Vizio TV Repair Power Supply Unit Replacement

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TV Repair Made Easy: The highest quality,
lowest priced TV parts and a mission to make you happy! Vizio 0500-0412-0750 Power Supply Unit (PSU)
Boards Replacement Guide for LCD TV Repair Welcome to TV Repair Made Easy, brought to
you by Visit to search the hundreds
of thousands of TV parts in our inventory. WARNING! Please make sure that your TV is unplugged,
and that you are protected from static electricity. There are various ways to eliminate static
electricity, but the most common way is to use a grounding
wrist strap. Take photos and notes often to help remember
the location and orientation of the parts and wires. And feel free to pause and backtrack through
this tutorial as much as needed. To be best prepared to replace the Power Supply
Unit (PSU) Board inside of your TV, you will need the following materials:
A pair of latex gloves. Your replacement Power Supply
Unit (PSU) Board. A pair of needle-nose pliers. Both a flat-head and phillips screwdriver. And a cup to hold all screws, clips, and any
other small items. So let’s get to it shall we? Locate your TVs identification label and take
note of the brand name model number, serial number and model code if present. Unscrew and remove the back cover. The Power Supply Unit (PSU) takes in and distributes
power throughout the TV. This board is connected to the power cord,
or the A/C Adapter. For this TV, the Power Supply Unit (PSU) is
located at the left side of the chassis. Carefully unplug all wires by hand. Unlock the wire connectors by squeezing the
tab or tabs and gently remove the wires. Be sure to keep a firm grip with both hands. Unscrew and remove your bad Power Supply Unit
(PSU) Board from the chassis. The part number for this item can be found
printed on a barcode label. Search your part number on
to find a compatible replacement. Click on the search results to view important
product specifications. Verify that your original board matches all
requirements noted in the product description prior to purchase. Insert all screws to secure your ShopJimmy
New Power Supply Unit (PSU) Board to the chassis. Reconnect all cables. Return the back cover to its original position
and secure all screws. This ShopJimmy replacement Power Supply Unit
(PSU) Board does not require any manual configurations in order to function. Simply plug in and power on and your TV will
function as if new. Thank you for watching one of many tutorials
here at! If you have any further questions regarding
your repair, simply post a question in the comments section
below, or call our award-winning customer service
team at the number on your screen! We strive to learn and share new TV Repair
Tips everyday. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and grow
with us! Share our videos with your friends, and help
us spread the savings! And don’t forget to hit that Like button! Free Technical Support: Call 1(877)881-6492 The Power Supply Unit (PSU) Board shown in
this video is a replacement for the following LCD TV models:
VIZIO VL420M VIZIO VO420E Top Common Vizio LCD TV problems for bad Power
Supply Unit (PSU) Boards: No Power (Dead TV), Red or No Standby Lights
Bad Capacitors, Blown Caps Power Surges
Low Voltage Readings

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