Toyota Game Recap | Avs vs. Lightning | 10/19/2019


Fourth game of the road trip, three minutes
in: Speedy Sam Girard. He gets loose. Watch the heads up play right here. Compher, Jost- he’s got options. He chose wisely. And the Avs score timely goals, this is under
5 minutes into the game, just the way you wanna have it go. Sam Girard turns it over, then makes the pass,
“I see Jost” with the quick release- his first of the Game. Alright, late in the period Francouz robs
Palat, watch this, this is just mind-boggling. No! That didn’t happen. Did it happen? Man, you don’t think Grubauer’s putting on
a highlight reel show? Look at this, he’s over, right on the pad. Man, I love how he STUFFS the rebound, stays
right with it. What a save by Francouz. Moments later, Avs do get bit. Get caught lookin’, Janni Corg sneaks right
in here, backhand and we’re tied at one. Yeah, that’s when Tampa Bay started to get
a little bit of momentum going and the Avs are lucky to get out of that first period
at a draw. But just look at the skill. Skate, backhand, boom its a talent Tampa Bay
possesses. Okay we move onto the second period. One – one. Tie game. This is what I was talking about earlier,
this is Matt Calvert and this is what he does. Okay, hey, what’s going on, not gonna take
that, wanna exchange phone numbers? How about knuckle currency. Take! That! Boy I didn’t even realize in that skirmish
there, Hedman, who’s gonna fight later, takes his stick to the face. You don’t think Calvert’s strong? He’s just whippin’ around everybody. Awesome. Love me some of this. Wilson to Compher, and Compher, looking for
his roommate, Tyson Jost, buzz the earhole! I did not realize this pass right here from
Wilson, so much going on tonight, Wilson had an amazing hockey game. Looking like Gretzky dishin’ the puck tonight. There’s Jost, see how he got it away so quick,
blocker side couldn’t get over? What a goal by Jost. Alright so a couple minutes later, MacKinnon
Gliding like an eagle hunting up top, the big Swedish bull in front, paid off *chewing
noises* he’s eating. This goal was beautiful, this is “Keeping
hockey simple.” MacKinnon’s got nothing going on, the top,
throws it on net, where he knows Gabe Landeskog is and that goal’s your game winner right
there, folks. Big time! What a night for Tyson Jost. JT, Hey! Give me the puck, I’m hot. Boom, Patty. There’s Collin Gretzky Wilson again. Boom! From behind, eyes in the back of his head,
once again, there’s your hat rick goal. Congratulations. First ever in the NHL. Great start in the third. Avs kept their foot on the Gas. Nazem Kadri, the dream, going full snipe mode. 5-1 good guys. I think people in Colorado are just starting
to realize what a good, solid, quality of a player Nazem Kadri is. On his way to thirty goals again, we hope. Boy does he hang onto the puck, tough to play
against. Nice goal. Francouz, Pat Maroon will not sleep well tonight. Why? Because of that. This is great, look at that pass, Big Z right
between the legs. Man, Francouz made it look easy all night
long. Watch this and enjoy I’m not gonna say a word. Oh ho ho ho. I love this, look how it pings onto it, like
he doesn’t get the move he wants but like just stays with the puck and then there’s
big Victor Hedman, he’s 6’6″ folks and look it, Mikko just outstretches him, outreaches
him and once again, right over the glove. MAN that was pretty.

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3 thoughts on “Toyota Game Recap | Avs vs. Lightning | 10/19/2019”

  1. T-cracc Ash says:

    Don’t you guys mean lightning?

  2. LXG says:

    Pay that man his money😂

  3. A WrestlingFan says:

    Congrats to Jost for the hat-trick and the team for 7-0-1 start! Go Avs Go!!!!

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