We Are Schneider Electric | Leading the Digital Transformation of Energy Management and Automation


From the moment you’re up, so are we. You don’t have to look too hard, our technology is everywhere. Because energy is a basic human right, a right we bring to places that previously had no energy. And for people on the move, we move raw data so that it becomes information for smoother running, more efficient cities. Every day, our world asks for more reliable power, but our resources are limited. That’s why we make better use of what’s around us. Giving clean, sustainable energies a solid chance in the future. So while we help industry and productivity, we never forget what’s at the end of the day. Not everyone knows us. And fewer may see us. But we are the global specialist in energy management and automation. We are Schneider Electric. And in everything we do, we make sure that even while you’re asleep, Life Is On

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23 thoughts on “We Are Schneider Electric | Leading the Digital Transformation of Energy Management and Automation”

  1. rochelle belle says:

    I enjoyed being a part of this commercial project.

  2. sanjay 123 says:

    Very proud to say that Our technology is everywhere..!

  3. Oleksandr Zdir says:

    Our small company in Poland using equipment and solutions of Johnson Control's, Honeywell and Schneider Electric. And as I became more experienced, I do prefer Schneider Electric! They have a lot of advantages, which I like. Good job!

  4. kawazu874 says:

    Nice ad ! Much more convincing than the piece of french crap I can watch on TV or sometimes on youtube . Thank you for your creativity.

  5. antiquesquids says:

    What was the song from this?

  6. [email protected] Asjadsiddiqui700 says:

    im scheniedr electri

  7. Kishan Sevak says:

    Good job!

  8. I am Nastya says:

    Мой папа работает на Shneider Electric!!!

  9. Pete Plevnjak says:

    Hi everyone !
    I am beginner in Zelio Soft 2 programming
    I use Ladder and FBD languages
    Who can help me with some question

  10. Ange carrillo says:

    The future is now.

  11. Lps Addison says:

    My mom works in this company

  12. Ali N says:

    Very Nice! I've love to be a part of this project.

  13. Salami Eohoi says:

    Your company is human satisfaction oriented.
    I love to join the team as a professional driver in Nigeria.

  14. afaq cricket club says:

    I worked rm6 in Schneider electric in sodia Arabiya ..k.S.A 3 years

  15. Roman Plačintár says:

    Excellent work by filmmakers, but a bit out of reality.

  16. Ultra Video Production says:

    We definitely need smoother running and more efficient cities…

  17. ИНТЕРНЕТ-МАГАЗИН Промэлектрика says:

    Надеюсь узнать что то новое

  18. Elektrogroßhandel says:

    You are looking for a reliable distributor for Schneider Electric products?

  19. renan schneider says:

    put on Google Translate familiar ganha desconto ? por que eu sou XD

  20. Thiruvannamalai visitor guide says:

    Branded one

  21. Macros Energy says:

    This Is very good for our world, the real green engine

  22. Retrovtx says:

    Hoping for an interview at a local Schneider facility in the coming week. The more I learn, the more I like, and the more excited I become!

  23. Epie Valerie says:

    I feel so proud to be part of the team. I knew that I was home from the moment i stepped my feet in Schneider Electrics

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