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Edrea Espinoza was seven months
pregnant when she woke up in excruciating pain. Her mother rushed
her to the hospital. EDREA ESPINOZA: It just felt
like something wasn’t right. EDREA’S MOTHER: The
nurse took the– NURSE : That a girl. EDREA’S MOTHER: –monitor and
rubbed it on Edrea’s abdomen to hear the baby’s heartbeat. And there was nothing. And that’s when I knew
that this was serious– that the baby wasn’t OK. OPRAH WINFREY (VOICEOVER):
The doctors prepared Edrea for an emergency delivery. EDREA ESPINOZA:
When she came out she wasn’t moving or breathing. And I saw them take her to
the other side of the room, and they started working on her. There was no heart rate. The baby wasn’t crying. There were no respirations
that were audible at all. OPRAH WINFREY
(VOICEOVER): Doctors spent the next 30
minutes struggling to bring the stillborn
baby back to life. You never want to stop
resuscitating a baby. It’s like one of your
biggest nightmares. EDREA ESPINOZA: When I saw the
neurologist shake his head, I knew that there was
nothing that they could do. OPRAH WINFREY (VOICEOVER):
In the midst of her grief, Edrea was asked if she would
like her baby baptized. EDREA ESPINOZA: That
was the first time I talked to God in a long time. And I just asked Him to
please take care of her. I wasn’t sure what I was
going to name her yet. And I decided on Aiyana,
because it meant eternal bloom. OPRAH WINFREY (VOICEOVER):
After the baptism, as Edrea said her
final goodbyes, something miraculous occurred. EDREA ESPINOZA: All of
a sudden she just went (SHARPLY INHALES). EDREA’S MOTHER: The staff
rushed into the room. They did not want us to get
excited about her coming to life because she
had gone so long without oxygen. She
actually came back to life 65 minutes after she was born. OPRAH WINFREY (VOICEOVER):
Against all odds, Aiyana’s breathing
grew stronger. She was immediately transferred
to the neonatal intensive care unit under the supervision
of Edrea’s friend, Dr. Tony Solomay and
Roshanda Clemmons. WOMAN: She was not moving much. Not responding to anything. She had an EEG done, which
measures brainwave activity. The results were horrible. WOMAN: Statistically,
I wouldn’t think that she would be able to eat
on her own, to walk, to sit up. Nothing prepares you
to have to tell a friend that their baby is not
going to be totally normal, or that their baby may not live. EDREA’S MOTHER: It was
explained to us that Aiyana had severe brain damage. Their recommendation
was that she be removed from life support. OPRAH WINFREY (VOICEOVER):
That day Aiyana’s life support was disconnected. EDREA ESPINOZA: They told
me anywhere between an hour and a day she’ll pass. OPRAH WINFREY (VOICEOVER):
But the baby was not finished with her surprises. WOMAN: I couldn’t believe
that she was breathing. She had a few gasping
breaths there for a minute that were kind of scary. But after that, she was
breathing on her own. EDREA ESPINOZA:
The doctors would say, OK, well, she’s
breathing on her own but she’s not
responding to touch. So a day later, you
would touch her, and she would grab
your hand back. And then, she
developed a suck, which meant that she could feed. That was kind of the point where
we all were really excited. EDREA’S MOTHER: That’s when
Dr. Solomay said to Edrea and I, this looks like
this is Aiyana’s show, and we’ll just wait to
see what she does next. OPRAH WINFREY (VOICEOVER): And
15 days later, Aiyana was well enough to leave the hospital. EDREA ESPINOZA: The doctors
just said she’s a miracle baby. She’s unbelievable. And we don’t
understand why or how, but we’re not going
to question it. This has to be the
works and the acts of God. I really believe there’s no
other explanation for it. Aiyana, the miracle baby,
is now three years old. Healthier, and more adorable–
[AUDIENCE APPLAUDING] AUDIENCE: Awe. –than ever. I love it when the doctors say,
you know, it’s nuttin’ but God. Right. I loveth that.

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