Welcome the new energies, the energies of regeneration, and follow them! – Pallas Athena (ENG subs)

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Welcome the new energies, the energies of regeneration, and follow them! I AM Pallas Athena having come to you in order to give my Message. I seldom come. However, today it is my turn to address you, those who hear me and heed my words. Many hundreds and even thousands of years ago, I was known and revered on Earth. Now only a few know my name. Nevertheless, my words will be significant for many people because the time has come. The time has come for the knowing of the Truth, and its interpretation within your consciousness will bring humanity closer to an important stage, on the threshold of which it is now. It is difficult for you to imagine the opportunity that is opening up before humankind. However, a short historical period of time will pass and everything will change, because your consciousness will change, beloved. And it is already changing. The reason for the changing of your consciousness is the cosmic timeframe that has approached. And these terms are paving for you the transition to a new energy level. Just like when the people of the plains get into the mountains and feel discomfort and malaise, now you also feel a bit out of place. The time has changed, and the vibrations of the planet have changed. It is as if you have been moved in space to a different, more elevated place. Although it seems to you that the same reality remains around you, but everything is changing and has already changed. Therefore, within your consciousness grandiose changes are taking place now. Every next step requires great effort, because the space has changed. When you come up to an apple tree and start shaking it, the ripe apples fall from the branches and so do the worm-eaten apples and the withered, never-ripened fruits. That is exactly what is happening to humankind. The vibrations have raised, and just like shaking an apple tree, it makes you leave your old haunts and move. Changes are coming to all spheres of life of society. It is not because someone gave the command, but because the time has come and there is no other way. Each change will correspond to the plan of the Creator for the next stage of evolutionary development. And even if you resist with all your being and defend old approaches, old stereotypes of behavior and old habits, you will still have to yield to the plan of the Creator. You are observing exactly this process all around you when due to the raising of vibrations, all your inner problems become aggravated, and hence the problems of the society you live in, and the problems of the human community as a whole. This applies to all spheres of human life. A new stage has arrived, and the sooner the consciousness of society can comprehend and adjust to the new conditions, the fewer losses, social explosions, and cataclysms you will encounter in the near future. The key that will help you act in the new conditions will be the comprehension that the coming age will be associated with the transition to the more Divine relationships between people. You will feel the necessity to restore morality in society. You will feel the attraction of relationships based on friendship, cooperation, mutual help and love. Everything that is now on the sidelines of your interests will return into your life again. And it will not be the ostentatious positive qualities that you at times demonstrate in communicating with each other. It will be the genuine Divine qualities that grow from your hearts and gradually embrace the whole world. The return of humankind to eternal values will take place. Everything that is old, everything that is segregating, everything that is based on fear and separation from God, will gradually be replaced by the new qualities, Divine qualities, eternal qualities. People are tired of hypocrisy and rudeness. The coming age will revive the fine arts. The new generation will aspire to manifest the patterns of the Divine world on the physical plane. And no matter how the old will resist, its time is up. The new consciousness, new relationships, and the new world are coming! Now the most difficult stage is taking place: the stage of transition to the new consciousness and new way of thinking. That is why your time is special and interesting. I appeal to the souls of those people who remember me. There was a time when you come to the temples dedicated to me, and I was able to communicate directly with your souls. Now you must recollect your mission. Your hearts carry within them the Truth that must be manifested in the physical plane. You are the people for whom the time has come to act. The changes around you will obediently reflect the changes that will come from your hearts. Each person is a generator of energies. It depends only on you yourselves, what kind of energies you send into the world. Then, when your vibrations are in harmony with the changes that are taking place, you feel enthusiasm, joy, and love. You are happy and purposeful. When your vibrations come into conflict with the new energies, you feel dissatisfaction, fear, and aggression. The key to changing your state will be your desire to follow the plan of the Creator. Believe me, for you there is no point in resisting. Welcome the new energies, the energies of regeneration, and follow them! You need to accept the new. You need to control every movement of your thought, and cut off everything that does not lead you along the path of your ascension to the Truth. I AM Pallas Athena, and I have been with you today.

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