We Wore Towelkinis To The Beach (ft. Safiya Nygaard)

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Y’all ready for this one, two three No, this is like couples yoga. Let me help you. I feel like Very festive monk. I feel like I’m getting into a boxing ring Hey guys, welcome back to my channel and if you’re new here coming over from Sofiya’s channel then welcome to my channel I’d like to serve this video by mentioning that this was filmed about two months ago so there’s a couple of differences since then one is my hair and two is the fact that summer’s almost over and for that I’d like to apologize in advance to any of you who are about to watch this video and feel like you’ve missed out on a very Stylish opportunity. Today, we’re gonna be investigating one of summer 2019 greatest fashion mysteries the towelkini and who better to tackle this ultimate Beach outfit with than the queen of questionable Fashion items herself Sofia Nygaard. When she told me she was coming to Hong Kong I immediately was like, whoo What can we wear? What should we wear? exactly like this What a questionable thing should we wear? We’ve both previously worn interesting attire both off the beach and on it So I feel like it was only a matter of time before Something like this happened. When you planned your trip to Hong Kong Did you think about being in a towelkini on a beach in the rain in Hong Kong You know what I can’t say I did but at the same time I’m not that surprised I’m not like I’m not like how did I end up here? I’m like, you know what? They’re probably yep. This makes sense to me This is something we would do, this is something we would do. This is something we are doing Now what we were doing or more specifically what we were wearing still wasn’t very clear Was it a towel a bikini a dress? I don’t know and the Internet is just as confused as I am as well Sofiya I’m not sure what I had in my mind when I heard the word towelkini, but it’s not what we got The tahini is a towels swimsuit hybrid that was created by an artist named Aria McManus. It was first seen in 2014 at a private show in Miami, but wasn’t made available for purchase to the public until 2018 and then in 2019 around spring/summer it became kind of viral and that’s how I discovered Is that flattering for anyone? Before making my purchase on a website called special special There is listed as one size fits all at a price of one hundred and ninety nine dollars u.s And is available in three different colors? Athletic gold, Lime green and hot pink I opted for the pink and gold Here it is. Here is the towelkini. Everyone kind of looks like a stingray. You know that underneath of a stingray. Oh, yeah According special special it’s not something that’s gonna hurt you but more so something that’s gonna convenience you because they say there’s no need to carry a cumbersome towel or an easy to lose swimsuit here They come as one I’m not sure how much of a hassle it really is to just wear your bikini and carry your towel to The beach and the price doesn’t really add up in my head because if you were to buy a towel in a swimsuit separately It’d be a lot cheaper depending on which brand you buy But upon further research. I discovered a few more Costly towels that are available for your body. So there’s definitely a market there for this type of thing Before we put it on we attempted to Understand it a little bit more by reading the artist statement on the tag, keep the baes at bay, Have all your haters throw in the towel when they lay eyes on you in this. Wish they were the sun of your Beach I don’t get that. Hold up Oh like son of a * that’s the only thing I can hear, okay Follow suit make this a one-piece you get laid on the beach in. This is raunchy Taylor, this is very raunchy. I like it I couldn’t help but feel like this tag was a testament to how serious or I should say not serious This item was meant to be taken It feels like the artist was trolling us and tapping into this lucrative crazy fashion world that works So well in this Instagramable age So with perhaps a better comprehension as to why this exists it was time to put it on I’m in, taylor’s in, we’re all in it together Everyone is exiting the beach to desert the rain and we’re just coming in Excuse my hair and face and entire being in this video. I’m just like a ball of humidity I’m just like I actually quite enjoy these I think that because it’s raining I’m like, yeah, this is kind of cozy I feel like we’re able to combat any weather at the beach right now besides feeling moist and cozy We’re also a little bit concerned because no matter what way you put it on. There was body parts exposed So it’s definitely more of a towel and less of a bikini But then again, we weren’t even really sure about the towel part Usually the towels the thing that separates your body from the sand But now you’re directly submerged in the sand I guess maybe in this instance we would be lying on our fronts because like that’s where the towel is But then our legs and face would be on the sand What’s let’s try it out and figure it out So, I guess like I don’t know what we’re supposed to do. To further investigate, we made our way down to the beach She’s doing like a cute walk This I’m like Hello. We look like the magic carpet from Aladdin. Oh my god This is like a Disney bound but like the for the magic carpet I could be if you ever need a magic carpet for your Disney bound video next I could join you. It’s like a thirdwheel Yeah, I’ll put on my Jafar he’ll put on it. Yah, go and you’ll be the magical carpet. Besides a magic carpet We also felt like penguins snakes and according to Tyler pop-tarts. But we wanted to feel like the human towels we were supposed to be, so we hit the sand Hold them down Okay. Oh, yeah, my butt’s on the beach This is how it works, right? Yeah No. shoot it’s raining so hard we became uncomfortable pretty quickly Mostly because rain was going directly into our eyes and somewhat because wet sand was sticking to our bodies My back is like supremely sandy, but I will say though, is that sometimes on the beach? The sand is like too hot. true, and in that situation you’re screwed. Things to think about when considering this purchase Yeah, check out what kind of sand Yeah, what kind of sand do you have? But with that being said it was still an ok experience I didn’t feel like I was in the worst situation. I’m feeling very I don’t know I don’t know because like I’m wet by I’m in a towel. So the wetness makes sense like on a beach Yeah, but then it’s coming at you from all directions There is a lot of stimuli right now. Yeah, I’m there in my sensory input is high Okay, there’s a lot happening. I also agree that like I’m very wet and Sandy but because I am a towel right now It doesn’t really matter Yeah, if I was to be on a beach in the rain and anything, I would want it to be this. Yeah No, I agree. I think that This is okay This is okay. There’s a bunch of people just walking around in their clothes and sitting here, so Yeah, it’s not it’s something I didn’t know people do Almost no one carrying a towel so I don’t I don’t feel like I have any advantage right now I’m not like haha could be saying the same thing about Why am I judging them? And all of this was due to the rain not the actual towel itself plus no matter what way I wore it. My face was always in a good condition. I’m cool right now I’ve accepted that we’re sandy and wet and like it’s just all happening and we quickly realized that this may be an even better idea For children, you know what this almost reminds me of you know Those like towels for kids that have little hoods I kind reminds me of that Like I wonder if like a kid’s version of this would be fun Then you can just you know make your kids wear their titles You don’t have to carry anything true and I’m saying yeah, I feel like as like an adult woman I’m not sure that this is what I want like I can see this being fun for like kids Yeah, especially kids are so messy, too If you can get dress them in this everyday, it’s true submit it every day like a giant bib speaking of children I was reminded of one of my most favorite childhood movie. Have you seen the movie the little The Brave Little Toaster? Yeah the boy Who I think it was like a little face with the yellow baby yellow blanket Oh, you know we also kind of look like baby sharks in a sack Yeah, I mean It kind of looks like peas in a pot but it’s like longer and like there’s only like one little swimmy guy in there Okay, we’ll go look it up this wetter. Yeah, look it up So we were feeling quite happy with what we thought we looked like but it was time to get more opinions That’s intimate. Do you need it? I need to dry off you want me to dry you? No I’m good Wearing a towel when asking people what they thought of it or if they’d wear it. We got a no because of how it fits But Tyler was into it. It looks kind of stylish. It’s actually kind of the right to take for it. It’s like a Poncho s type thing. There we go. I think in general people can’t decide if this is weird or genius But if you’re into Snuggies or Slanket s– or buddy socks Then you probably get this and this could be Your summer version of those and I also think this would make a good swimsuit cover-up You know, you’re at the beach you’re packing up your stuff. Maybe your hands are full Maybe you have kids or animals and you don’t want to stick your wet towel into your bag if you find yourself in this situation Often and maybe this is for you And you could even make it your own you could dress it up with some sunglasses, hat, jewelry, a belt Strappy sandals, the options are endless I could even see this for Coachella with the right makeup. I think this could be a Coachella outfit. Oh That’s not the worst idea I’ve heard today Because like they all have like butt out. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, they’re all assless. Yeah, like an ass list muumuu Oh, I know we remained optimistic would both try it again. I would like to try it on a bit of a drier day Yeah, though I will say that the driest part of me is the part that is engaging with the towel Yeah, like the wettest part of me is definitely my face. Yeah. Yeah and my hair and the rest of me is feeling pretty good Maybe because of the towel and continue to find other uses for it like science You could use it as like a static electricity experiment or when you don’t want to be around other people Do you ever feel like a Sunglass towel? drifting through the wind Longing to start again Do you ever feel already? Is it very deep? I have no idea What is she singing are you okay in there? In conclusion this creation can be used for many things We mentioned a lot throughout this video But not really what it was intended for as it doesn’t make the best swimsuit or towel because it doesn’t cover the parts you want It to cover and you can’t really swim in it feel like you know, this is a good concept. I like the fun We’re having in it, you know, I feel grabbing a good time But I feel like it could use some tweaking here and I mean, mm-hmm I feel like it’s not quite there yet, but it could be but it could be and it doesn’t make sense for children But have to say it’s much easier to get into it from the front Yeah I’m not sure actually that it’s really meant to be worn from the back even though they show that as like one of its use Cases, I think we almost just witness Taylor likes Like asphyxiate to inside of it. Wait, what? How did you do? This Taylor? No I think you need to be a smaller human to get that no way like like my legs are too really like a child Like a literal baby. It just keeps coming back to children. This should be for children This is this This might be for much too good for adult so much so that they quickly realized that and now offer a mini version on Their website I’d like to thank Sofiya and Tyler for doing this with me in the pouring rain And we filmed a really fun collab on Sofia’s channel where we went to the fake market and did this sort of hypebeast transformation I will link that video below. Be sure to check it out. Also, I’d love to know your thoughts on the towelkini Do you like it? Would you wear it? Let me know below in the comments. Thank you so much for watching I will see you guys in my next video Bye If I lay here if I just lay it’s getting pretty wet. Yeah, pretty wet here. Yeah

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