Vic: Rising power bills was becoming a major concern

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With this scheme installed here, I’m doing
my little bit to do the right thing. I can basically look my niece and nephew in
the eye and say I’ve done my little bit about ensuring you have a better future. My name is Victor Walker, commonly called
Vic. My wife Beverley and I have been living here since the early eighties. I’m a retired
nurseryman now. The electricity account is notable in that
the last one shows there has been a plummet in our purchase of electricity from our provider
and the greatest component of my bill now is the network charges. At the present stage bank interest is minuscule
and I can see rather than saving money in that medium. If I invest that same capital
into new solar panels and the back up battery, which I’ve done, there is greater long term
benefits to me in the form of reduced living costs. From the time I made the initial internet
inquiry I have found the staff extremely helpful. Proactive without being pushy. The little china jug is probably not the most
efficient form of water boiling. We keep it because of its convenient size and its sentimental
value. Now that it’s powered by solar electricity it’s suddenly become efficient. I can have
my cup of tea with a clear conscience you might say.

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