The Skagit Hydroelectric Project — A Source of Clean and Renewable Energy (closed caption)

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The Skagit River continues on from here and
continues unimpeded. And some of the water here, you can think
about it as having provided power three times. If it was water that was originally stored
in Ross Lake, it provided power at Ross Powerhouse, came through Diablo Lake and went through
the system at the Diablo Powerhouse, and then came down here into the Gorge Powerhouse,
so that’s one of the ways that you can think of getting the most out of the natural system
here. One of the things that is an important message
of our operations up here is that hydropower is a clean and renewable source of energy. The Skagit Project is certified as a low-impact
hydro project. The Low Impact Hydropower Association has
a list of about eight criteria that it judges hydropower operations on, whether it’s protection
of endangered species or water quality. You know, things that are either beneficial
or at least kind of mitigate some of the other impacts to the natural environment. And so, the Skagit operation is rated as a low-impact
hydro operation.

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