Volvo Trucks – Our first fully electric trucks in action


Electric trucks are no longer
just a vision of the future. They’re here and now. Volvo’s fully electric-powered trucks, Volvo FL and Volvo FE Electric, pave the way for a cleaner,
quieter urban environment, to reduce climate impact and equally decrease congestion
and improve transport efficiency. Volvo electric trucks
will improve life in cities due to less noise and less emissions, and the working environment for truckers
will improve as well. Volvo’s electric trucks
are fully commercial vehicles built for distribution, waste management and other inner-city traffic work
with total weights of up to 27 tons. Each truck is optimised for its task with the appropriate battery capacity
and charging system. So why drive electric? There are many good reasons. No exhaust emissions. Less disturbing noises. High energy efficiency
and low climate impact. Yes, practically none at all if the batteries are charged
with renewable energy. Features that create completely
new opportunities for cities to grow and develop in a sustainable way. Housing can be built in new places and more transportation
can be accomplished at night, in order to reduce congestion
during peak traffic. Volvo FL and FE electric trucks
will be able to reduce congestion. by having a high load capacity so we can replace many small trucks. The technology used in Volvo’s
electric trucks is well proven, verified in over 4,000
electrified Volvo buses. The trucks recharge via fast-charging
stations in one or two hours or by industrial main supply overnight. The truck’s braking energy
is also utilised. The batteries operate
one or two electric motors that apply the energy efficiently
all the way to the drive wheels. It’s not just the urban environment
benefiting from electrified vehicles. Drivers’ working environment
is also improved. Less noise means less stress
and reduced fatigue. Exhaust-free operation
provides cleaner air. And the electric powertrain provides
fast response and smooth gearing, making the job
more efficient and enjoyable. And the journey has just begun.

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54 thoughts on “Volvo Trucks – Our first fully electric trucks in action”

  1. Vikas DP says:

    Volvo is the best be it cars, buses and trucks!

  2. 장르따까리 says:

    Hello l loved volvo trucks ^^

  3. Khusnul Khuswandani says:

    Keren banget,.. masa depan truk dunia

  4. y.Pravin Kumarnadar says:


  5. Thales Zanje says:

    Show de bola! Realmente são o progresso esses caminhões.

  6. Діма Бутрей says:


  7. Open Mind says:

    Just add Solar Panels & You will Have Trucks which will have 0 fuel expense

  8. Libin Louis says:

    Woah Volvo!! This is truly commendable! 🔥🎉

  9. josh foister howarth says:


  10. Kij Red Per_se Memory says:


  11. transref x says:

    👌 Volvo is VOLVO

  12. Moyeen says:

    Sexy AF. I want one 😍

  13. supersimon126 says:

    The only thing that i disagree with is that electric trucks make the job more enjoyable as the sound of a trucks diesel engine means a lot to me. It is a trademark of those vehicles.

  14. Patrick Sienkowski says:

    As long as they don't make a self driving truck

  15. Moogle Google says:

    The thing that is most important for companies that will buy those trucks are how much they can save in $ not if they are Eco friendly or less noisy or better for the workers, the most important thing is COST SAVINGS you forgot to add, or did you actually forget…

  16. Рома Горелый says:

    Thats cool!!!!!! What about Volvo FH Electric?

  17. Subhankar Bera says:

    I love volvo

  18. 1802027 Madhan says:


  19. solid name says:

    Tesla make truck front with aero dynamic design which leads to less drag and ur truck with big square

  20. XxKaiju_123xX says:

    I'm very love you, Volvo!

  21. JD TGM says:

    The container of electric volvo truck is too long

  22. Mr.Blyat says:


  23. Igor Gabrielan says:

  24. Schorschi6134 says:

    Next long awaited step are new batterys with higher capacity or using less rare materials.
    The electric drivetrain otherwise is a perfect solution.

  25. KOLMEKAKKONE says:

    still the old interior 🙁

  26. عبد الناصر المرهبي says:

    YEMEN Volvo نرريد خزنات واسعه وكبيرت الحجم ونريد العلامه التجارية في القطع الاصلية المستورده لليمن وتوجيد وكيل غير العاقل يكون اكثر فهمن معنى اكتروس

  27. Glauber Lee says:


  28. luis felipe Wellenkamp says:

    How can an electric vehicle improve congestion? Maybe nose congestion, because it wont liberate gases (which are very clean with new cathalizers) near me. But the power obviously come from somewhere, which is some fabric using petrol.

  29. Rux Tkk says:

    This should had been done 50 years back,,its not like they adopted the technology just yesterday…….. petroleum industry is to be blame,they will kills us all some day

  30. detroit ghetto says:

    Electric motors may not have a soul but who cares if it doesn't smoke, cleaner, simple system, and not as noisy. Have you had a situation when you are kinda stuck behind garbage truck who is slow but also is choking you with its soot smoke? Than this is it!

  31. S1lent Toad says:

    You forgot to mention the low maintenance costs!

  32. Idf Matkal says:

    Where is JCVD?

  33. Jeanmila Alvarez says:

    Merci pour la vidéo

  34. ManoDelta says:

    Volvo always the best.

  35. Burldisco says:

    Buy a Volvo and experience air leaks. Also Volvo uses really thin wire. If a wire should be gauge 12 Volvo will use 14. Can’t tell how many times I have had to repair wires..

  36. Paname514 says:

    Fabriqué en France 🇫🇷 par l'usine Renault-Volvo 🙂
    Bravo !
    Maintenant il faut produire en grande série.

  37. Paname514 says:

    Made in France 🇫🇷 at the Renault-Volvo factory
    Mass production is needed now.

  38. supersonicbros23 says:

    Wonder if we'll ever see these in ETS2; still waiting on that tuning pack.
    Much as I would love to get and drive a real one, ETS2 has been the closest thing.

  39. Hadi Sucipto says:

    Liked the colors 👌

  40. HighwayRamos says:

    Great move Volvo. Quiet garbage trucks, brilliant!

  41. Muhammad Hussain Khan says:

    I would like to be a driver of such vehicles.

  42. Joe Boxer says:

    Wow fully electric, PTT is gonna take a full day to connect 🙃

  43. Adam Vaughn says:

    My 07 vnl is falling apart. Gimme an all electric road truck or im getting a Tesla

  44. DeezNutz Yeah says:

    Well when it’s made and out of the factory it’s better for the environment but making one (normal car battery, not a truck) is as bad for the environment as driving thousands of kilometers with diesel or gasoline so I think you should use LBG (liquified biogas) instead

    Here’s why:

    It has a little bit more energy than diesel and gasoline

    Its cheaper (biogas is measured in kg and not liters. One kg is about 1,5 liters gas or diesel)

    It almost doesn’t emit any CO2

    And I like the engine sound

  45. Héctor Fabian De La Barra says:

    Now I would like to see electric expédition trucks !!!

  46. cash k1 says:

    USA need this lots of them

  47. Crayo Popp says:

    1:31 why more transportation at night?Is regular truck not allowed to drive in the night in EUROPE?

  48. Richard Chen says:

    Beautiful new trucks for the future, start the buying!

  49. Qamelion says:

    Thank you Volvo!

  50. MrDreamer3000 says:

    come to the middle east, too much sun here.

  51. Michael Beestick says:

    Narrator sounds like Jony Ive..

  52. Larry Lurex says:

    I know the first state to buy a lot of those trucks maybe is Sweden because in Sweden they love electric trucks & car

  53. Buchanan Skip Hire says:

    Electric skip lorry please! 🙂

  54. Ewows Online says:

    have commercial sales started ?

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