R.B. blueberry says:

    Epicardo. Merece más reconocimiento, ay :"3

  85. Alyssa Morgan says:

    0:09–0:54, 1:43–2:43

  86. Naomi S. says:

    Aside from the step-mom part, Tris Prior from Divergent could sing this and it would fit perfectly with her character.

  87. Alan Leone-Bridges says:

    To Hamilton fans: Washington is Annabeth's Older brother on Athena's side and Jefferson is A judge of the underworld

  88. cheyenne says:

    me: i can't love annabeth chase anymore than i already do
    this song: hold my beer

  89. Abigail Tyler says:

    "You better wise up, 'cause I'll rise up" hmmmm where else have I heard wise up and rise up

  90. Talia Deich says:

    Annabeth the struggle is real

  91. sophie scribbles says:

    I've always related to Annabeth, "the smart girl" but she isn't only the Smart Girl, she just wants to prove that she can be strong and powerful despite what others think. And she has to work twice as hard to prove it because she's a girl.

  92. Olivia Chappell says:

    "cause most girls never win if they're polite"
    stares at Piper

  93. Kacey Spencer says:

    I can’t help but picture a ravenclaw singing this

  94. MiraculousEverafter's Forever says:

    Annabeth: You better wise up, 'cause I'll RISE UP. Bring on any challenge!
    Me: Is Annabeth Genderbent Alexander Hamilton?

  95. Nick Covone says:


  96. Nick Covone says:


  97. MadelinVo says:

    Did anyone notice the Ham reference? (Rise up wise up)

  98. BookB1tch says:

    I love Percy, but I've always related more to Annabeth mostly because of her answer when Percy asks what she would do if her dad was in the Underworld:
    "Easy. I'd leave him there to rot."
    I share that sentiment with my parents, they mess up, their fault I'm not putting myself between them. Replace "stepmom" with mom in the song, and for the other two parental things, have my bio dad who won't give me anytime and basically moved on and has a wife and two kids, and my stepdad who took me in, but I guess is now regretting it since I came out as bi.
    The only reason I never ran, never committed suicide was because I have seven younger siblings to think about (five due to my mom and two mentioned previously), and what would happen to them if I was gone? My mom isn't known for patience, and I'm still worried that my bio dad might leave his new family like he did with me and my mom.
    My grand plan, my top priority, is my siblings, if they can get through part of this life with me telling them that I love them and care for them, then they will be fine. I will be there mom figure if I have to be, as much as it irks me.

  99. •Raven-Puff• says:


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