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ANNOUNCER: The Believer’s
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The Believer’s Walk of Faith. BILL: God’s got
so far for you to go if you’ll just let him think
through you. He said, “Your thoughts have not been my
thoughts. Your ways have not been my ways.” From this day, we
gonna open up and we gonna allow God to think through our mind.
We gonna love, we gonna receive what he says about us, watch
this, how far we can go, what we can have, what we
can do, what we own, what we … Come on. Just
receive it by faith. BILL: Hello. Bill Winston
here and welcome to The Believer’s Walk of Faith,
where we walk by faith and not by sight. Well, did you
know that God chose you? You didn’t choose Him. You’ve heard
people say, “You know what? I’ve found the Lord.” He wasn’t lost.
We were lost. He found us. I don’t care what you been
through. You might have had a lot of things going on in your
background. Some people may have been in jail or even be married
five times, but you know what? That didn’t change God’s
mind about you. He knows your potential. He put something in
you. You couldn’t have come into this world, I don’t care who
your parents are. You couldn’t have come into this world
without him giving you life so he’s got a plan for you. You are
special. You have been chosen for such a time as this.
Today’s message going to really minister
you. Get your Bibles ready. It’s called Living
on Top of the World. BILL: Thinking is where it
starts. Not speaking. Let’s look at Proverbs chapter 30. In
Proverbs chapter 30 he says, “If thou has done foolishly in
lifting up thyself or if thou has thought evil, lay your
hand,” where? On your mouth. Notice Satan is after your
thoughts, but so is God. See? He Notice Satan is after your
thoughts, but so is God. See? He knows where the deal is. It’s in
your thinking. What you think on continuously you become because
it’s going to come out of your mouth. I gotta watch my thoughts
and things all around you are vying for your thoughts. They’re
trying to make you think that you can’t make it, you won’t
make it, you need this, you need that. When Satan came to Eve, he
came after her thoughts. It’s called the power of suggestion.
Satan uses sorcery to pump it. You gotta evaluate a thought
once you think it because if it’s not lining up with the
Word, you do something with it. You cast it out. You can seal
your mind. You can say in the name of Jesus I take the blood
and I seal the door of my mind from that thought ever coming
back again and that thought can get–Folks, thoughts are things.
That enemy will come with a thought and suggestion. Tell you
you don’t have this, you don’t … Notice what he told Eve. He
told Eve that God was holding something back and that wasn’t
even true. What God had done is hidden what all he was going to
do with her in her. Through her own obedience it would be
exposed. You’re not missing nothing. When you got made, God
had you on the workbench, come on, and everything that you
gonna do and be he put in you. All the potential is right in
there and as you obey him you going to work it out. Are you
following this? It’s all your thinking. If you … People are
not poor because they have no money or can’t find a good
paying job or whatever. They’re poor because of the way they
think. Are you following what I’m saying. Y’all stay with me
now. Jabez. 1 Chronicles chapter four. Jabez. Jabez found out
that his problem was not money. He didn’t ask God for money. He
asked God to enlarge his territory, his ability to
receive how God sees him. Fix how God seems me and I can
receive what God has for me because your image got a whole
lot to do with what you can do for God. We have been taught
that a Rolls Royce is more valuable than we are or
some kind of expensive car or expensive house or something.
See, but when you get to heaven, you going to have a mansion.
When you get to heaven, you going to walk on streets of-
CONGREGATION: Gold. BILL: Gold. When you get to heaven you going
to go through gates of- CONGREGATION: Pearl. BILL: See
God’s trying to show you bring heaven to earth. I want you to
know how valuable you are before you even get there. I got work
for you to do and you need an esteem to do it. Boy, that’s
good preaching right there. Thinking. I gotta get my
thinking right because if I get my thinking right, I can get my
speaking right and the spirit of a person, its job is to think
and speak. Jesus said it. He said my words, they are spirit
and they are life. That’s found in John 6:63. There are spirit
in their life. Spiritual things control natural things. Are you
with me? God made you royalty. He made you to speak and when
you speak things, you should expect something to come to
pass. The thinking is the thing. He said in Proverbs 23
and seven, “As a man,” what? CONGREGATION: Thinketh- BILL:
“Thinketh in his heart so is it.” Think. That thinking there
is continuum. What you dwell on, what you think and stay with in
your thought life so is he. He becomes or he ends up in that
place. Do you realize that your thoughts are so powerful
til they draw stuff to you? Philippians chapter four and
verse eight. He says, “Manage your mind.” He says, “Listen,
here’s what I want you to think on.” He said, “Think on
whatsoever things are”- CONGREGATION: True. BILL: True.
Look at Hebrews chapter 2 verse 14. “For as much, then, as the
children partaketh of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise
took part in the same.” Talking about Jesus. “That through death
he might destroy him that had the” … Had, had, had pastor.
“The power of death, that is the Devil.” Watch this. “And deliver
them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject
to,” what? CONGREGATION: Bondage. BILL: Bondage. Satan
has no longer power over a believer. None. He had power
before Jesus came but once Jesus came, he said, “All power is
given to me, both in heaven and in earth. Now, I’m going to
delegate it to you. Now you go.” That’s why the church is so
powerful, man. He said, “Resist the devil and he”- CONGREGATION:
Will flee. BILL: And he- CONGREGATION: Will flee. BILL:
He might flee. No. Who said that? God said it. God said,
“You resist him and he will flee.” I gotta resist sickness,
I gotta resist the temptation to say something mean. I gotta
resist. He said, “Submit yourself therefore to God.
Resist the devil.” I can’t get the devil to resist if I’m
holding you in unforgiveness. It doesn’t work, see. Then when it
doesn’t work, all of a sudden stuff don’t work so forth. What?
We neutralize the church and then open the door to anything.
That is not true folks. We supposed to be so far above
where the world is operating until it’s laughable. We
supposed to have millionaires and billionaires in churches. Do
you hear what I’m saying? And without apologizing for it. We
supposed to be living voluptuously. Look at Matthew
again. Matthew chapter 12. “Generation of vipers,
how can you being evil speak good things?
For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth
speaks.” Watch this next one. “A good man out of
the good treasure of the heart, brings forth” what?
“Good things.” Alright, put it up there in the Amplified. “You
offspring of vipers. How can you speak good things when you are
evil, wicked? For out of the fullness, the overflow, the
superabundance of the heart, your mouth is going to speak.”
Keep going. “A good man from his inner good treasure flings forth
good things.” Put it up there the NIV.” A good man brings good
things out of the good stored up in him.” Everything of yours
comes from your inside. Jesus totally went around the world’s
system. He was producing everything from the kingdom.
See, we been trying to do better still in a cursed system. You’re
in another system. You’re in the kingdom system. Say amen to
that. CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: I’m saying you got something in
you that you can speak the Word only and change your
environments, change your finances, change … It comes
from a mind that has been renewed. It comes from a belief
system that once you believe it and speak it, that thing is
going to come to pass. You can stand back and watch it because
that is a law and that’s going to come to pass. Now, it’s got
to line up with God’s Word, but his Word says wealth and riches
shall be in your house. His Word shall says he going to increase
you more and more. You and your children. Come on. His Word says
that even the heavens of the Lord, but the earth has he given
to you the children of men. His Word says it’s been freely given
to you. His Word says by his stripes you are healed. His Word
says I want to know what the truth is because whatever’s
the truth, I’m going to believe that. If Satan is coming at
me with another thought, I’m casting that thing down. As fast
as you turn on this TV, they talking about everything. You’ve
got eye trouble, head trouble, brain trouble, nerve trouble. So
forth and so on and you’re depressed and take some of these
until you’re dead. What you need to do is say, “Wait a minute. I
got the Word of God and it is medicine to all my flesh.”
Proverbs chapter 4, 20 and 22. It’s medicine. I’m going to take
me some medicine today. I’m going to get this book and
I’m going to open it up and I’m going to take some medicine
before I go to bed and then when I get up in the morning, I’m
going to take some more because I know I can’t overdose on this.
I’m going to take some more tomorrow night. I’m going to
take some more and pretty soon, the first thing that’s going to
change is your soul. Your soul is going to get right with God
and when it does, that power will go through from your
spirit, through your soul and hit your body and –praise
God. That’s what I wanted. Right there. If it
will do it for your body, it’ll do it for your community
because it’s the same power. It’s called the blessing. I’m
talking about people who don’t have anything. You’ve been
rejected. You’ve been married five times. I’m going to just
lump them all up because people don’t think God can fix cases
that are that bad but I got news for you. God is still God. He
can fix the worst situation up in here. Whatever your problem
is, God can fix it. I know it might be people that are
doubting, hopefully you can catch hold of this thing because
we have taken ourselves and we have put ourselves on the
same level as the people in the world. They can borrow money,
they can sit up in the doctor’s office, they can go down. I want
it so that we are the doctor. I want it so that we are the
banker. We’re supposed to be the lender, not the borrower. I’m
here to take you over to do that. We going over. Not under.
Over. Now, when you think, think out of the box. Don’t think in
the box because that’s where you been thinking and that’s what’s
kept you where you are, but think out of the box. Think
future. Are you with me? Then think it and what you meditate
on or your most dominant thoughts is going to take you to
where you’re thinking because you’re made that way. Are
you with me here? Here’s David. David is 17 years old, but he’s
got the right thinking. He saw himself really like God saw him.
David comes to the front line. He said, “Hey. What’s
that?” They say, “Get back and keep those sheep.” Well, he
said, “Wait a minute now. I slayed a lion. I slayed a bear.
You got this guy giving you problems?” He gets eventually to
the front line. Now, this is what he said. Now, watch this.
Think out of the box. Stop thinking that this is what
you’re going to be. At least say, “Okay by this time next
year, I’m going to double my salary.” Think out of the box.
Go somewhere that you’re not. Go somewhere. It starts with your
thinking. Receive God’s thinking. He said, “This day,”
watch this. Told Goliath. Now Goliath had just cursed him. Now
he’s got to answer that curse. He said, “This day will the Lord
deliver you into my hands.” Watch this. Watch this. I’m
going to take your head off. Now, he didn’t have to say all
of that. Seems to me the young man is getting a little bit
beyond what is necessary to tell this guy, but he’s telling this
guy how he’s going to execute him. He said, “I’m going to
first take your head off. Then I’m going to feed you, move over
Goliath, and that army behind you.” Watch this, “To the
buzzards.” He said fouls of the air, but buzzards. “I’m going to
feed them all to the buzzards. The whole army.” One 17 year old
is going to feed an army to the buzzards today. Now, you tell me
how in the world is that going to happen? Well it won’t happen
if he don’t think it. I’m telling you God’s got so far for
you to go if you’ll just let him think through you. He said,
“Your thoughts have not been my thoughts. Your ways have not
been my ways.” From this day, we gonna open up and we gonna allow
God to think through our minds. We gonna love, we gonna receive
what he says about us. Watch this. How far we can go, what we
can have, what we can do, what we own, what we … Come on.
Just receive it by faith and then think on them things. Just
think on it, think on it, think on it, think on it and watch
pretty soon, you going to speak on it, speak on it, and the next
thing you know manifestation, manifestation. Now, look at
Psalm 27 and look at verse 13. “I had fainted and lest I
believe I had believed to see the” what?
“The goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”
He is saying here that unless I saw somebody
who this stuff is working for, they told me I need to go to
Heaven before I can get this, but I got a feeling I can get it
right now. Unless I can see somebody who can prove to me
that this is so, I would have fainted and just gone by the
wayside. I’m telling you folks. The world is waiting on somebody
that God can use and they can say, “Jesus is Lord. God is good
and his mercy endures forever.” Man. Until God shows you. Watch
this, you didn’t choose him. He Man. Until God shows you. Watch
this, you didn’t choose him. He saw you before you hit your
mama’s womb. Watch this, and he said, “Pick that one.” Between
the time he picked you and the time you came into the kingdom,
you went through H-E double hockey sticks. You been married
10 times. I’m talking about all kinds of mess that happened, but
it didn’t change God’s mind. Not one iota. Oh, Lord. You don’t
know. He been in jail. That don’t make no difference. He did
this, he did that. I’m telling you, when God chooses you, he
don’t change his mind about it. He knows what he put in you and
God’s going to get it out. You are special. Been chosen
for such a time as this. BILL: Well, I trust that
you were blessed by this powerful message.
Here are a couple of points you want to remember. One,
in Proverbs chapter 23 and verse seven, he says
this. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he,” or what
you continue to think on you become or you can say it like
this. What you dwell on in your thought life is the place you’re
going to end up. If you don’t want to go there, don’t think
it. Think on things that are true and honest and just.
God, tells us to do that, why? Because he wants us to end up in
a good place. Now, number two. In 1 Chronicles chapter
four verse 10, we find a prayer called the Prayer of Jabez. It’s
something that this one Jabez prayed. He had been named Jabez
as a baby and Jabez mean pain. How would you like to be every
time somebody call you, “Hey pain, come here.” Jabez knew he
had to change his destiny because a lot of times, the
things that we call ourselves is where we end up. Jabez then
began to petition God and that God would enlarge his coast.
As a matter of fact he prayed a prayer. Here’s what he said. He
said, “Oh, that thou would bless me indeed and enlarge my coast
that thy hand might be with me and that thou would keep me
from evil.” I say that prayer at least once a week. This is
interesting. God granted him his request and where maybe that he
had a destiny that was limited, now everything opened up. Jabez
became very big. In other words, he was able to receive the big
things God had for him. Well, I want to challenge you. If you
want to increase your life and you’ve seen that, think that
you have been limited, somehow things have not worked out like
they should. I challenge you. As a matter of fact, I dare you,
double dog dare you. Praise God. That’s what they used to say
when I was a kid. I double dog dare you, to just for 30 days
pray the prayer of Jabez. Once a day for 30 days. Guarantee
you’re going to see increase take place in your life. Well,
I’m not … Do it. Just do it and then write me and tell me
what happened because guaranteed some things are going to start
taking place in your life, by the power of the Holy Spirit.
It’s going to bring some changes in to your life that are going
to be good. All you have to do is do it. I challenge you to do
that. Write me and tell me what happened. Well, this is all
we have for today. This is Bill Winston saying we love you and
keep walking by faith. ANNOUNCER: What does living on
top of the world look like? It’s living in divine health, peace
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every area of life with this powerful bundle pack,
order your copy today. BILL: God is looking for
a people who are bold. Who are righteous. Who are not ashamed
of the Gospel. MALE: Dig that grave. Dig it. Let your faith
dig it. Now take that shovel, start covering it. Cover that
poverty. Like Miriam, you will see this enemy no more. FEMALE:
If I don’t see a way out, God has a million ways out and how
do they get to know that? They see we’re walking it out. MALE:
Whatever God promised you 20 years ago, 30 years ago, 10
years ago, five years ago, four weeks ago, it is still
on you today and it will still come to pass tomorrow.
BILL: In the middle of your worst situation,
speak the Word of God. FEMALE: Deep within you,
there is a call to lead. Distractions have tried
to bury it, criticism has tried to smother it, but the call
remains, and now, it’s time, become an entrepreneur. God is
awakening the call again, answer it, take a leap of faith, it’s
time for you to change the story. Not just for you,
but for your neighborhood, your community, your city, your
world. ANNOUNCER: At Joseph Business School, we are here to
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call that God has given you. FEMALE: It’s time to launch
out. Begin a new story. The call is clear, the time is now.
Become an entrepreneur. ANNOUNCER: The Believer’s
Walk of Faith is paid for by Bill Winston Ministries’
partners and viewers.

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    President Donald Trump. With Pres. Trump's executive order it is now
    lawful for preachers operating under a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt charity to
    speak out on all things related to our government and its elected

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