This Is A Video On Lead Lightning Intro (Review and Bonus 2019)


this is maria callas here this is a
video on lead lightning intro for the beginners that have joined me or in lead
lining this is a description of what you. this is a video on lead lightning intro have to do how to get started as a lead
lightning member you will go to your back off as you login go to your back
office where it says easy the big button you click on click the easy button then
it will come up to this page and you can. this is a video on lead lightning intro. see you can watch this video make sure
you join the Facebook group and then choose which link below to advertise A
or B if you don’t have a business I advise you to advertise refer or link a
and then you click on show me the link to use and then if you do have a
business and you’ve just joined lead 19 and you want to send out emails randomly
about lead lining and your primary business you have to go to referral link
B what you do there below where it says enter your company’s personal link
HTTP this is for people that already got another business other than lead
lightning and they just put that link there but if you’re starting out with
lead lightning you can press on the referral link a the green tab here where
it says show me the link to use and then you choose a subdomain of what you want
to use or whatever comes up here that’s a link that you will be using for you in
your case when you press on show me the link to use it will straight give you
your link there and that’s the one you have to use and below at the end of this
page you can see two arrows one says take a tour of your system you go there
to take a tour of your system and the other arrow is how do i market your link
where you get your training on how to market it so if your lead light and
remember again I’m going to go where it says get started at the top top
top left easy the green button click the easy button and then as a lead lightning
member only you promote your referral link a which is showing me the link and
for you maybe it will show up here because I’m a gold member already I’m
fully in the system but for lead. this is a video on lead lightning intro lightning members your link might be
here or you just press on the tab and you get your link and that’s the one you
will promote how you promote it you go down here where there’s two arrows and
you watch these two take a tour of your. this is a video on lead lightning intro. system and then watch that and then go
to how do i market my link how do i market my link is where it will come up
with this video also when you’re in your back office here at the top where it
says training the tabs above where it says training go there and whatever
comes up here you’ve got a tap on it and then login and that’s where you get more
training on how to promote your link this is for lead lightening members
again I’ll say it for the third time as a lead lightening member you starting at
$7 only one time and every time you you promote your link you will get $6
commissions and how to promote that link you go here click the easy button the
green easy button and then referral link a you take your link from there and then
watch below the two arrows how you will market your link and that’s how you
start promoting and I do advise you if you’ve got friends family that may want
to start as well but don’t depend on friends and family just go through
social media the best way is Facebook Instagram LinkedIn YouTube I do advise
you to do videos like this on YouTube whatever comes up when you start your
training you will start learning the system and
you learn on the system make to three minute brief videos maybe every other
day or every few days and just promote it on YouTube just make a video and then
just upload it to YouTube put your hashtags in YouTube your right title
your description with your link maybe also your link for your Facebook page
down the line I do advise you to make a Facebook group Facebook group as well so
if you have any questions and I will leave all my details below this video I
will lead for lead lightning link as well and my Facebook page as well and
just follow all the links don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel as
well like this video and comment on this video and share it as well okay I hope
you guys have a great day bye bye

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