Understanding Static Electricity through Experiments Part 5

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Today we’re going look at a Van de Graaff
I kn ow you don’t have one of these hanging around home but it’s so helpful to
look at because it’s such a good charge generator. In the same way you rub the
balloon, this is rubbing this belt along these rotors and creating a charge onto
the sphere. So when I crank it, that’s what’s happening. It’s developing a
charge on the sphere. And, then, when I bring the wand near it makes a big
spark! You can hear those sparks when you rub your balloon they’re just
not as big. This is just a bigger spark generator (a charge generator). We’re going to find out more about the wand, because that’s important too but for now I’ll ignore it. Next time we’re together we’ll see if we can put this charge onto something.

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