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WEEKDAYS AT 4! ((ALEX)) WELCOME BACK. SAVING MONEY ON YOUR UTILITY BILL DOESN’T HAVE TO BE A CHALLENGE. YOU JUST HAVE TO KNOW WHERE TO GO FOR THE RIGHT INFORMATION. REPRESENTATIVE CAROL AMMONS AND MARISA JOYCE WITH ELEVATE ENERGY JOIN ME NOW. GOOD MORNING LADIES. FIRST OFF, CAROL LET’S TALK ABOUT THE FUTURE ENERGY JOBS ACT. WHAT IS IT FOR THOSE WHO ARE NOT FAMILIAR? Rep. Carol Ammons and Marisa Joyce, Regional Community Liaison for Elevate Energy (a nonprofit that educates people about efficiency and smart energy use), will arrive at 8:45 a.m. Monday for the interview on the Morning Show. -The topic: Opportunities to benefit from clean energy this summer and beyond.*Rep. Ammons can talk about state legislation (the Future Energy Jobs Act) that has expanded efficiency programs and helped cut utility bills by $300 million over the last two years. To build off the success of that legislation, we new legislation: the Clean Energy Jobs Act.*Ms. Joyce can give tips about great programs available to Ameren customers to cut their bills, simple tips to save energy at home, and speak about the Illinois Solar for All Program, which was created by the Future Energy Jobs Act and provides solar industry job training to qualifying individuals. -If you need information to put up on the screen, here it is: For more information: -About energy efficiency programs and the Solar For All program: Marisa Joyce, Elevate Energy, 217-391-4272 -About working for cleaner energy in Illinois: ((ALEX)) STILL TO COME, THE L-G-B-T-Q COMMUNITY CELEBRATED PRIDE ON THE STREETS OF NEW YORK THIS WEEKEND. ((CHRISTIE)) WE’LL TELL YOU JUST HOW MANY CAME OUT TO SUPPORT. THAT’S NEXT IN OUR NATIONAL NEWS OF THE DAY. YOU’RE WATCHING THE MORNING

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