Using Customers WATER & ELECTRICITY For Your Mobile Car Detailing Business


Alright, so in this video, we’re going to
be talking about the biggest topic that detailers have when it comes to starting their car detailing
business. Should you or should you not use your customer’s water and electricity at their
home. Let’s get into it. Alright this is the biggest problem I see detailers run into when
they’re starting their mobile car detailing business. If you’re a mobile car detailing
business, you’re going to go out to the customer job site, uh, which is for the most part their
home location and you’re going to detail their car. So if you’re a mobile car detailing business,
you presumably want to use a generator, pressure washer, be your own supply source of water
and electricity. And a lot of people really are debating whether it’s professional or
appropriate to use the customers water spigot and electrical outlets. So for the most part,
what you’re thinking what you’re thinking and assuming when it happens are three fold.
For the most part they fall into the same bucket which I’ll get towards the end. So
for one you think that it’s unprofessional. So as a professional detailer offering, you
know, high end detailing services or professional detailing services, you should supply your
own water and electricity in your detailing van or detailing truck with a pressure washer,
generator, and a a water tank that way, you know, you’re self contained, you don’t have
to worry about the customer having to worry about being there or having an available source
of water or power. Two, you feel it’s not a real business. If you’re going to go offer
detailing services, you should be a self contained- full operating mobile detailing van or truck
or whatever it maybe and you should have your own supplies so you can work effectively and
efficiently without asking the customer if they have a source of water or power. And
it’s also going to go into, you know, another big reason people will aim towards having
their own water source and power in their detailing van is to be able to detail vehicles
at a customer location and off location, so maybe at a business or business center or
at a garage center. The third one will be they’ll think it’s a joke. So you as a detailer
will think that the customer will look at you as a joke like, “Why are you asking me
to use my water and electricity if you’re the detailer? Shouldn’t you not bring your
own generator, should you not bring your own water? Why do you have to ask me to use my
water if you’re going to come to detail my car?” All valid reasons, but not really. It
falls more, for what I think, in personal experience, is your mental mindset, your mental
framework of how you perceive yourself. So if you think that’s unprofessional, if you
believe in yourself that you absolutely need the water tank and the pressure washer and
the generator to go service clients at their home locations, that goes into you’re not
self confident into your self and to your business and what you have to offer. Because
99.9% of the time, especially when I talk to other detailers, mobile detailers at that,
customers do not mind whatsoever you using their water and electricity. So I’ll move
on to what the customer thinks; so the customer, from my experience, from what I’ve talked
and spoken to other detailers, mobile detailers, the customer simply does not mind or care
that you use their water and electricity. So yes you will have a few clients, a few
customers, a few prospects, by all means, not doubting this that some people will get
a bit, mad, aggravated, annoyed that you’re going to use their own water and electricity.
But if they’re going to give you problems over that, do you really want them as a customer?
If they’re really going to give you some problems just because you need to use their electrical
outlet that’s located in their garage, is that really the ideal customer that you want?
Probably not. So, for the most part, in my experience, from other peoples, other detailers,
they simply do not mind or care. At that, they expect it. So, a lot of times when I
go to detail sites, and again, this is covered in the pre-qualification call, but for the
most part when I get there to the location, they’ll more than, the first thing that they
tell me is, you know, “Good morning” “good afternoon, the water spigot is located over
here, the electrical outlets are here here here.” It does not fail for people to just
offer the water spigot and the electrical outlet. I use the customers water and electricity
ever single time. I have a generator, I don’t carry it, I’ve never thought about getting
a pressure washer or water tank, they simply do not mind, do not care and they always,
for the most, expect it. And then two they understand. This is a biggie for me personally
since I don’t carry my own power or electricity, in the phone call when they call for services,
I explain to them that I do not carry my own pressure washer, I do not carry my own water
tank, so I will need access to a water spigot and electrical outlet. And the template that
I use, for the most part this is what I say 99.9% of the time when I’m on the phone call
and I’m going to see if they have a water spigot or electricity. First off, I make sure
that this is a home location and not an apartment or they want a detail at a business location.
Just because I know home is going to have a water spigot and an electricity source,
those other two, business and a, or anywhere that’s not their home, is either going to
have a water spigot or electricity going to be located somewhere weird or they’re not
going to have one in total. I need to make sure it’s at a home location, that’s number
one. Number two, I tell them that because 99.9% of our details are at a home location,
we no longer carry a generator or a water tank. So I will need access to their water
spigot and electrical outlet. Is that a problem? Or is that okay? Or will I have an electrical
outlet and water spigot when I arrive to your location?And they’re going to tell me yes
because I know it’s a home location, no one has ever told me no. A few times, yes, they’re
going to have their water spigot in the back or in the side of the house. Maybe it’ll be
a bit of a problem. But the problems you encounter trying to get hooked up to the water spigot
or electrical outlet far far far out beats the, is much easier to do that, than to go
your own generator, pressure washer, and water tank and all that jazz. So for one, yeah,
you should really just use the customers water and power if you’re a mobile detailer. And
by all means, if you’re in the beginning stages, by all means, you should definitely use that.
You should be frugal with what you’re doing. Of course, later on when you get more revenue,
more frequent customers coming to you every month, then by all means you can upgrade.
But again, if you’re going to be detailing customers car at their home 80% of the time,
90% of the time, and you have their water and power available there, why not use it?
If you take your own pressure washer and depending what pressure washer you use, do you really
want to start a pressure washer at 8am and keep it running for the next 2 3 hours when
you can be much quitter, you can be much more convenient to everyone else around you and
use their electricity source that’s literally a few feet probably from their driveway. So
definitely definitely use customers water source and electrical power when you’re at
a customers location. You know, going through the hoops of trying to find the right generator,
making fit in your detailing van, making sure you have the right water tank, pressure washer,
water pump, making everything else fit inside your van, truck, car whatever it maybe is
just so much of a hassle compared to just using the source that they have at their home
location. Hope this video helps, hope that clarifies a few things on whether or not you
should use the water and power from your customer location. Leave a comment down below, like
this video, and subscribe to the YouTube channel and I’ll see you in the next video, take care.

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23 thoughts on “Using Customers WATER & ELECTRICITY For Your Mobile Car Detailing Business”

  1. Jon Eastling says:

    Hey I'm panning on starting a mobile detail business and plan on using the customers water and electrical. Do I need a high pressure head for my hoses? I will have no generator, pressure washer, but I will have a steamer. (For interior) do you recommend starting with just interiors and then branch out to exterior/seal and wax?

  2. Jeff Jackson says:

    Today I got some TRACTION ! After detailing since 1979, today I went official. DBA/Fic name in local paper/bank account/Office of Convenience Licence with the City of Largo FL. I'm announcing for the VERY FIRST TIME I'm now Deluxe Vehicle Detailing and Paint Correction ! I have been stalling/checking domain names ( hard to pull the trigger on a name, when you're not even a biz yet ) and months ago I joined a bunch of Detail Forum sites. Starting binge watching guys like Ammo/Fetish/Scot/Luke…just came across your Chanel and subscribed and have watched many of your business start up vids ! Here's to you Oscar ! ( yeah, I got a beer in front of me ! )

  3. jay thompson says:

    Great video bro , I was a little worried about this issue myself . thanks for your insight .

  4. nasrul sharuddin says:

    I like this video bcause have subtitle below..haha! so far i very understand this vdeo than other..Hope your vdeo like this.thanks

  5. Brandon Ignacio says:

    That’s my experience with customers and using their water/electricity. I actually was talking to my friend/customer about his starting up and they were telling me “so given we electricity and water spicket can i refer you to mobile detail their cars”. I feel to most it’s such a minimal cost when you are doing something as big and quality as a detail on their vehicle.

  6. Jerry Yanez says:

    I don’t know bro I’ve been to a couple custom sets here in California and they will talk trash to you for not having your own water supply and electrical they actually will call you unprofessional

  7. Ryan Johnson says:

    What kind of insurance do I need for this business?

  8. Jose Mendoza says:

    TBH my main problem is my generator it's loud and I have gotten some complains so I'm trying to use it as less a s possible now usually my costumers don't mind

  9. Cyr Parlapiano says:

    Every mobile detail I've done I let them know upfront I just need access to an electrical outlet and 💯% of the time they're like yea that's. No problem. Just starting out it's hard to buy a generator especially if your not sure how much business you are going to accumulate. I only charge about 100$ per interior so investing in a generator right now just doesn't seem like a good business move. My next investment would first be a steamer, seems like that's the #1 tool to get a quality clean. I'm over here using hand brushes.a drill and a pneumatic air head tool brush similar to.the one you put on your corded polisher

  10. Northy says:

    Im a mobile detailer in the UK.
    I have an 80 gal water tank.
    I do use the customers power, In the UK most people do not want the noise of a generator running for 4 to 8 hours.
    I do let the customer know when arranging that I will be using their power supply.
    I also ask questions as to their location.

  11. John oZ says:

    very thorough and articulate break down. Great videos

  12. Jovan Guranovic says:


  13. Eddie Foy says:

    Asking/using theirs isn't unprofessional. Having your own adds to your professionalism.

  14. Edwin Duran says:

    From my experience, customers do not mind at all. I however, have a water tank and electricity source.. Just in case.

  15. Justin Dion says:

    Tru Facts💯💯

  16. Sigh1 films says:

    thanks for the video. i was getting worried that id have to use their water. but i would feel better bringing my own pressure washer at least.

  17. JAHDEL JOHN says:

    Well said Oscar!

  18. Kelly Mcculloch says:

    I dont think you would have a powerwasher on 4 hours powerwash usually on for two 5 minute washes per car but irs still loud.

  19. mrsimon181 says:

    Lol sorry to say bring your own stuff customers already paying for your service now your ringing up thier bill because of your incompetance..

  20. Mather L says:

    Good topic I think you're absolutely right just like a contractor they dont consider that unless it's a new construction sight.

  21. Jacob Hirschfeld says:

    Where I'm from the water is to harsh and I need my deionized salt free spot free water, other wise a 30 minute job turns into a hour trying to get all the water spots. But I do aggree with the customers understanding and not caring I do use there outlets and have been using the hose spout lately due to trailer issues! Good video brother

  22. atticuspug says:

    Would u ever use a mobile 35 gallon water tank to pressure wash ur customers car?

  23. Willy Ramos says:

    Buena información Paisita

  24. Julio 23 says:

    Who uses a pressure washer for 4 hours 😂

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