Victoria’s Renewable Energy Action Plan

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Today, of course, at this event, here in front
of an iconic Melbourne tram, I am absolutely delighted to release the Victorian Government’s
historic Renewable Energy Action Plan. The Renewable Energy Action Plan underpins
our commitment to pro-renewable energy in our state.
We have a clear commitment to grow renewable energy to 25% by 2020 and a strong, ambitious
but achievable target of 40% by 2025. Not only will this mean more energy generation
in our mix driving down energy prices for all consumers, it will create up to 11,000
new jobs for our state. It will also, of course, mean that we have
a greater share of clean energy. This is a strong effort from our government
to change our energy mix to one that is clean, one that is sustainable, one that is affordable
and one that is secure. It’s an exciting day for us and I am absolutely
pleased to be able to release this today in the presence of Mr Al Gore.
If I can say a word of congratulations to you.
Thank you. This plan is extremely impressive.
I have a chance to see similar initiatives all over the world and none better.
This is an inspiring act of leadership, the entire renewable energy plan for the State
Government of Victoria. The same way that Australia has given the
world other great, iconic symbols, this largest tram network now powered solely by solar energy
is going to be a source of inspiration for other comprehensive plans like this outstanding
plan that is being released today. So, congratulations Victoria.
Thank you very much. And to you Madam Minister.
Thank you very much Mr Vice President. Thank you.

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