This is how your own sun at home works

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The sun, major source of energy on earth. Today more than one million households in Germany already use the energy of the sun to generate power. What if you could use the power of your photovoltaic plant not just during day time, but if you could store it … … and have it available around the clock even after dusk. Then you would have your own sunrise at home. Because Caterva has invented a “sun” for your own home: a unique home storage system for your solar plant. What is special about the Caterva-Sun is the intelligent Caterva-Solarsystem. Compared to plain solar storage systems the Caterva-Suns are networked… … and create a large, virtual power plant: the Caterva-Solarsystem. Through this network it is possible to balance the grid! If there is too much power in the grid, the Caterva-Suns are capable of buffering the surplus. Likewise a power deficit can be prevented through feeding-in. In this way Caterva is able to manage the Solarsystem, generate additional revenues and is able to offer you many benefits: You are getting an annual community bonus as your share of the revenues. 20 years free power – power which is generated on your roof 20 years maintenance included. A Caterva Sun makes you independent: Independent of rising electricity prices Independent in the case of a power blackout in your region. You can use your renewable solar generated electricity independent of daylight hours. So you are independent of weather conditions and seasons. And with your Caterva App you keep track of your energy flow in your home. Your investment in a Caterva-Sun supports the protection of our climate… … and makes a major contribution to the energy revolution. Start your personal revolution at home now… …and become part of the intelligent Caterva-Solarsystem! For further information please visit

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