This is what an everlasting lightning storm looks like


Venezuela’s Catatumbo lightening phenomenon
has entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for the highest number of average
lightning bolts per square kilometre per year, at 250. The phenomenon, in the River Cataumbo, is
strongest during the rainy season. It originates from a mass of storm clouds
over 5 km high, which are likely the result of winds from the lake meeting surrounding
mountain ranges, and collecting heat and moisture, creating electrical charges. Venezuelan environmentalist, Erick Quiroga,
has been monitoring the lightning for 13 years and proposed the phenomenon be entered into
the book last year. The thing about the lightning is that it isn’t
based on reason for me but rather a deep love that I have for the region. For that region
because it was there, in between Lake Maracaibo palm trees where I lived out my childhood
and it was something very beautiful. The idea behind the World Record certification
is to bring tourism back to the people of the communities. The idea that I also propose
with this record is to get the government’s attention.

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28 thoughts on “This is what an everlasting lightning storm looks like”

  1. lol says:

    +1 for the warning 

  2. marboss35 says:


  3. Shirokröte says:

    Good guys ODN, warning!

  4. Nathan Rice says:

    Epic comb-over.

  5. Bradley Schneider says:

    You need to start capitalizing the full title of the video. Just a suggestion as it looks more professional that way.

  6. Gmsrebukethetempter says:

    That's the power of god. I wouldn't want to live near there

  7. necroon370 says:

    lol @ disclaimer.. dont think someone with epilepsy would be youtubing lightning 😉

  8. Damien Green says:

    … NUKE IT!

  9. Yusuf Zulfi says:

    Zeus's territory

  10. Dandyych1ki says:

    Does zeus live there? Well, i think.

  11. Jumper Jimper says:

    it looks like a gunfight

  12. Turtles8787 says:

    Seizure time.

  13. RRooc asweq says:

    Welcome Zeus!

  14. Claudio Dio says:


  15. mcboberson bob says:

    thanks for the warning, i didnt think a video about lightning would ever have flashing lights.

  16. Michael Williams says:

    This is absolutely shocking!

  17. X says:

    I guess Zeus just likes playing with lightning.He doesnt even need the rain with the lightning to have fun🌩

  18. Ryan Owen says:

    harness it for ower

  19. Alberts stuff says:

    Great place to play golf ⛳

  20. Isaac Hernandez says:

    Nothing like the exaggerated pictures

  21. cloudtoground says:

    I got mesmerized…

  22. Rizqi Ramadhan says:

    Free electricity

  23. anja 788 says:

    Omg so scary

  24. EVIL Co. says:


  25. Ultimate Shan says:

    Perfect venue for a horror game!

  26. SL1KKE says:

    Zeus and a devil having a battle up there

  27. Pinoy Boy says:

    Geostorm lightning storm LMAO

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