Understanding Replaced Meter Usage Costs on Your Texas Electricity Bill

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Your meter may be replaced because your TDSP
is installing a new smart meter, your meter has stopped working or shows evidence of tampering. If you see a replacement meter usage cost
on your Bounce electricity bill it is because your meter was replaced in the middle of your
billing cycle, therefore you are seeing split costs coming from two separate meters. You will find the replaced meter usage cost
under Other Charges and Credits. This number indicates the amount due from your old meter You will you see the calculations from your
old meter if you look at the right column at the bottom of the box. If you multiply your kilowatt per hour usage
times your price per kilowatt hour, that number will match the cost listed next to replaced
meter usage cost. Note the new meter number here. The current
reading for the new meter is shown here. Below, the previous reading will state zero, indicating
a brand new meter. Bounce energy or your TDSP will not charge
you a fee for replaced meters only for your usage on your old meter. If you have questions about your bill or account
you can always call Bounce Energy’s Customer service team or visit our website at

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