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are going up, and that has you talking tonight. Yesterday we told how how the state Public Utility Commission approved the increase, attributing it to a rise in capital expenditures by the utility and declines in sales over the past year. The average rate hike is between 4 to 5 dollars per month. Most of you, not too happy about this. David Robins writes, “HECO is charging 3 times higher than mainland rates AND blocking people from hooking up solar. HECO is a monopoly! Enough!” Henry M. Raposa Jr. Says, ” I Bet Hawaiian Electric Is Getting Back At We The Consumers Because Of Photo Voltaic Solar Power System Owners Storing Their Power On Their Grid !!!” But Joel Deuz fires back, “People, it’s only $5.00 a month, you can stop having 20 pieces of chicken nuggets in a month, if you people can’t accept it, then move to the mainland, or light up a candle during dinner.” We want to know what you think of the increase. Head to facebook and share your thoughts with

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