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100 thoughts on “The Other Woman | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network”

  1. Princess Violet says:

    I use to believe that mistresses were evil and ruined families. As a person who is a child of divorce I think it’s the men’s responsibility not the “other woman”. She owes no loyalty to a marriage that she’s not a part of.

    This is my personal opinion. My dad married his mistress and they’ve been together for over 20 years. I don’t think everyone has the same “morals” or loyalty standard. There are benefits to dating a married man especially as a young woman. Not all women seek out to date married men, sometimes it just happens. Any of this women can be us especially when feelings are involved.

    Someone you know is a mistress, wether you admit it not.

  2. Nicolas West says:

    When I hear of mistresses and women who sleep around, and even think about personal past situations, it reminds me of the scriptures "guard your heart" and
    "O daughters of Jerusalem, I adjure you: Do not arouse or awaken love until the time is right". These women have let themselves fall in love time and time again (including my past self) with people who are clearly showing them that they are not number 1 (after God) in their life. By God's grace, I guard my heart now, hopefully these women are all now doing the same.

  3. Arp Sri says:

    You interview people because you want to know about them. You want to study about their thought and emotion. They are old enough to know what is right and wrong.

  4. Amor Ankh says:

    Most women have been approached by married men but hopefully most of us say no thank you. When you go to business conferences married men will approach you but you can so no.

  5. A . Smith says:

    What! Oprah had an affair w/ a married man!😳

  6. M says:

    These women are beyond stupid.

  7. akatsukichik112 says:

    35:54 the awkward moment when you realize you're about to get sued 😂🤣

  8. Debra Smith says:

    If more women knew there could be financial consequences for enabling men in adultery maybe they would think twice before engaging.

  9. dee MAVERICK says:

    Married men who cheat are purveyors of pain and full disrespect.

    I hate married men who cheat on their wifes.

  10. jfour2zero says:

    “It’s cheaper to keep her”

  11. Indigo Elite says:

    Beware that married man is a filthy rat and one day their trashy lifestyle will catch up with them. Additionally, all you women who travel that path with the aforementioned should be ashamed of yourselves. Because you are settling for crumbs, and wasting your youth on trash that will dump you in the trash can when they are done.

  12. Selma P. says:

    If you have a nice social media pictures alone ( without boyfriend, brother, father, husband with you on it), you are gonna be contacted by married man. Period.

  13. Lisa Davis says:

    Thank you so much posting your old episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you from the airwaves. You brought decency. I grew up watching you as a kid, into adulthood. I remember your first show.

  14. Brooke Bailey says:

    I don't know how a man can "love" with his wife and cheat on her. It's like the womans pain and anguish is nothing and completely irrelevant. I just don't understand.

  15. emerybayblues says:

    The lady at 5:35 was on Dr. Phil with a bunch of mistresses.

  16. Maylyn Bayani says:

    Michelle must have zero self worth to be happy in being the other woman. I cant understand how being second banana be so special

  17. Michelle Brazil says:

    A lot of times…the other woman gets the man they are trying to steal and they do it thinking that they won. In reality, every relationship that they have in this manner will only leave them alone and wondering why they will struggle in their relationships.. TRUST

  18. Lemme C. says:

    I was the "other woman" even though I am a guy. I dated this guy for 2 years who told me he was a single father living with his grandmother.
    Fast forward 2 years into the relationship, I find out he was married and I was so pissed off. I literally beat him up because he wasted my time and playing with my heart. Its been 6 years and he still tries to talk to me but I will never go back to him. Thats bad karma.

  19. simar Singh says:

    I miss my daily dose of Oprah Winfrey show

  20. simar Singh says:

    I learned so much from show

  21. Momma Roesling says:

    Things have happened to me in my life that I never thought I’d have to go through, and I’ve done things that I never thought I’d ever do. Because of this I’ve truly learned to NOT judge others. There are a lot of righteous comments on this post.

  22. simar Singh says:

    So true

  23. Felicia Hunt says:

    Can I please be a guest on your show?

  24. Felicia Hunt says:

    Michelle does look 10 years older😆😆

  25. dreamqueen317 says:

    What kind of 12 unmarried men do you know who go to the Oprah Winfrey show as a group? Just saying.

  26. Tansy rocco says:

    Obviously it's the husband who is the issue but I still don't get what kind of woman dates a man she knows is married. I think you'd have to be a pretty crappy human.

  27. agt24 says:

    Teryl, “I held onto him because he represented my dreams” – what about the actual human, the man, the partner? Not the figment of your dreams, your imagination. Hard to sympathize w someone who mourns the idea of a relationship, and not the actual partner. It’s a no brainer why he wandered.

  28. RumiExpress E says:

    By the time he told me he was married, I was already falling for him, I told him we couldn’t see eachother anymore. Yet I kept seeing him, other then kissing him nothing happened and
    we kind of moved into the friends zone. We had a great time together. I never saw him as a potential partner afterwards.

  29. Donnahhughes1954 Hughes says:

    Crystal has sad eyes…

  30. Veronica Apav says:

    More women have to learn that being both feminine and strong represents no conflict.

  31. Veronica Apav says:

    I LOVE the woman that Sue's the her husband's mistress and won.
    She is BOSS!!!

  32. Llusnalvi Caballero says:


  33. Donnahhughes1954 Hughes says:

    Funny, Gale is married to a white man..And loving it. By the way, Dean looks psycho, (In a good way?).

  34. Mastr Ji says:

    "Never waste your pretty on the wrong man"

  35. Fancy Vizion says:

    Oprah looks amazing.

  36. Donna Woodford says:

    None of this advice would have saved my marriage bc he was also cheating on his concubine with other mistresses; that was his predator personality and he didn't want to change.

  37. Mandy Rittenhouse says:

    To me the man is the one in the relationship so y hate on the other woman???

  38. Eric202 says:

    Michelle is 50

  39. Liz Jones says:

    Yeah, they don’t work lol

  40. Miss Saminator says:

    Sara is gorgeous she deserves better all of them deserve better

  41. Miss Saminator says:

    I love how Oprah also involved herself and tells her story

  42. Nassira Maizi says:

    How can you respect let alone Love a liar… a liar is a fake , no soul, nothing genuine… I don’t understand

  43. giselle joseph says:

    Those men are happy they do that all the time

  44. Divine Joy says:

    This show is about the woman on the side not the husband, thus why they're in the hot seat. Its easier to forgive someone who you're intimate with than a stranger.
    Then some of these women know these men are married and choose to continue. You also have the men who realise the mistake they make and try to walk away and the other woman will not let go. Once again yes the man should get the blame, but this show isn't about them. The only thing I will say to a wives is use your head and not your heart.

  45. Catrinia Smith says:

    This is very interesting. I know of someone who is a child of an affair. Their mother was approached very young by an married man who never told them they were married. Until later in the relationship. This person fell in love with the man. But the relationship was very short lived producing a child. The women moved on with child to have a beautiful life. Your life can be beautiful without them. It's the manipulation of that man who preys on young women, who we see can get older and still hang on as one of the women is doing. It's not worth it. At all.

  46. APG X says:

    I love how Oprah puts emphasis on marriage vows. God bless you Oprah

  47. ME says:

    I am a spoken word artist, and one of my most popular pieces is called “The Other Woman”. This is one of my most asked for pieces that speaks from the other point of view. I wrote this after discovering my now ex husband’s double life. God gave me this piece from the other woman’s point of view bcuz I wanted to kill both of them when I first found out. Him for lying and her only bcuz of the details inside of their affair. I never blame the other woman, unless she does something that stands out as separate…like coming to my home and eating at my table. (But I digress 😉) I think the piece came to free me from the bitterness and give me some perspective and peace. To all who are going through this or have gone through I send you love, support, and strength! You are enough. Don’t let anybody tell you anything different!

  48. saphiffer talbert says:

    Michelle 36? I thought this lady was at least in her 40s when this woman turn 50 which is what I am she’s going to look 70 !!

  49. debbie duccini-day says:

    Hard to watch the "justification" for their position. I was on the other side experiencing the hurt of the presence of the other woman. No matter how "normal" these women present themselves to be, they are part of a situation that they perpetuate and I assert that is wrong on so many levels. I can tell you that the hurt is long lasting.

  50. libra lady says:

    Im just trying to understand how they get people to go on national tv and put themselves on blast.

  51. Olivia VP says:

    it's great to see how open Oprah is too.

  52. PATRICIA says:

    So you know these men are married and yet you still start a relationship with them? Absolute Trash.

  53. Nilly K says:

    These women… Enemies of their own gender. The fact that they know that they are married and they don't stop the "relationship". Just disgusting upbringing, disgusting person. I just hope karma comes for them.

  54. starfab7 says:

    Michelle is NOT 36! More like 46

  55. Natasha Ford says:

    Some of these wives was the other woman at one point

  56. CJ Lstr says:

    That dude who is love gale doesnt blink, kind of creepy!

  57. Megan Brown says:

    I'm curious how many men got divorced in the end even if the other woman had already left the man like most of these women did leave. Has a other woman become the new wife?

  58. Pheeno Barbidoll says:

    Its like they never worry about a wife like me burning their house down in the middle of the night.

  59. Ayanna S Bryan says:

    Wait Michelle was with this man while he was dating, engaged to and then married his wife? She’s lying to herself when she says she wasn’t looking for something permanent. And I think she fancies herself in the same level as the wife.

  60. Yolanda Estrada says:

    Its wrong no matter what. When you cannot be open about your relationship it's a big red flag

  61. Boston Black Cat says:


  62. Kelly Marie says:

    I dedicated six years of my life to a long-distance relationship with a man in Australia. I’d fly to see him twice a year (at my expense) and he’d fly to see me twice a year.

    In the sixth year, I quit my job (where I’d been for eight years) and spent my life savings to move myself and my dog to Australia to be with him.

    Within eight months, he was cheating with his subordinate at work. I moved into the guest bedroom and had to stay in there for two months until I could fly my dog and myself home.

    It was the darkest time of my life.

  63. Claire 0209 says:

    Man I needed these old Oprah episodes. Daytime TV is trash now. THANK YOU.

  64. Stefanie Baggott says:

    Did anything ever develop between Gayle and Dean? I guess not, because she married someone else 😁

  65. Joan Lynch says:

    The wife probably knows that something is wrong, but she doesn't know how to get through all the gaslighting to find out what he is really doing. These women are believing what someone wants them to think. PS I heard about that lady who sued for damages against the other woman when I was in a similar situation. I don't know how common that is, but it gave me a different aspect about all this, show me the money!!

  66. sasa benk says:

    "Hi thanks"
    Oprah is way too arrogant for her uglyness XD

  67. I'm thinking about a good username . . . says:

    This Sarah woman also had an affair with Gordon Ramsey. She's a serial homewrecker.

  68. Shelley-Ann B says:

    Most men lie and play mind games. Only a weak woman and who isn't spiritually grounded will subject herself to this. What a waste of time and unnecessary pain these women bring upon themselves.

  69. Sarah Bishop says:

    OWN = NWO

  70. MsFrageria says:

    All parties involved are to blame and are accountable for their own moral compasses. I know some people who have told me a few situations where the husband and wife dont even live together. He has a whole separate home and living like a single man. So I want to know why couples are starting this married but “separated” thing? Because sometimes a single person is looking for someone single and available and they appear they are but are not. I know of women living this married but single life as well.

  71. Michelle Engelamm says:

    I want to know how the current and ex mistresses would feel if their husbands cheated.

  72. Tonya Eggleston says:

    Why aren’t y’all mad at the men ?🤔

  73. faith kibet says:

    Very informative and the ending with Gayle on phone is the highlight!

  74. Sabrina R. Purnell says:

    I’m getting angry watching this and I’m not even ten minutes in smdh. The lack of accountability is astounding.

  75. Elle Bee says:

    My story is bad, but these women reinforce the fact that I am not ALONE. We are in this struggle together.

  76. Mary Ellis says:

    Men and women are equally wrong because both parties do it. However, married people need to be accountable for THEIR actions and stop pursuing people, lying to them and make them think that what they are going through as a unhappily married person is horrific and that is why they seek out companionship from someone else. They paint a picture of themselves being wounded. Women are nurturers and sometimes fall for the lies. It takes two to tango.

  77. Kay Fay says:

    Lol is that jay pharaoh amongst those “brothers”?

  78. Eden S says:

    She was so happy to say that she was always looking for an upgrade 🥴

  79. Mulekah kabongo says:

    "years from now you'll look back at yourself and see just how PATHETIC you were".damn Oprah savage xD xD lmfaooo

  80. Life Is GRAND says:

    I’m counting this as single woman’s pre-marital research

  81. bloomoggi says:

    Can we have “the other man”? And the “the o other lesbian?” And the “the other gay man?

  82. Linda Casey says:

    Sistah wives … 🌹

  83. Just Run says:

    Why ww make being in your 30’s look so old.. Damn!

  84. Tanya Figueroa says:

    It’s not the women fault, it’s your husband fault

  85. moonchart says:

    Learn from the queers ya'll

  86. Amanda R says:

    Oprah: Did it matter that he was married?
    Crystal: It did?
    Oprah: How long did it last?
    Crystal: 7 years.
    Me: 🤨 It mattered? Really??? 😑

  87. Channelle James says:

    This therapist was the worse

  88. Jessie Jay says:

    I agree Married Men are the worst believe me!!!

  89. Alyssa Phillip says:

    Ppl we need to stop going off topic. There was a segment for married men. Now there is a segment for the women who go with them. Lets stay on topic pleasw

  90. good friends rock! says:

    sorry, yet I have no respect for women who date married men¬

  91. Sara Israel says:

    I hope the woman who is still involved with the married man sees what she is doing. When I was young 18 and 20 I also dated a married man but I was not trying to have a life with them I was just stupid and thought I was doing something which now I know was beyond dumb

  92. ayan Nuur says:

    6.5 yes and 7yrs?! That's a whole marriage !

  93. Nichole Sanders says:

    The other Women is moral and ethically wrong. Should be ashamed of yourself.

  94. Katherine Mali says:

    "I felt pathetic." Love Oprah's honesty.

  95. TheMabes69 says:

    "So why didn't he marry YOU?" (Crickets in background lmao…)

  96. Cayla Bailey says:

    I never forgot the woman in the green after all these years and couldn’t find a clip. But today, on my birthday, I see this. I love what she said about her strength in God because that is my only source of survival as I live on after a terrible betrayal. I wouldn’t change this journey for anything. I’m so much more fulfilled. God has gave me double reward for my former trouble! 💚

  97. good friends rock! says:

    I wonder if the audience would cheer if a man knocked a womens tooth out if she cheated on him?

  98. Patricia Levi says:

    He just left out the part ‘ I was with him’ while on his business trip, so he wasn’t lying? To leave out something like that, is ‘Lying’ it’s called ‘Lying by ommision’ you are so disillusioned!

  99. Willie Mala says:

    These women are pathetic

  100. Melissa Miller says:

    My friends dated a married man who told her he would marry her when . . . . Then after 10 years, he got divorced, and she broke up with him. She had no intention of marrying him. Turnaround.

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