Vethathiri Law of Universe Principle 3: Magnetism

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Vethathiri Law of Universe Principle 3: Magnetism From the whirling motion of the energy particle,
(Life-force), a spreading wave starts. It spreads continuously. This is a dynamic force. This wave penetrates the Absolute Space (Static
State) all around. The joint manifestation of dynamic force and
static force evolves as magnetism. In magnetism, the static force is attractive
and the dynamic force is repulsive. The spreading wave has five functions: clash,
reflection, refraction, penetration and interaction. This wave becomes universal magnetism-the
basic wave field. All other gross waves travel on this basic
wave field. This is called Pranava Sarira (Sanskrit) by
yogis and others who reveal the truth. Without magnetism, there can be no movement,
change or result in the entire universe. According to the intensity and character of
atoms in any mass, the repulsive and attractive forces produce multifarious reflections and
results. In the organism this is called bio magnetism. More Vethathiri Law of Universe Principles
in the next set of videos. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Be blessed by the Divine,
Krish Murali Eswar.

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