Tiny Tree House with Hanging Bridge Makes Off Grid Living Fun!


Hey everyone! Mat here from Exploring Alternatives. In this video we’re taking a look at this amazing treehouse with a hanging rope bridge and a deck perched up in the trees. [Music Playing] On our channel we’re always looking for tiny living spaces alternative living spaces and dwellings and this is by far one of our favorite ones so far. This treehouse is fantastic because it really feels like you’re up in the forest part of nature. To get up to the treehouse is this first set of stairs, then you get to the first platform that’s up in the trees and then on to the hanging bridge. Over here is the main deck that’s attached to the cabin and here we move on to the hanging bridge again and it takes us to the little deck up in the trees which is just an awesome hangout area. [Music Playing] So when you first come in here is the kitchen this is just a 2.5 gallon jug of water that drains into this handmade wooden sink and this drains into a grey water tank at the bottom of the cabin. And then under here there’s just two more containers for extra water. This is just a little propane cooktop. You probably noticed that there isn’t a fridge. If we were to live here I guess we would probably set up a bigger solar system so that we can have even just a tiny little fridge to keep food a little bit longer. And for the light that’s just one 40 watt solar panel on top of the roof. This is the main dining hangout area. Got a nice natural wood table here and also a little couch that’s also pull out and can turn into a bed. There’s a nice big wood stove here and that’s how this place is heated up in the winter and there’s lots of big windows all around and it really gives you a good view of the trees and makes you feel like you’re part of nature. [Music Playing] Back here we have the the ladder for getting up to the loft this one’s great it feels really really secure and safe and this is really simple it’s just a little L bracket that’s screwed onto the top this is the loft it’s a pretty spacious loft I mean I can’t stand up but I’m pretty tall but you could easily put a queen-size maybe even a king size up here and get some storage on one side feels really nice up here especially with the window in the front here it’s it’s quite cozy. Over here is the washroom it’s, it’s a very basic setup so it’s just a bucket style compost toilet and the shower is also really simple it’s just this, this little bag so you fill this up with water, leave it out in the sun, this heats up in the sun or you can also heat up some water on the cooktop and get it to the proper temperature and what you do is you basically just pump and build up some water pressure in here and there’s just a little hose and you shower with this. [Music Playing] So thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up if you liked it and don’t forget to subscribe to see more like this

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65 thoughts on “Tiny Tree House with Hanging Bridge Makes Off Grid Living Fun!”

  1. TheTaits08 says:

    That's incredible. Very serene and beautiful. Watching this video gave me a sense of calmness.

  2. coltcoltcoltcolt45 says:

    Music throughout the vid is dope!

  3. Happy Camper Wives says:

    As always, you find the coolest spaces!

  4. Remy Lebeau says:

    Fantastic Tiny Tree Houses and where to find them.*

  5. Peter6th says:

    The music at 3:58 is great – very minimalistic but great

  6. Brandon Kirkwood says:

    Great job as always and I really liked that breathing music it fit the wild Tarzan like treehouse. Will y'all be back on the road soon?

  7. Rock Roll says:

    I wish I could live in a treehouse, surrounded by nature. I'm sick of these brick and mortar houses

  8. Emelia Söderlund says:

    Childhood dream coming true

  9. Rebecca Benway says:

    Really cool.

  10. ME-Tube Your Space! says:


  11. Kyle Iverson says:


  12. Spencer Spencer says:

    What was the brand of that pump shower?
    Link if possible 🙂

  13. Elf Lords Journeys says:

    Very cool tree house!

  14. Jenny Fernandez says:

    Love it !

  15. Plain Girl Life says:

    Cool! Are there more of these? It almost looks like some little resort?

  16. M Saleh says:

    Great 👍🏼

  17. YaHuWaH ha'AbbaH YaHuWaH ha'MashiYaH ha'Ben says:

    Awesome,love it!

  18. guthy says:

    websites ? for ideas like this or people to contact so I can make my dream happen? cause here lately living simple isnt easy lol I see all this cool stuff an this an that but I need to get informed an educated on this!

  19. Wolf says:

    Awesome ! Thanks for sharing. Thumbs up. ENJOY… THE SIMPLE LIFE

  20. robert litzinge says:


  21. Arkansas Mike says:

    I would love to live in a place like that! Awesome video. Take care.

  22. Theo N says:

    Dope sound track!
    Definitely interested in all these tiny houses.
    As a young adult my mind had been open to all these form of living.

  23. Devon McGettrick says:

    Fantastic…I love it!!

  24. Barb Redgreen says:

    Oh i love the wooden sink

  25. Elizabeth Long says:

    ˚◔◔ ..thank you

  26. Fernando Romera says:


  27. Adventures of Mulehawk says:

    I would add a bigger solar system for sure and a rain catchment to lessen the need to haul so much water up. Great videos as always thanks for showing us all these great ideas!

  28. Bismuth Crystal says:

    Goddamn this place is beautiful. I do not want to build in a tree but you're really making me want to build in a tree.

  29. Sorel366 says:

    What happens with the water when you shower ?

  30. Jason Bean says:


  31. Pascal Fortin says:

    hello were is it located in Quebec

  32. G Rodriguez says:

    lol love the didge' soundtrack #aussie

  33. daisygirl111975 says:

    I'm not so sure I'd want to haul a freezer up there

  34. ReaDrea says:

    You find great spaces.

  35. G. E. says:

    How cool is that? unfortunately, it would only work in the summer.

  36. jocelyne langis says:

    Bien sûr il ne faut pas avoir peur d'être dans les hauteurs. Est-ce plus chaud dans les hauteurs? Bravo pour cette trouvaille qui sort de l'ordinaire!

  37. photophil says:

    super cool treehouse! where can i find that awesome shower thing??

  38. Qris TV says:

    that is a really impressive tree house thanks4share

  39. VIC NUNEZ says:

    My dream 😍👌🏽

  40. Ann Le says:

    I really wish I can decorate that tree house and make it cozy looking. Livin it up with some flowers and succulents. Add some snuggly throws pillows and a blanket… haha!

  41. Expedite Travels says:

    So cool 😎

  42. Caleb Wilson says:

    that shirt looks alot like that other shirt you didnt need to buy.

  43. rob derman says:

    Hey I love what you're doing! I can't believe I just found your channel. I wanted to say keep uploading and that I am starting a daily vlog about my RV life (currently in the final stages of prep work) and if you ever find yourselves in the Vancouver area let me know. I would love to meet up with you.

    Great work!

  44. Soulspace says:

    Hey guys! Adore your videos, you give me much inspiration! As a money tip you guys should definitely look into becoming affiliate linked to amazon or ebay for commissions, if you haven't already considered it, and provide links in the description for viewers to purchase if inclined, if any of the products featured in your videos are listed and you support, for example, that solar shower bag. Just an idea, would love to see you guys making more income. Much love and keep them coming!

  45. Kristina A. says:

    I wonder where the wastewater goes?

  46. Allen Hare says:

    This is a pretty sweet space. Great for a weekend get-away.
    Thanks for bringing us along.
    Happy Trails

  47. Rand Zopyr says:

    Love your background music – I don't know that I would listen to it by itself but it really works well to fill the background while speaking.  I wonder if you have tried to license it to other youtubers on the cheap since it's much more unique than the generic license free stuff.

  48. Alexandre Truchon Savard says:

    We stayed there for 2 nights and it was wonderful. Highly recommend. My dream cabin in the woods.

  49. Matúš Kollárik says:

    is there possibility to hear whole didgeridoo track? as always interesting video, very inspiring

  50. Popeye The Sailorman says:

    Would love to own a place like that……. the only downside for me is the toilet…. need lot of water for bath and other stuff…. 🙁

  51. Navneet Shinh says:

    Mat!!!!! I haven't even watched video all the way through because your music had me stop to try to find who made it! Mate, absolutely wicked track, please tell me I can find the full thing somewhere…!!

  52. The Scribe says:

    I have watched a lot of tiny house videos and it is great to see another black person on one of these. Nice! (:

  53. David Samuel Peckinpah says:

    I really like you two, such neat spots you guys find, wonderful people.

  54. Pokemontas says:

    that looks awful. the water situation is a nightmare.

  55. Victoria Han says:

    Interesting tree house, I guess it's only for a short stay.

  56. Mark Caudill says:

    I could live there in the trees. How do you find these cool places to do videos about? I am thinking the people that built this tree house are pretty creative and were fun to talk to. Cool video. 🌲🌳🌴

  57. Eric Mezenberg says:

    I'm only 13, but my dream is to live small and hopefully after watching your channel for a long time I will be able to make my very own tiny house some day, and make it as great as this. Thc so much for making this channel I love it so much, BTW I'm watching here in southern Ontario, Canada

  58. George Gallo says:

    great job!

  59. New World Lord says:

    I need this on air BB lol

  60. sugi ono says:

    Wow amazing 1like

  61. IcelandicElfSpotter says:

    What happens as the trees grow taller? If they grow at different rates or grow apart does it affect the balance?

  62. Kodey Whitewolf says:

    Awesome tree house Love this video

  63. catyear75 says:

    That's the Treehouse of my Dreams ..!!!

  64. Ahmad Azam says:

    What matarials??

  65. Diedra Payne says:


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