TV Not Working After Storm – TV Lightning Strike & Storm Guide for Power Surge Problems

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on your TV repair journey. In this video we will go over the most common
boards that go bad due to a lightning strike or power surge to your TV. If you have had a bad storm with lightning
and you believe that your TV has been struck by lightning or experienced a power surge,
there are a few boards that we recommend checking first as they have the majority of the problems
when it comes to lightning strikes and power surges. The first thing you will want to do, is to
check and see if your TV is working. Can you power on your TV? If it will not power on, do you have a standby
light? If your TV has no power at all and no standby
light, the problem could be the power supply or the main board. The best way to determine if the problem is
your main board or your power supply is to try and find out where the power surge came
from. If you have your TV connected to a surge protector
or a power strip and the surge protector or power strip is blown, then you will most likely
need to replace your power supply. If you have a satellite dish and you know
that your satellite dish was struck by lightning, the main board will most likely need to be
replaced. A few things that will help you to determine
which boards are bad is to look at the TV boards and do a visual inspection. TV boards after a lightning strike or power
surge can sometimes have cracks in the components and burn marks on them. This photo shows what a burn mark would look
like on a board. You can also check to see if any of the small
components have cracks in them or are damaged. Another common symptom that your main board
is bad or has been affected by the lightning is that some inputs will stop working and
you will not receive a signal on the screen through those inputs. You could also not receive a signal on the
screen at all from any of the inputs. If you have any erratic behavior from your
TV, where the picture and or sound is going in and out, this could be a bad main board. There is also the possibility that both your
main board and your power supply have been damaged. Then you would need to replace both boards. If you are unsure of which board is bad, you
can also purchase and replace both boards and see which one fixes the problem or both. Thank you for watching on of our many tutorials
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