This Much Will Kill You


We all know to stay away from poisons. Like mercury where ingesting a 200 milligram dose would kill you. Or polonium which only requires 1 g of vaporized substance to wipe out 50 million people! But did know that 70 cups of coffee contains enough caffeine to kill a 70 kg person? This amount of caffeine can trigger heart palpitations or even cardiac arrest. Prefer alcohol as your beverage of choice? 13 consecutive shots could be lethal too. Because alcohol is a depressant, the area in the brain controlling basic life functions like breathing and heart rate brgin to shut down. Too much liquid in general can be dangerous as well. Though it takes a lot, water intoxication from around 6 liters causes brain cells to swell, leading to headaches, seizures, comas and even death in extreme cases. But if you stop drinking water or consume too much salt, your cells will start to shrink leading to the condition known as hypernatremia. 48 teaspoons of your favourite seasoning at once is enough to trigger this reaction, also leading to seizures, coma or even death. Stick your head underwater or simply hold your breath and it takes around 4 minutes without oxygen to cause severe brain injury and at 6 minutes, you could die. However, in extreme cases, some freedivers have been able to hold their breath fo over 20 minutes. Cherries can also deprive you of oxygen. Say what? If you ever swallow a cherry pit, you shouldn’t worry too much, just don’t bite into one. 1 or 2 ground cherry pits contains enough cyanide to take you down. And these cyanide ions inhibite the enzyme cytochrome coxidaze, causing your cells to be unable to use oxygen. Speaking of a lack of oxygen, it’s at around 8000 meters above sea level that our bodies can no longer acclamatize to delemited oxigen this is known as the “death zone” in mountaineering simply being to talk is also kill you if you worry about your pet’s life you may ever not to give them chocolate the same chemical Theobromine can kill us too our body metabolize Theobromine more effectively the with one thousand per kilogram being total humans which the equivalent at eighty-five for size chocolat bars at once you may want that many chocolate bars after getting hire howerver, you will need to eat twenty-two kilograms of marijuana to be a risk of death smoke it and a mere required over those is comically high

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100 thoughts on “This Much Will Kill You”

  1. BeyondChange says:

    Too much coffee gives you the shakes. Your body just goes on hyper drive and your heart feels like it's going to go out of your chest.

  2. oh yes maaan says:

    i never ate cherries

  3. Sapphiire says:

    Im scared of cherrys now 😂😵

  4. Sakib Rahman says:

    Alcohol can kill you

    Steve will do it: what now

  5. Clayel - Clay Gaming says:

    The death zone is actually 8000 meters, not feet. 1:52

  6. Kali BTW says:

    Anyone else here feel they couldn’t breathe watching this

  7. paper plalas says:


  8. · amelipop · says:

    You can overdose on coffee? Godot is gon be reaaaal pissed

  9. Dylan G-S says:

    Absolute bullshit about the 1.3 years every inch after 5ft

  10. Fuega23 says:

    So dying because of food or music doesn't sound that bad

  11. JimselDiesel says:

    This channel is starting to get less and less sciency, especially by using feet and inches. And 2:09 IS A LIE

  12. uwu da lil owl says:

    Too much of ANYTHIN is bad. Nothing you can eat/do/drink can be bad

  13. A-T-A-G says:

    To much math homework can also kill you. My friend burned his math book and he ended up in hospital. He's fine now.

  14. Brian Jergens says:

    I thought Adolf Hitler wanted to see how long you could keep people awake. He had 3 guys (I can’t remember their religion, however I assume they were Jewish) and he kept them awake for about a month.

  15. rue sopher says:

    Video: you will die from eating too much chocolate

    Matt stony: hold my beer

  16. FuturedPanda Hi says:

    Oh ok. I guess I'm afraid of everything now…

  17. the test takers says:

    In Mexico they drink the whole bottle no shots

  18. The Shoopdahoop says:

    2:27 ive been near death so many times now thanks to


  19. Savagegamez says:

    That’s not true cause water can’t kill you but only if your drowning then it well kill you so stupid and is good actually it can’t effect your brain dumbass

  20. Animeist72 says:

    Tall people die sooner?

  21. cookies man says:

    I am tall plz help me I don't wanna die in an early age

  22. Kaylana T says:

    How much red bull can kill you??(us)

  23. Benas Ribikauskas says:


  24. BENNYWISE 145 says:

    So ur telling me if i grow up to be 6ft ive lost almost 14 years of my life thats so bad omg

  25. The Twisted_Ones says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm im cornfused

  26. Ben S says:

    13 consecutive shots can be lethal?? good thing i break mine up with beer lmao

  27. yellow_vx0 says:

    Being tall can kill you… Me (13 yo) Live ur last 5 years to the fullest

  28. emotional_support_ghost says:

    Anyone tryna hit that 1,300 pound blunt or na

  29. Yuki Chan says:

    But what about L he Never sleeps shouldn’t he be dead by now …..

    And I oop…
    He dies.

  30. Crazy Lam Official says:

    Thank God Weed Isn't Lethal


  31. Closed says:

    What bollox!!!
    I've drank more than 13 shots and haven't died…..i was pissed, very very very pissed, but not dead.

  32. Lindsey Stoufer says:

    I am going to eat some cherries

  33. luise mumm says:

    where am i supposed to get that much coffee? 🙄

  34. allstars bm page says:

    Thats b.s pot cant kill you dammmm try some

  35. Akamil says:

    Im going to kill myself by eating too many kebabs

  36. tiff nathasingh says:

    how much keppr do u gpt take tp die?

  37. Awab Jarabi says:

    2:06 Half of humanity will die early
    "If that was true"

  38. Game Maker says:

    Hi, me kermit weed alxohol die… soon mutch weed

  39. Dorian1221 says:

    The cherry thing is a factoid.

  40. X MAJOR says:

    Water can kill you -_-

  41. Adam Eboigbodin says:

    Thank God. I swallowed a cherry pit and had a panic attack thinking I would die!

  42. Kalina Slavova says:

    When I was little I loved eating the seeds of apples and cherries but not just to swallow them, but biting into them, glad I am not dead after those apple and cherry seeds

  43. Ur Adopted says:

    2:08 well i’m 5’1 so i guess i’ll die 1.3 years early as a punishment…and what about tall basketball players? i guess they’re really screwed…

  44. T GR8-1 says:

    Does being too tall really kill you? Give reasons for its accuracy..!

  45. Nick Z says:

    Makes suicide a lot easier. Thanks guys I'll see you on the side 🖐🏼

  46. Mina Altaf says:

    but chocolate helps us when during period l-

  47. Alia s says:

    I was biting on my Cherie pits only on one phew

  48. Elizabeth Marks-Graham says:

    Mercury but it’s STILL in some vaccines including the multi dose flu shot (the single dose flu shots don’t have mercury)

  49. Faheem Waqar says:

    Why do you caring Both of Us???

  50. h e y says:

    0:14 hear that Emma Chamberlain?

  51. Mika P. says:

    1:14 world record is 15 minutes😂

  52. Risha Styles says:

    and I have 2 cups of coffee everyday-

  53. not my eggs! minyoongixbtspleasethankyou says:

    is 5’5

    Every inch above five feet is 1.3 years taken off your life

    Helloooo death

  54. misty Washington says:

    I am scared now that I would die because of having to much liquid like water and juice😱🥺😟😣

  55. swisher 02 says:

    instructions unclear, still alive

  56. Aqon says:

    I am russian I drink 13 shots of vodka every morning and fight with beats

  57. Zayden Edwards says:

    I've bit a cherry pit before, and I'm fine

  58. Sierra Cw says:

    How many people came here to find out how to kill themselves? Raises hand

  59. Brynn Hedrick says:

    Lmao its impossible to OD on weed, you'll pass out first

  60. Patrick Lawton says:

    13 shots? Lightweight 😂

  61. Gdhd Jshzj says:

    I drink 5 liters of water a day
    Im a 5’1 16 girl
    Is it dangerous

  62. kenzy keefe says:

    What’s he difference between wax and bud (marijuana)?

  63. Subbura 1988 says:

    Cherry 🍒 pits WONG!

  64. ØrangePie __ says:

    Ok, but why would any sane person try to eat 85 chocolate bars at once?

    Besides, their mouth would be too small to hold them all.

  65. Blaxk Eyes says:

    Who TF would drink 70 coffee in one dam day

  66. Yes. says:

    Everyone here has about 2-6 minutes before dying, but breathing resets the clock

  67. Zalera says:

    Now I want Doritos. It looks sooo good…

  68. jovana :3 says:

    fun fact to add to this video: did you know that everytime you read a comment saying "ARMYYYYYY" it shortens your life by one year. so don't ever dare to read the replies of a comment whose user have a bts member as a profile picture. extend your life span.

  69. Bike Speedster says:

    If no one ever died from weed, then wtf is it illegal?

  70. Gisselle Kordei says:

    i now LOVVVEEEE being tall now

  71. Dead Squid says:

    Technically, the most probable cause of death is the failure to be saved.

  72. Thanh Vu says:

    it's 8000m, not 8000ft. La Paz (12000ft) is a capital of Bolivia and it's not a dead zone there.

  73. Grace S says:

    The cherry one is kinda scary.

  74. Kendraplayszs 37 says:

    😳😰no no no no no no

  75. Caleb Larsen says:

    2:05 is a big oof for me because I come from a talk family

  76. zhongijboss says:

    Um thx i guess

  77. Skye Is awesome says:

    Oh no if I drink 70 cups of coffee I’m dead

  78. Joseph Postma says:

    Grind up cherry pits and put it in pill capsules and sneak them in your friend pills.

  79. Ghost Zombie says:

    2:38 oh yeah thats not legal but alcohol which only takes 13 shots is

  80. Ellie Mae says:

    Why don't your drawings of rats have ears

  81. Anna Hirner says:

    you know what else kills your brain?


  82. Apathy says:

    8000ft?? You mean 8000M…

  83. 9999 999 says:

    Do you mean as in if you drink/eat this hIs much everyday, you will die, or do you mean once a day?

  84. Princess Bautista says:

    More pls

  85. Itz_Gacha Bananas says:


  86. //__ 1 says:

    Rip was gonna kms by drowning, but If I fail it will cause significant brain damage. 🤨

  87. ked bagles says:

    Why is this lowkey making me suicidal

  88. Adrian Cuyubamba Diaz says:

    Then Houston Jones is actually Immortal, he dried out a full bottle of tequila within an hour

  89. Franco Geller says:

    8grams of paracetamol

  90. D man says:

    2:05 hell yea being short finally does somthin good for me

  91. Max Towli says:

    1:34 not true

  92. squrpin says:

    The fact the they sleep deprived a rat is discussing

  93. huyen huynh says:

    Wow cherrys are scary I’m never eating them again

  94. Leo Yang says:

    I wonder that’s why people say cocaine is very dangerous very addicting and the amount taken each time it wears off

  95. big man says:

    Pretty sure I've swallowed more than 5 cherry pits in one serving…

  96. Mason Whipple says:

    Mate the death zone is 8000 meters not 8000 feet. The death zone is about 26,000 feet

  97. Aleister Villaseca Villegas says:

    My uncle used to drink 1 whole bottle of rum and other of vodka, he's still alive

  98. Sprite says:

    13 consecutive shots?
    How did I survive college 😯

  99. BrownChair5 - Artstuffs says:

    this video scares me

  100. Kylie J. says:

    We were born to die either way

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