The Most MYSTERIOUS Object in the Universe


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100 thoughts on “The Most MYSTERIOUS Object in the Universe”

  1. MrShpaco says:

    Where can I get a globe like that? It spins! That's awesome!

  2. Deep Recce says:

    But i thought the critical mass explains it all? Brown Dwarfs did not reached the critical mass thus it could not perform fusion( or limited fusion) ? Humm…

  3. ritik tiwari says:

    Can't a brown dwarf be a star which cannot be seen in visible light range because of gravitational red shift

  4. jeff jones says:

    Diana is TOO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. alto says:

    idk why but i want the type of object a brown drawf is to be called a centinen

  6. Joshy 101 says:

    What if stars are from a super heated gas planet?

  7. putdownyourphone says:

    It might surprise you to learn that hydrogen-fusing-into-helium makes up less than half of all nuclear reactions in our Sun and that it's also responsible for less than half of the energy that the Sun eventually outputs.
    Lots of simplified explanations for how things work in physics.

  8. Christine LaBeach says:

    Where can I get that cool moon globe?

  9. Doug Thomson says:

    Diana, you are fun, you bring science to light, and are a most wonderful role model for young women. Well done!

  10. Sean C says:

    i want the spinny Jupiter thingyyyyy!

    it's 160$ though 🙁

  11. setphaser says:

    i really like this space stuff and tiny atoms stuff! cern must have done something new and cool to talk about? i loveyou explaining things that no one else does well, like quarks quantum science… i love einstein’s quote that if you can’t explain it to an 8 year old, then you don’t fully understand it… he would LOVE you.

  12. Rancid Jane says:

    Thanks for the vids Physics Girl.

  13. Arundhati Raykar says:

    I just like how you make everything hard easy in your videos

  14. omid parsia says:

    How does that Jupiter rotate?

  15. Emil Macko says:

    So what you're saying is that planets and stars are on a spectrum

  16. Eletronic Music & PC Games says:

    Strange stars if they exist are the strangest things in the universe.

  17. ko83na says:

    don't mind me, i'm just a cold sun… ):

  18. Russell smejkal says:

    Maybe it’s jest a core of a stare and not all stars go super nova

  19. Michi Melody says:

    Poor Pluto. You'll always be a planet to me little dude!

  20. Leo Rivers says:

    Is there a Brown Dwarf in the Oort Cloud? Ask you pal. If so, it ought to be dubbed YUGGOTH. It actually fulfills his description and location. Cheers.

  21. CLete says:

    If only I had a girlfriend just like you….. you're so attractive inside and out, in the most appealing way!

  22. mister watson says:

    I don't know if u r aware of recent developments on the star. It now seems that stars r electric. And even more important, outside of our solar system the environment is regulated by electricity and not gravity( which cannot b explained by anyone)

  23. Howard S says:

    The answer to your title is…
    The human brain.

  24. Eat Shit says:

    If it's on fire , it's a STAR. If it's NOT on fire , it's a PLANET. How hard was that ?

  25. Eat Shit says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ! You're PBS. That explains your complete ignorance of EVERYTHING.

  26. bobpeters61 says:

    Kind of fun that the size scale goes up from gas giant to brown dwarf.

  27. alanlpctech says:

    Good content. Too spastic and too many clips.

  28. Mario Gonzales says:

    Would love for you to do and explaing the double-slit experiment.

  29. Jason c says:

    I want that "Jupiter".

  30. KC LEACH says:

    i have been thinking Jupiter could be a failed star because most solar systems out there have 2 stars/suns! what is your thoughts on this?

  31. rich t mason says:

    uh girl geeks unfortunately don't know any 🙁

  32. jupamoers says:

    A brown dwarf is like a non-binary human 😉
    third gender 🙂

  33. MrAffeman says:

    I don´t think fusion goes on inside the sun, it is all happening on the surface… Why? Because all elements are found in the solar wind. If heavier elements sinks towards the core then none of it would be detected in space, but it does.

    Just admit it, science has gone bust on this!

  34. polite critique says:

    Bible says atheists. Scientists worship Satan its reason why we are 1000 years behind in all sciences cos churches banned it for a millennia.

  35. Philip Leitch says:

    Ligers are bigger than either parent due to hybrid vigor.

  36. Gary Peatling says:

    A woman's brain is the most mysterious thing no question

  37. No Name says:

    You said "Bee Em DoubleYou"! Congratulations, you may be only the second person in the universe to have done so!

  38. sarah michel says:

    I really enjoyed this presentation; You have fab guests and your highlights are gorgeous! ~Sarah

  39. Wild Man of the North says:

    It seems that chemistry is the science behind Brown Dwarfs
    Reactions not fusion.
    It's gathering dust and other compound molecules from space perhaps a possible maybe.

  40. Thierry DANIS says:

    i'm pretty sure my neighbors are brown dwarves 🙂

  41. Abhishek Datta says:

    Cool Jupiter model. Where can I get that from???

  42. Clint James De Paz says:

    If I can still remember, Jupiter has a potential to become a star, it's just it lacks mass. So if Jupiter has enough mass, maybe it will turn into a brown dwarf first, then a star. Just a theory, though.

  43. Furnace Furn says:

    It's so impossible to not like this girl

  44. Ronald Schmal says:

    Snow white knows a lot of dwarfs, just talk to her. Problem solved.

  45. Prasad Gadre says:

  46. Prasad Gadre says:

    Hope you like this more info

  47. DavidFMayerPhD says:

    There is an issue with fusion. Stars are hot and dense enough to support H1-H1 fusion. However, the presence of deuterium in ALL cosmic hydrogen, and the MUCH LOWER temperature required for D-D fusion, means that there is a size of object in which D-D fusion occurs without H1-H1 fusion. Since the ratio of deuterium to protium is .000156, such fusion would be VERY SLOW, but non-zero. Thus, brown dwarfs (and perhaps even Jupiter) produce energy from D-D fusion which accounts for their modest energy output that permits them to be detected.

  48. Miguel Garcia says:

    I'm a good looking brown dwarf…

  49. will2see says:

    Are you drunk?

  50. ding dong says:

    Mens nipples. No need to watch the video.

  51. Tàpai Ferenc says:

    The eart!Feri.

  52. Pat B says:

    You have obviously been studying physics too long, the most mysterious object in the universe is the brain of the lady you love!

  53. John Doe says:

    I never got over the Pluto demotion fiasco so I wish you wouldn't have brought it up now I'm depressed.

  54. Ruben de León says:

    0:56 stop the disdaining campaign please, poor, poor Pluto…

  55. Im a dog Garcia says:

    Pluto, a planet in heart

  56. VladVladislav says:

    Universe: Hey, humans! Good luck with categories!

  57. ROBBY Andrews says:


  58. ROBBY Andrews says:

    I'M SORRY K+5!

  59. Xaracen says:


  60. John Rettig says:

    Hi👋 PG Great vid

    Dence , dim and full of methane

    That reminds me of a guy I went to school with when I was younger .

  61. metalicana bach says:

    thnx, you make physics more fun.

  62. CB Norwood says:

    I've never been as annoyed by a presenter as I am by this presenter. Can someone tell me how to block content from a specific presenter?

  63. Troy W says:

    Try this what is space! Have a think or you can try agent carter antimatter and the dimension of space it lives on have you Seen the test 😨 and it's housed on a fabric but it's like behind you, be careful??? And matter is not on this side you need the hole to transfer (NOW what is space!.)

  64. Carlos Castanheiro says:

    Black holes and Quasars are way more mysterious though, but thank you so much for the enlightening video.

  65. Dereck Meriton says:


  66. Bill Stelling says:

    sigh… The ending is very sad indeed.. very sad.

  67. Bernard Putersznit says:

    Our Beloved once 9th PLANET? — YEAH GURL! I hold down McTyson Nuggets and you WAIL on his presumptive ares with a REEL HARD Kuiper Belt – LETS DO THIS!

  68. Joe Milosch says:

    I just came across an interesting story relating to the moon. It's about how statistics really can be deceiving. Look at the moon compared to all the stars in the background. Compared to all those stars, the moon is as close insignificant as you can get. Yet, if you ask people, what impacts your lives more, the moon, or all the stars in the universe? People will say "the moon", that least significant fleck of cosmic crud, affects them more. So the least significant has the most prominence.

  69. Brian Wind Grøndahl says:

    where can you get those planets on your table??? 6:32 thx 🙂

  70. MidnightAmratha says:

    I assume those brown dwarves are the brown stars mentioned in the videogame Master of Orion 2 ?

  71. Mhathue Saint Gohn says:

    Electric Universe……

  72. Sam M says:

    So, celestial objects are a rainbow.

  73. brian montgomery says:


  74. Raj Som says:

    Can you explain the shape of universe? Its damn confusing

  75. Dale Clark says:

    Daniella says, at one point, that there's not enough fusion reactions in the core (of a brown dwarf) to hold it out against its gravity – does that mean that there is, literally, some fusion going on, but not enough?

  76. Titus Veridius says:

    Most mysterious really? ^.^ Not sure they are.

  77. Augustine Lopez says:

    Object … an eye. Oh yeah your so right. 😗

  78. Khaithang Haokip says:

    Which telescope found the Brown dwarf ? was it the Hubble ? Chandra ?

  79. David Miatke says:

    The Prettiest object in the Universe is Physics Girl.

  80. John Manderson says:

    There is a dwarf in the Oval Office browning his pants right now, does it count ? 😁

  81. david young says:

    if sun fuses hydrogen how does sun get neutron; electron proton neutron; since neutron star is what is left when star goes nova; meaning neutron did not spontaneously come to exist; but it existed before went supernova; so where did neutron come from if sun fuses hydrogen; not byproduct?

  82. primoroy says:

    OK, if brown dwarfs CAN'T fuse hydrogen…WHAT can or do they fuse (or do they just sputter on and off)?

  83. Anthony William Rich Jr says:

    Cutest physics girl in the universe! Where did you find those rotating models looks like the moon & Jupiter ?

  84. Nill Gddy says:

    stop auditioning.

  85. GI Joe says:

    Physics girl do your Batteries ever run down WOW !! 🙂

  86. Lavalambtron says:

    Is your mom.

  87. Miles Campbell says:

    Physics Girl is cute 🤗

  88. John Gaetano says:

    Anyways is improper grammar.

  89. Jay Dee says:

    Barack Obama and his sealed records.

  90. RUI SANTOS says:

    Is it possible to scientifically view or describe the magnetic field in other galaxies?

  91. davisx2002 says:

    Gary Coleman was the original Brown Dwarf

  92. Novaximus says:

    While not an object, I think Bootes Void is the most mysterious thing in the universe

  93. Miktecrep says:

    Not the most visible object in the "Universe" but only in the detectable area.

  94. Katie Giles says:

    Umm I thought a brown/black dwarf was a white dwarf that has completely run out of energy and is completely black and does not emit any light at all and you can't see it. Also astronomers have yet to find one of these because they don't emit light. Another argument is the universe has not been around long enough for a white dwarf to completely run out of fuel/energy. If this is not a brown dwarf then what am I describing? Or was this what you were trying to say just worded different?

  95. Michael Jetnikoff says:

    Hi,fission,fusion, from sudden changes,Mercury plannery aria,song ,be a neutraun Star,THART similar to I/O,of JuPaRaRra,the song tween saun,n JuPaRaRra ,stabilizing,brown dwarfs swirl light in high curved incoherent light ,with variabl polarizartion if reflacts or reflects from high ‘’dens to light’’ objects,thee might find dark mass reradiartes redshifted CBR,due to black BODARIA,changes with instrunum,songsinger,NARTURENURTURE twist n tween NAOT,instrunum,n observer,asHe,haelthierium,,dfrnt to sound if Xenon,musing or thinking becoz of whart seen heard affected how,thru when whart seen with,many species in ocean,similar to space,ocean of fluids of dfrnt compressabilithrum,see saun,sun,art 93 ‘A’,thanx,bliss,XAMichael

  96. Mircea Pintelie says:


  97. Rocket Mann says:

    Want to know the truth about Stars, planets, comets and galaxies. Visit " The Thunderbolts Project" and get up to speed on the "Electric Universe"!!!!
    Amazing real science that is eye opening!

  98. Mister Hand says:

    Not cool! Mexican midgets ate not to be observed as oddities!

  99. Arpit singh says:

    Can you make a video on how did we figure out that light is a part of electromagnetic spectra?

  100. michael steven says:

    I totally have a crush on physics girl 😉 lol

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