Ultra Cheap Electricity Trap Base | RUST

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Hey, what’s up! My name is Everherd ok, so as get into the base tour here we have our shotgun traps
we’ve also got a double door air lock as well as an electronics and a little
loot room, this is what it will look like if you get trapped in this base, you just come inside yeah it’s pretty self-explanatory so this is a basic
demonstration of how it works so you can trigger pressure pads through floors okay so to build this base you want to
start off with a 2 by 2 than place in a wall like this as well as a couple of
boxes here’s gonna be our main room it’s not that well protected it doesn’t have
to be protected since it’s a trap base you want to move your loot to your main
base and remember to lock your TC place a staircase going through this furnace now
you want to place in your boxes like this you can actually fit four boxes place a doorway on your bait loot room
than place in a floor like that place in this box this is gonna cover our
pressure pad look where the Sun is then place in your solar panels make sure
that one is facing the Sun the other one is facing the opposite way connect them
to a root combiner then placed in a few batteries downstairs connect them like
this I’m pretty sure this makes it like a Powerbank I’m not sure I’m pretty sure
that’s how it works then place in a switch right here this is gonna turn our
trap completely off connected to a splitter place in a memory cell like that
take the other output of the splitter and just run it into the pressure pad then take the output of the pressure pad
and make sure that it sets the memory cell than we gonna place a reset switch connect it to the splitter
you plug it into the reset function of the memory cell now take a door
controller pair it to your door then take the output and plug it into your door
controller they you want to place in our shotgun traps you don’t have to place as many
as I did honestly I think that two might be enough even one could do place in
one bag right here and then place in another bag in a bush outside this is
just in case you get door camped than when trapping people you just want to
stand on a shotgun trap with a weapon and wait like this and when the door
opens you can just gun them down this was everherd thank you guys for watching I
would really appreciate it if you subscribed as liked the video also
I would appreciate if you joined my discord

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